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Questions on trailer


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Questions on trailer

  1. 1. Introduction To the name:In this trailer were told thename of the film at the end,its the second to last shot. Thedirectors have done this as ithelps build up suspense andmystery throughout the trailer.Also it ensures the viewer hasthe name of the film stuck intheir head at the end, its oneof the key things they’llremember after watching thetrailer!This is a screen grab of the shot which reveals the name of the film. Theshot is simple; there is a plain white background, with just one wordspelling ‘Orphan’ in a gothic like text. Here we can see a brilliantexample of definition to ‘less is more’, the simplicity maximises thefeelings the viewers experience when they read the name, and alsohelps stamp it into there memory.
  2. 2. How the stars are promoted:In trailers we are often told the names of the stars featuring in the film - this isbecause the stars help sell the film! Film producers often pay millions to castsome of the biggest names in Hollywood, with these stars they are almostguaranteed an audience. Within the Horror genre things work differently, mostpeople go to see the films because of the storyline and not because of who’sfeaturing in it, because of this most of the casts in horror films are unknownactors/actresses. Due to this most Horror film trailers don’t advertise the namesof the main cast members – as with the Orphan trailer. In the Orphan trailer the stars of the film are introduced to us through images. Throughout the trailer we are constantly introduced to all the characters in the film, this helps the viewer build up a sense of familiarity with them, this is important if they are unknown actresses/actors.
  3. 3. Action Shots...Towards the end of the trailer there are many action shots, I have screengrabbed many of these and displayed them below. The action shots are veryquick as the pace of the trailer is very fast at the end. The shots build uptension and mystery for the viewer and also generate a lot excitement.
  4. 4. ‘trailer Vs Poster’ Which is moreeffective? Overall I think the trailer is more effective then the poster in regards to making people want to see the film. This is because it communicates a lot more information to the viewer then the poster does. The trailer builds up lots of mystery and excitement through its use of shots and sound, which is something the poster cannot do. The poster is also effective, however in order to attract a large audience I think it must work along side the trailer.
  5. 5. Places I would expect to seethis trailer:•I would expect to see this trailer advertised in the cinema before theshowing of other horror films such as: Saw & Final destination. I can alsoimagine it being shown before certain action and family films. Overall Iwould expect to see this trailer shown in the cinema before the start of anyfilms with the same target audience as ‘Orphan’.•I would also expect to see this trailer on TV, this is because it was producedby a big production company(Warner bros). Large production companiesnormally work on a large budget, and so they can afford to promote theirfilms by showing trailers on the TV.•Another place I would expect to this trailer is online – on sites such &
  6. 6. Distribution Logos:At the start of the trailer we see the distribution company logo – WarnerBros Pictures. In the trailer the appearance of the Warner Bros logo isdifferent to what it normally looks like. Above you can see a picture ofthe logo in the trailer (left) and the picture of the logo normally (right).The appearance of the logo in the trailer tells us that the theme of thefilm is likely to be very dark and mysterious, this is because of its dark andluminous colours. The trailer logo also contrasts the normal appearanceof the logo which is commonly used in ‘happy ending’ films.In the trailer, the logo helps inform the audience of the films genre rightfrom the start.
  7. 7. Information displayed in the lastframe:The very last frame of the trailer shows text – it says ‘coming soon’. This informsthe audience that the film will be released soon and builds up their interest ofthe film. The frame also contains the website name of the film. This is placed atthe end of the trailer to ensure the viewer remembers it, and also to encouragethem to go online and find more out about the film. Also, on the last framethere are 2 logos of the production companies and distributors. This is anotherway of promoting the film as the companies are both big and well know formaking good films.