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How improved intercultural competences help build your competitive advantage


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Published in: Education, Business
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How improved intercultural competences help build your competitive advantage

  1. 1. How Improved Intercultural Competences Help Build Your Competitive AdvantageWith the effects of globalization sweeping the world, your organization faces significant new opportunities andchallenges. Mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, reorganization within international groups, the mobility of yourworkforce... these are all situations that have shaped your professional landscape and created new diverse internationalteams.Turn Cultural Diversity To Your Advantage with KamelionWorld™ and our series of Open Workshops: « ESSENTIALS OF INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT» « HOW TO GET YOUR EXPATRIATES READY FOR A NEW ASSIGNMENT » • In Geneva, Switzerland, on 18 October 2011 • In Brussels, Belgium, on 10 November 2011 • In Brussels, Belgium, on 28 November 2011Participants in our workshops will emerge with a practical tool kit specific to their own intercultural businesssituations. They will immediately put into practice ways of modifying their work style that can improve the management ofcultural diversity.Any questions? Are you interested? Please contact us at or call on +32 (0)87 77 14 41 .You may also consult our Spotlight Section on www.kamelionworld.comKamelionWorld - The Client-Specific Intercultural Company