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Introduction to Open Space



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Introduction to Open Space

  1. 1. Introduction to Open Space and its use in the User-Centric Identity Community ITU-T FGIdM Geneva April 24 Kaliya Hamlin Identity Woman kaliya (at) mac (dot) com
  2. 2. INVITATION The identity of the event is part of an invitation. This is an example from IIW. In an invitation to Open Sapce share with those coming * Why do you want people to come togehter? * What are the core questions that need addressing? * What are the goals or outcomes hoped for? * What you think topics will be that are covered? * Who is coming?
  3. 3. A Wiki is an editable website that can be put forward for people to collaborate before the event. It can cover Suggested Topics Those projects that want to Speed Geek Who is Coming Additional Information
  4. 4. OPENING Conveners Welcome Everyone and set the Context of the Gathering Introductions API Providers Masuhup Makers example from Mashup Camp
  5. 5. Open Space Technology Putting forward Agenda Topics
  6. 6. From a purely tech standpoint the wall was an elegant example of a fully interactive calendar, or meeting agenda, with advanced features like undo, redo, merge and insert but without the computer - genius.
  7. 7. The Guidelines for Open Space
  8. 8. End of Day Wrap Up This is where people share the highlights of the day and progress towards goals.
  9. 9. Open Space Sessions in Action Turn of you Computer durring sessions
  10. 10. Happy Whiteboarders
  12. 12. Penguin Day Collective Maps Internet Identity Workshop
  13. 13. Timeline of the User-Centric Identity Community
  14. 14. Speed Geeking
  15. 15. @ Mashup Camp
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Penguin Day SpectroGram IIW
  18. 18. KeyNote
  19. 19. “On Ramp” Talks Kaliya and Mike Osburn Eve Maler presenting Talking about Community Map about SAML Dec 2006 from prior Dec 2006 Kim Cameron presenting on Identity Meta System Dec 2006 Dick Hardt presenting on Identity 2.0 May 2006 Doc Searls Presenting on use cases Oct 2005
  21. 21. Snacks Abound
  22. 22. Coffee
  23. 23. Eating Together
  24. 24. TECH AUGMENTATION Shared Language - Shared History Community Building Examples in the User-Centric Identity Community Aggregate Blog Identity Commons Story of Digital Identity Podcast Internet Identity Workshop
  25. 25. Kaliya (at) Mac (dot) com