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Rwanda wetlands-oct-2008-e


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Saving Rwanda's wetlands secures food for rural populations

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Rwanda wetlands-oct-2008-e

  1. 1. The government of Rwanda The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Regreening Thousand Hills in Rwanda’s Wetlands A programme for a wiser use of wetlands for food security Partners
  2. 2. Wetlands : conserving and protecting biodiversity
  3. 3. Back to the plentiful : it takes so little for wetlands to dry out and to degrade !
  4. 4. Wetlands : rich reservoirs of water, biodiversity and sources of energy
  5. 5. Rugezi (Northern Province), a Ramsar site where rehabilitated marshlands are replenished with water
  6. 6. A consequence of the protection of fragile ecosystems: a peaceful and recreational environment
  7. 7. In the area of Rugezi protected by the Ramsar Convention, households can satisfy their needs for water
  8. 8. Agriculture is allowed in certain marshlands provided that the land is not degraded
  9. 9. A wise use of land leads to more yields
  10. 10. New roads along protected wetlands shorten distances from one place to another
  11. 11. To practice agriculture on terraces is a wise use of land highly demanded by a growing population
  12. 12. A 50 meter buffer zone separates the lake from the main road
  13. 13. Rwandese farmers have learned to make use of scarce water on hill sides: productivity has doubled
  14. 14. Ploughing and planting with respect for nature and the environment
  15. 15. Wetlands : conserving and protecting biodiversity
  16. 16. Cattle graze on protected lands where villagers meet and socialize
  17. 17. Pictures Giulio Napolitano Reportage Liliane Kambirigi Fidèle Mpabwanimana Slideshow Eric Deleu
  18. 18. In collaboration with Ministry of Natural Resources (Rwanda) FAO - Kigali FAO Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Rome) Ramsar Secretariat (Convention on Wetlands) Produced by the FAO Communication Division (Rome)