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Netiquette, Copyright, Plagiarism


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This informative video talks about the rules, regulations, consequences and avoidable methods of N.C.P

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Netiquette, Copyright, Plagiarism

  1. 1. N.C.P(Netiquette, Copyright, Plagiari sm). By: Kamarzi Tillery
  2. 2. What Is Plagiarism?• Plagiarism can be considered many things. For instance: Copy and Paste, Word-For-Word, or paraphrasing could all be consider plagiarizing other people’s work, words, or statements.• Plagiarism is a serious problem, inside and outside of school. Teachers feel very strongly against this and also try to prevent students from plagiarizing work when they assign work.
  3. 3. Want to Avoid It?• Avoiding Plagiarism is easy! Here are the steps:1. You must quote ANY and ALL work and statements that are not your own.2. You must cite ANY and ALL pictures that are not your own.3. You MUST make a resource page to give credit to ANY and ALL webpages you got your information from.
  4. 4. Penalties• The penalties for participating in Plagiarism are dependent on how severe you plagiarized your work, paper or idea.• If you are discovered to be guilty or in fault the least may be an “F” on your paper.
  5. 5. Rewards For NOT Plagiarizing• The reward for not plagiarizing work is self-satisfaction. You get that because you as a person know that you didn’t have to cheat to get an answer and most importantly you did not get in trouble.• You also get an A+!
  6. 6. What Is Copyrighting?• Copyrighting is the legal rights to a creator or publisher of an website, paper or anything else that belong to them.• For a person to copyright to take place, the effect that the thing being copyrighted is an “Original” idea.
  7. 7. Want to avoid it?• To avoid NOT using an idea that has been copyrighted by another person, you must look for the © symbol on a particular website.• You can not use another person’s idea under no circumstances, especially if it’s copyrighted by the creator.
  8. 8. Penalties? Of course there’s some!• The consequences for Copyright infringement are very severe. Some of them include: Lawsuits from $200.00 to $150,000 for each and every piece of worked that is accused and found guilty.• You may also go to jail as well.
  9. 9. Rewards for not copyrighting.• The reward for not making a federal offense against Copyrighted work is once again, self satisfaction. The best reward any person could ever want.
  10. 10. Netiquette• Netiquette is/or the principles and guidelines of the internet. It’s to help keep all internet users on the right path while on the internet.• It keeps the internet user out of trouble by providing helpful hints on how to improve your internet courtesy.
  11. 11. Examples of Netiquette.• Do not use all capital letters online.• Avoid Sarcasm and Subtleties.• Be positive.• Never write harsh language.• Never comment on things that weren’t meant for you.
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