How to make a good graduation slideshow with graduation songs in minutes


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By using Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer , this document will share with you how easily it is to make a good graduation slideshow with graduation songs. Make your photos alive and more interesting with music and animation.

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How to make a good graduation slideshow with graduation songs in minutes

  1. 1. How to make a graduationslideshow
  2. 2.  Why make graduation slideshow? Graduation is an exciting moment. Surely they own a lotof pictures and photos for precious memory. It is goodidea to present them in an interesting way, slideshow. It can be as a gift to schoolmate and coacher, orpresentation on graduation celebrates, like graduationparty, graduation dinner and so on. It could be a great way to share experience and joy withfriends and family. How to make a good graduationslideshow?You will find answer in this document.
  3. 3.  The thing you need for creating graduation slideshow:Best slideshow software from Kvisoft, which has goodreputation from users for being easy and simple to use. Itis so popular is that it owning really rich built-in slidestemplates and effects. So it can make your graduationslideshow outstanding and beautiful.
  4. 4.  Following are steps for creating slideshow forgraduation: Steps 1: add photos or video files to flashslideshow generator.You should first look over pictures you took inschool. Next pick up some lovely and cuteones.Then click this buttonto import them to flash slideshow creator.
  5. 5.  Step 2: choose template.There is a pile of built-in template, please choose the oneyou like for your graduation slideshow. If you have got nochoice from the list, you could customize your owntemplate with graduation theme in the photo slideshowsoftware.
  6. 6.  Step 3: modify effects.After imported, effects are applied randomly. If you wantto modify it, please go to Effect tab, next click the imagefrom thumbnail list, and then select transition andmotion style.
  7. 7.  Step 4: add graduation songs as backgroundmusic for graduation slideshow.
  8. 8.  Steps 5: publish graduation slide show.In the Publish tab, you could set some outputsettings, preview slideshow and then publish.There are several output format options,HTML for uploading to website, SWF, EXE,ZIP, SCR (Screen Saver), APP (executable filefor Mac)
  9. 9.  There is a 2013 graduation slideshow demo withYouTube video embedded, you may refer to it toinspire you for graduation slideshow ideas.