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Identity Commons IIW2007B


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This is a slide show about Identity Commons given my Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman and Dale Olds from the Bandit Project on December 4, 2007 at the Internet Identity Workshop.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Identity Commons IIW2007B

  1. 1. Identity Commons Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman IIW Steward Dale Olds, Bandit OSIS Steward
  2. 2. To support, facilitate, and promote the creation of an open identity layer for the Internet, one that maximizes control, convenience, and privacy for the individual while encouraging the development of healthy, interoperable communities.
  3. 3. Seven Principles Self-organization  Transparency  Inclusion  Empowerment  Collaboration  Openness  Dogfooding 
  4. 4. Working Groups
  5. 5. Groups that do work for the community: • Collaborative Tools • The Internet Identity Workshop • The Identity Gang • Id Media (in process) Bibliography & Reviews of papers, books, movies, other resources.
  6. 6. Groups focused on Technology: • OSIS (Open Source Identity System) (Social Network • CloudTripper Sharing Toolkit) (in process) • Identity Schema’s • • OpenID • Pamela Project (in process) • Bandit Project (in process)
  7. 7. Groups focused on Social Agreements, Business Innovation and Policy: • Identity Rights Agreements • Vendor Relationship Management (in process) • Identity Trust (in process) • I-broker commons (in process) • Identity Futures (in process)
  8. 8. Participate!