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Payment Gateway Live hadoop project

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Payment Gateway Live hadoop project

  1. 1. Kamal A Certified BigData, SOA andJavaArchitect
  2. 2. Agile project scope details – User story , Scrum cycles. TechnologyStack details.  SetupVirtual machine based Hadoop cluster setup. Installation of Hadoop , Hive and Sqoop. ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM
  3. 3. Analyze the payment data xmls. Parse xml data using choice of technology(DOM , JAXB etc). Load data in RDBMS tables in incremental mode.  Schedule the preprocessing job to run for every 30 min run ( Javascheduler Quartz- source 1 every 15 min, crontab - source 2 : every 1 hour ) Add multithreading / parallel process model. (To handle large volumes . ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM|
  4. 4. Build data migration flow from RDBMS into Hadoop/ Hive usingSqoop. Create Import tables in Hive. Create Sqoop - Hive data import script. Verify data import records and write error for records mismatch. ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM|
  5. 5. RunHive analytic query and store output data in result table.( Schedule the job to run)  Execute Hive joins for complex queries. Write UDF for data normalization. Use Sqoop to resend data from Hive to RDBMS through shell script . ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM
  6. 6.  Visualize output data in RDBMS table using open source/commercialtools like Tableau. Create report using Bar graph to show the trends for issue rate. . Create report using Pie chart for payment data distribution on issues. Use Hiveserver2 to connect and generate live analytic results. ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM|
  7. 7.  Email:  Skype:onlinetraining2011  Some live sessionvideos: HadoopInstallation: HDFS File system Lab:  Linkedingroup : Blog: ProjectDuration: 20 hours TrainingMedium: OnlineviaGotomeeting ONLINETRANING2011@GMAIL.COM|