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Go with the flow


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Using Netflow Analysis for forensic investigations

Published in: Technology
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Go with the flow

  1. 1. @Rathaur_Kamal
  2. 2.  Infosec Enthusiast  Incident Response/Digital Forensics Analyst  Speaker/Volunteer at Null and OWASP chapters  AM – IT Security (Just a position, for the records)   Travelling, Trekking, Infosec brainstorming  GCFA Certified, SANS Lethal Forensicator Award
  3. 3.  A series of packets on a network that have common attributes  Just metadata – No contents  Much like a phone bill – You know, who called who but not what was said  Is not a replacement for full packet capture
  4. 4.  Exporter – Uses UDP (Standard port 2055) for sending packets to Collectors  Collectors – Positioning is the key  Storage – Understand the requirements and the size of storage based on the need  Analysis Console – usually a thin client – browser based. Performance hungry
  5. 5.  Identify the critical data  Understand the network diagram  Identify choke and critical nodes  Identify critical datacenters  Plan Netflow exporters and packet capture points  Confirm legal and regulatory compliance  Security teams may prefer to use their own Netflow server and storage solution
  6. 6. nfcapd - netflow capture daemon nfdump - netflow dump nfprofile - netflow profiler nfreplay - netflow replay - cleanup old data ft2nfdump - optional binary
  7. 7.  A set of tools to collect and process netflow data  Supports netflow versions v1, v5, v7, v9 and IPFIX  Fully IPv6 compatible  Stores netflow data in time sliced files – rotates typically every 5 minutes i.e. 288 files per day in nfcapd.YYYYMmddhhmm format  Command line based tool compatible to tcpdump  Top N statistics for packets, bytes, IP addresses, ports… Date flow start Duration Proto Src IP Addr:Port Dst IP Addr:Port Packets Bytes Flows 2005-08-30 06:59:52.338 0.001 UDP -> 1 404 1
  8. 8.  NfSen is a graphical web based front end for the Nfdump netflow tools  Graph specific profiles • Track hosts, ports etc. from live data • Profile hosts involved in incidents from history data  Analyze a specific time window  Web based  Automatic alerting  Flexible extensions using plugins
  9. 9. Demo Time
  10. 10.  Understand the netflow basics  Netflow Analysis with open source tools  Ideas for setting up test lab  Testing and Deployment in VM  Replicate to Production environment
  11. 11. Thank You!