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Hadoop Online training by certified Lead Architect. This a a very real time training with lots of real time discussion and live troubleshooting sessions. Ideal for Admins and Developers. Basic Java session is included for those not familiar with Java terms.

-Sessions Recordings are available .
- 50 + Exercises session covering HDFS, MR , Pig, HBase, Hive and AWS-EMR.
- Free Virtual Machine provided
- Join Linked In session by Trainer to stay in touch even after the training.

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Hadoop online training course

  1. 1. Apache Hadoop Big Data Training CourseSample Session:Training Course Details Session:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij3v4mYKxHwHaddop Business Case:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh0GpSi8StUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYAv34PHEdcHadoop HDFS Lab:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp8SV50S9HMIntroduction to HADOOP Distributed computing , cloud computing Big data Basics and Need for Parallel Processing How Hadoop works ? Introduction to HDFS and Map Reduce Hadoop Architecture Details Name Node Data Node Secondary Name Node Job Tracker Task TrackerHDFS ( Hadoop - Distributed File System) Hadoop Distributed file system , Background, GFS Data Replication Data Storage Data Retrieval Additional HDFS commands MapReduce Programming MapReduce, Background Writing MapReduce Programs Writable and WritableComparable Input Format, Output Format
  2. 2. Input Split and Block size Combiner Partitioner Number of Mappers and Reducers CountersMap Reduce Algorithms and Exercises Line Count and Word Count Distributed Search Sorting Data – Key Value Data Type Mathematical Transformation example Working with Counters exercise Distributed Cache exercise Zero Reducer based exercisesHadoop Streaming Introduction to Hadoop Streaming Streaming API details and use cases Python Based Example for Streaming API Exercise for Hadoop Streaming ( XML Files ) Based. Exercises on Ruby Exercise on C# using MS-Azure.Apache Pig Installation Execution Types Grunt Shell Pig Latin Data Processing Loading and Storing Data Filtering Grouping & Joining Operations Hands on ExercisesApache HBase Installation and Details
  3. 3. HBase and NOSQL Introduction HBase Installation and Configuration. HBase and Java Based integration HBase Hadoop Integration Details. HBase basic exercisesApache Hive Installation and Details Hive Installation on Single cluster Hadoop Node. Hive Services Hive Shell Description Hive Server· Meta store Details Hive QL Basics Working with Tables, Databases etc. Hive JDBC programming Hands on Exercises and AssignmentsIntroduction to Amazon Map Reduce (AWS-EMR) Hadoop using Amaozon Web Service AWS MapReduce and EC2 AWS - S3 Service Model. AWS-MR Architecture. Streaming Exercise using EMR JobFlow.Hadoop Infrastructure Planning Basic Hadoop hardware and software req Small , Medium and Large cluster Networking challenges in Hadoop Deployment Disaster Recovery ( DR ) in Hadoop . Performance Tuning a large clusterHadoop Industry Solutions EMC GreenPlum Introduction IBM BigInsight Details Oracle , Microsoft etc Hadoop Offerings Cloudera and HortonWorks Hadoop Package
  4. 4. Hadoop and Cloud Computing Using Cloud technologies for distributed processing Hadoop on Amazon Web Service. Hadoop in Oracle Cloud / RackSpace============================================================Medium: GotoMeetingDuration: 35 HoursMaterials: 50+ Exercises-Fully Solved. Decks, VM Machine.