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6th block 6 vocabulary part 1


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6th block 6 vocabulary part 1

  1. 1. The Natural World Block 6 Week 1
  2. 2. Rice is one of the mostimportant crops raised in the coast.
  3. 3. Everyone needs to take care of our environment.
  4. 4. The cowboy tries to ride the bull during the rodeo.
  5. 5. Earthworms help to keep the soil fertile.
  6. 6. The fields of corn surround the farm
  7. 7. Modern farmers use tractors to plow the land.
  8. 8. During the rainy season, people use an umbrella to go to work.
  9. 9. My mom is really upset because I didn´t help her to clean the house.
  10. 10. Mariele is sick. She has a fever and her stomach hurts.
  11. 11. Do you like to eat whole wheat bread?
  12. 12. During the monsoon the streets flood in India because of the rain.
  13. 13. Fishermen use worms as baits to catch the fish.
  14. 14. What animals live in a pond?
  15. 15. Riddles!!!It is not down, and it is not settled, but it means not in the mood…. How am I feeling??? UPSET
  16. 16. It is not a bill, it is not a ball, but watch out that here it comes!!! BULL
  17. 17. They are not daughters, theyare sons, aren’t the sons of the sea, and there are four. SEASONS
  18. 18. I’m the home of creatures,frogs, snakes, dragonflies live in me. Who am I? POND