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  1. 1. B R A N D E S S E N C E
  2. 2. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 2 Mestige is an alluring blend of elegance, romanticism and innovation. Designed in Australia, the quintessential fashion brand is committed to creating aesthetic designs, handcrafted with impeccable quality. Our mission is to create high quality pieces that are affordable for the everyday consumer. Mestige possesses a passion for detail, quality and inventive design that has enabled the brand to impart brilliance to everything that is created. E S S E N C E O F M E S T I G E
  3. 3. The Sarroff Group 4 Mestige 5 What are "Crystals from Swarovski" 6 Our Brand Partnership 7 Mestige Marketing Material 8-9 Product Development 10 Manufacturing Process & Testing 11 The Mestige Customer 12 Mestige Retailer 13 Current Product Showcase 14-15 In-store Point of Sale 16 In-store Retail Fixtures 17 Contact 19 C O N T E N T S
  4. 4. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 4M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 4 The Sarroff Group, established in 1999, is a product development business servicing the Australian Retail Fashion market. The company initially focused on creating products to integrate into clients’ private labels for their seasonal collections. From modest beginnings, the company has since had rapid growth with head offices located in Australia and manufacturing facilities in China. This facility has opened doors for FOB orders globally. Our headquarters is located in Australia, where we occupy three facilities of over 106,500 square feet. Sarroff Group has established a reputation of professionalism and credibility in the market. By further developing and expanding our private labels, we are taking our company to greater heights in the industry. Each brand we design and create offers a unique product to the consumer, with Mestige being the most internationally recognized. T H E S A R R O F F G R O U P
  5. 5. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 5 Created in 2008, the MESTIGE brand was inspired by a vision to make elegant designs & high quality products affordable to the wider community. This simple vision has remained at the heart of the creative process while designing and developing multiple collections per season. MESTIGE is driven by the evolution of fashion trends and strives to introduce new innovative collections. Our partnership with Swarovski has given us the platform to create and design pieces that truly stand out and that complement the heritage of the Crystals from Swarovski. The brand has seen growth in domestic & international markets due to brand credibility and innovation in the areas of retail sales and direct business-to-consumer marketing. The MESTIGE brand is now sold in over 20 countries across 6 continents.
  6. 6. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 6M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 6 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystals manufactured by Swarovski. Born from a passion for detail and high-precision cutting, the range has brought the beauty and electricity of the Swarovski crystals to the Mestige brand. These crystals unite precious ingredients, modern artistry, and a timeless spirit to everything they embellish. Swarovski Elements crystals are recognized by the “CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®” label, which serves as Mestige’s certificate of authenticity. The Mestige jewelry collection uses the most advanced crystals manufactured by Swarovski including The Xirius 1088. Xirius 1088 is Swarovski Elements’ newest, most advanced crystal to date, described as being “one step closer to a diamond” giving our jewelry an electric and poetic “Redefined Brilliance”. WH AT ARE "CRYSTALS FR OM SWAR OVSKI®"
  7. 7. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 7 B R A N D PA R T N E R S H I P For many years, Mestige has maintained a long-term business relationship with Swarovski Elements, who only select accredited brands to join them as Key Ingredient Partners. Key Ingredient Partners, such as Mestige, elect to use the “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” swing tag. This tag is a symbol of credibility and integrity as well as a certificate of authenticity. Mestige has created an extensive collection of high quality and exquisite fashion accessories Made with Swarovski. ©2011SwarovskiAGSWAROVSKI®isaregisteredtrademark. certificate meets the standards set by Swarovski and has therefore been awarded the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration. IngredIent BrandIng Partner contract for the IngredIent Partner contract offers: - The use of the MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS label - The right to mention MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in selected communication tools* The contract is based on a sustainable business relationship with Swarovski, on the agreement of defined standards and upon annual review. The MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS tag serves as a sign of authenticity and integrity. It may only be used for products that use 100% genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. *Subject to Swarovski’s approval Date anD place of issue expiry Date swarovski MESTIGE 13th July 2012 Australia 13.7.2014
  8. 8. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 8M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 8
  9. 9. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 9
  10. 10. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 0M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 0 The MESTIGE brand is built on the creative inspiration that is embodied in the Crystals from Swarovski that are hand-placed on the jewelry, the palette of colors that are available to the designer and everyday experiences that each design is born from. The development of a collection is an affair that requires a team of designers, product developers, trend forecasters and manufacturers. Each piece that is produced is meticulously looked over and hand polished. The result is a sought after beautiful product range that is developed and produced to the high standards that MESTIGE has built its reputation on. A major contributor to the success of the brand is the manufacturing facilities that SARROFF GROUP has established in China. The use of a regulated facility ensures that all international standards are maintained and all our collections are kept confidential until they are revealed to the market. P R O D U C T D E V E L O P M E N T
  11. 11. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 1 The MESTIGE office and manufacturing facility based in China is an integral component to the international success of the brand. A dedicated team of Product Developers, Quality Control Officers and Assembly Line Workers staffs the facilities. All staff involved work under the directorship of senior management with decades of combined experience in the areas of jewelry development and production. All pieces must pass the QC process as well as meet all testing requirements. All products are Nickel and Cadmium free. The strict standards of operation and tireless efforts of staff are reflected in the quality of items produced where annual production is measured in the millions of units and the rate of incident is less than 0.2%. M A N U FA C T U R I N G P R O C E S S & T E S T I N G C H I N A O F F I C E
  12. 12. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 2M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 2 The MESTIGE customer is confident, strong and exudes beauty from the inner point of their being. The MESTIGE customer doesn’t have time to waste, they have a life to live and they need a product that can embody their electric spirit effortlessly. It is the customer who inspires MESTIGE to create timeless and beautiful pieces and it is for the customer that we are deeply committed to creating hand crafted affordable jewelry. T H E M E S T I G E C U S T O M E R
  13. 13. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 3 MESTIGE has built the brand through­a multitude of online platforms that not only instilled credibility, but also started the beginnings of MESTIGE becoming a household name. This familiarity and trust opens the opportunity for success in the retail market. The MESTIGE range is designed to add brilliance and sparkle to the accessory spaces of retailers. This affordable style of shopping falls perfectly in line with our main focus of bringing well-designed affordable jewelry with Crystals From Swarovski to the market. M E S T I G E R E TA I L E R
  14. 14. J E W E L R Y E Y E W E A R
  15. 15. O P T I C A L T I M E P I E C E S
  16. 16. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 6M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 6 The options for the signature MESTIGE in-store display unit is a display that showcases and accentuates the retail- ready collections. Investment, time, research and development have gone into creating the quality display units that are visually stunning and effective. Mestige offers various sizes, shapes and materials to best suit the needs of each individual retailer. MESTIGE uses an experienced manufacturer, who has produced Retail Solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, to produce each stand to impeccably high standards. I N - S T O R E P O I N T O F S A L E
  17. 17. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 7 I N - S T O R E R E TA I L F I X T U R E S MESTIGE has designed multiple display options for dedicated in-store space within our client’s brick and mortar stores. This space will serve as a destination that houses the high quality MESTIGE collections. Through the use of reputable third-party merchandise solution firms, MESTIGE will have the ability to maintain a unique position within stores that will be consistent across all retail clients.
  18. 18. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 8M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 8
  19. 19. M E S T I G E E S S E N C E ● p . 1 9 M +61 401 522 495 P +61 7 5522 0401 E M +61 407 664 901 P +61 7 5522 0401 E W I L L W R I G H T E L I A S S A R R O F F
  20. 20. W W W . M E S T I G E . C O M