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Evaluation q2jj

  1. 1. How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product And Ancillary Texts?In this slideshow I will be looking at how effectively our trailer for ‘ThePossession’ works with the film poster and magazine front cover. Magazine front Trailer Film Poster cover Click To Play^
  2. 2. Main Images:All our media products display similar main images as we wanted our work to beconsistent – all of these images focus on the locket, & show that Clarissa is‘possessed’.The photographs used on our film poster & film magazine were taken during the same photo-shoot and are extremely similar, they both highlight the significance of the locket, and the wayClarissa is holding it informs viewers that there is something wrong with her and the locket – itspossessed her. It also looks as though she is trying to push the locket away from her in both thephotos, this suggests that she is a victim and is trapped.In both the images we do not see Clarissas full face, this generates mystery & suspicion amongstviewers of the poster and magazine front cover. The main shots in our trailer are repeatedseveral times to highlight their importance. The contents and focus of many of the shots areconsistent with the images used on our other media products as they too focus on the locketand possession of Clarissa. The screen grabs below show examples of the shots/images I havebeen talking about, we hope that viewers will identify these similarities and link together theconnections between the trailer, film poster and magazine front cover.
  3. 3. Iconography:The main icon in The Possession is the locket which possesses Clarissa. We havehighlighted the significance of the icon in our trailer, film poster, and magazine frontcover. In the images below I have circled how we have presented the iconic locket inour media products. In the trailer the close up of Clarissa holding the locket is repeatedtwice and enhanced with an x-ray effect, this informs the audience that it is important. Inboth the film poster and magazine front cover the locket is being pushed towards theeye of the viewer, this draws there attention and makes them question the significanceof the locket. We hope that our target market will identify this icon in all our products andrelate it to The Possession storyline.
  4. 4. Representation of horror:To help reach the right audience wemade sure the horror genre of the filmwas expressed through all three mediaproducts. As you can see from theimages to the right we includedseveral ‘horror’ shots in our trailer, tomake these as believable as possiblewe used makeup effects (e.g. Fakeblood) and contact lenses.In the film poster & magazine frontcover we also used make-up in thephotographs of Clarissa to make herlook un-normal, and ‘possessed’ – thisis one way we have expressed thehorror genre. Also, Clarissas facialexpression in the magazine front coverinforms people of the horror genre asshe looks crazy and shocked.
  5. 5. Typography:Deciding what typography/fonts to use in our media products was a big partof our planning. As you can see from the screen grabs below we decided thatthe official font we would use to write the title of our film would be ‘LEDlight’.We used this on our film poster and magazine front cover.Below is an screen grab of the font used for the film title in our trailer. Originallywe planned that the font in our trailer would be the same as the font on our filmposter & magazine front cover, however after running into technical difficultieswith the software ‘After Effects’ we were unable to do so, thus we decided touse a similar font that was available.The screen grab below shows the font we used for the text that appeared in ourtrailer. We used this font as it was clear and easy to read.
  6. 6. Stars:The main star of our film is Laressa Smithwho plays Clarissa the main character inThe Possession. Laressa is an unknownactress and therefore we did not promoteher name that much. In the trailer we areintroduced to her in the very first scene.Our film poster and magazine front coverboth feature large pictures of Laressa,however her appearance has beenmanipulated to make her appearpossessed and scary as the film has ahorror genre. As all three products focuson introducing the audience to our mainstar, we hope that people will link her toour film and think of The Possession whenthey see her.