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How did you attract


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How did you attract

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?<br />
  2. 2. Mise-En-Scene & Poses<br />
  3. 3. The natural lighting of the image communicates the idea of simplicity as the image has not been manipulated by studio lights. The slight tilt of the artists head depicts a sense of innocence which is further reinforced by her subtle smile. In addition, the limited amount of make-up reflects her youth and drive to remain pure and natural. The red headphones do not dominate the image and so does not portray her as a show-off because the headphones are intentionally placed slightly behind her head, however, it still allow s readers to see her passion for music in an identifiable way as she is using a common piece of technology to listen to music, which shows that one does not need high-tech gadgets to consume music. Furthermore, the limited amount of jewellery shows that she has not yet reached the peak of her wealth and fame as she is a rising star. However, this image still manages to convey her quirky nature through the blond streak in her hair, random beaded bracelets , her vampire-like ring which adds a bit of edge and mystery and finally, her casual, lose shirt with rolled up sleeves implies that she has work to do in order to pursue her music career, as well as displaying her laid-back feel. Moreover, I didn’t want to portray the main artist as completely sweet and innocence, and so the tattoo on her hand, in which I photo shopped on, indicates that she was able to go through the pain of having it engraved onto her skin, and so ultimately the tattoo will appeal to both males and females. In addition, it is of a musical note with exemplifies her passion for music and also appeals both genders as it is a unisex, diverse symbol. Similarly, both males and females can share a hunger for music. Ultimately, I believe that this image conveys her femininity and youth however also initiates an edgy side to her that brings forth her strong traits. Also, the image may appeal to young aspirers who are intrigued by her story. Alternatively, the magazine may also appeal to females because they admire her style and quirkiness, therefore wanted to emulate it. On the other hand, it may also appeal to teenage boys as they may find the image attractive and appealing and so may want to learn more about her or look at more pictures of her within the magazine<br />
  4. 4. Here the artist is resting on her guitar to display that her guitar is her base, she relies on it as it has been there from the start of her career where she was just acoustic, before all the trills of the pop culture. She is wearing a loosely fitted top, jeans and farmer-like boots, a casual outfit that has been manipulated colour-wise through Photoshop in order to make the colours more bold, eye-catching and pop-like. Similarly, the boots are quite rough and edgy and would be worn in the natural world outside of celeb-life, she is showing that she is down-to-earth and laid-back and has not been affected by the expectations of celebrity life. She is also wearing very minimalistic make-up to convey the idea that natural beauty can be admire and having a face full of make-up is not imperative in order to be attractive and successful. She is subverting the typical features of a celeb- icon, which would ultimately humble audiences due to her unique mentality as to her image. Alternatively, reader will feel more confident in being themselves no matter how wild and random they are, and that they do not need to conform to the expectations of others. Similarly, she is sitting on the floor which also shows that she is not stuck up, and is still youthful.<br />
  5. 5. The dark lighting sets somewhat of an eerie sense which ultimately reflects the nature of her article ‘’ DAISY CLAY REVEALS ALL’’. It implies that the story she is going to reveal is quite negative and dramatic, which will automatically draw readers in as majority of people are interested by celebrity lives especially when something quite sinister has happened. She is wearing red lipstick and visible make-up and had red hair in order to still portray her celeb-like image. Correspondingly, her facial expression is quite blank, instantly crafting an enigmatic sense as readers do not know what to think and so will build anticipation as to what the article is about. It has intentionally been aced on the contents page as when readers open the magazine and see this image they would instantly want to read it as in would place great appeal upon their interest and curiosity.<br />
  6. 6. This image of the band is extremely cool and interesting due to the unusual angle of the camera shot. It is evident that the girl closest to the camera is the leader of the group, and her stance of her hands on her hips indicates dominance. Her dark hair and make-up suggest that she is extremely edgy and has slightly masculine and firm traits . However, this is contradicted by her pink top which illuminates femininity. It is interesting to note that although the male stands in the middle, he still holds a back seat as opposed to the female lead singer. He has his hands in his pockets initiating a laid-back sense, similarly his clothing is extremely casual, ultimately reinforcing his lack of care as to his appearance. His nerd-like glasses also add a fashion statement and suggest his unique approach to style. However they slightly erode his masculinity, ultimately subverting the stereotype that males are in control and hold authority. The female artist that is positioned at the furthest end clearly has less of a leading role within the band and this is evident through her place within the composition of the artists. She is clearly the more feminine one of the two girls due to her shy pose, vividly coloured hair, bright orange lipstick and floral dress. However, she still manages to present an edgy sense due to her dark purple tights and rock-chic heels. . It is clear here that the band consists of 3 diverse individuals with contrasting personas, this will attract both male and female readers as it shows them that you can be completely different yet still have significance in society and you can stand out without being too over complicated. For females it also shows that you can have dominance over males. Also, it may attract male readers as they may view the male artist in this band as some what of a ‘player’ as he is standing between two girls and so they may identify with this. Alternatively, as the band consists of both genders it is balanced and so does not become predominantly a feminine band or masculine band, and although there are two girls, one of them ( the lead singer) represents a tomboy-like nature and so balances the groups appeal. Finally, this is a location shot taken in a train station to depict the bands authenticity and raw talent showing that they can be in any location yet their music will remain immaculate. It also adds quite a grungy yet simplistic sense to the bands image. Overall, readers may be engaged by the contrast between each character of the band, I also altered the contrast of the lighting in this image on photoshop, in order to craft a more vivid, dramatic feel, whilst keeping it quite natural.<br />
  7. 7. This image acts as a stark contrast to the front cover image of the main artist, Persia White. Here she is wearing loads of bright make-up to depict the eccentricity and vivid nature of the pop genre as well as conveying the image of a typical celebrity plastered in make-up. She is also wearing excessive jewellery in order to depict her growing wealth as a rising star. The lighting also casts a shadow upon her, crafting the sense that she has somewhat of a split personality, the innocence, simplistic girl, and the full-on pop princess, this ultimately will capture a wider range of audiences as some may be drawn in by her gentle side, whereas others may be drawn in by her confident and bold traits. Finally, I used a piano as a prop in order to demonstrate that she has multiple talents. Also her position over the keyboard indicates a sense of authority and dominance, which is further reinforced by the tilt of her head and by her slightly leaning towards the camera. Additionally, as her hand are crossed this highlights a laid-back ‘’I don’t care’’ sort of sense, ultimately conveying some attitude and feistiness that may attract readers making them interested in reading her interview. <br />
  8. 8. This image is an over-the shoulder shot taken in order to illuminate her passion to write her own songs, in essence, appealing to audiences as they will acknowledge her commitment and dedication into generating music that reflect her own taste. It is intentional that her face is hardly visible as I wanted to place larger emphasis on the message of the image and to allude to the idea that music is not about the artist alone, it is about the authenticity and contents of the song. Similarly, once again the headphones are around her neck as an additional item, in order to represent her consistent passion for music.<br />This image imitates the atmosphere within a recoding studio. I created this image in order to portray the idea that the artist is in touch with her music, and plays an active role within the production of her music. Ultimately, this will appeal to readers if they know this, because, they will feel as though the music she creates, and the music they listen to from her is completely her own and directly communicates her image, style, and intention as to what type of music she wants to share with the world. They will know that the music is not as manipulated as moulded to suit the producers desires and so they will admire this factor. Although the main artist stands among two men, it remains evident that she is the star due to her quirky clothing as opposed to their simple, dull-shaded attires.. Moreover, the artist shows dominance over the two males and communicates that she is in control due to her pose in contrast to the men who are taking a back seat and just listening to her suggestions rather than them being in power. This will appeal to females as it shows how strong and firm she stands, ultimately, making them want to project more confidence and authority within themselves.<br />
  9. 9. TYPOGRAPHY<br />
  10. 10. TYPOGRAPHY<br />The font for ‘ LIFE IN THE FAST LANE’ illustrates the pattern of a pulse and so determines a direct contrast to its context, as it displays an alternating rhythm, reflecting that of my main artist who is very active and racing ahead in the music industry. This is then reinforced by the slight upward tilt, I intentionally implemented. The tilt depicts the idea of acceleration and intense speed.<br />I believe that I would have attracted my audience with this this typography in which I obtained from DAFONT.COM as it is creative and engaging . I chose the font for the text saying ‘Persia White’ as it reflects the work of a pen and ultimately looks quite messy. This was an intentional aim as I wanted to depict the idea that y main artist is young and she also writes her own songs and that she may make mistakes when writing but she is still learning to deal with her new found fame and also, the scribble-like font reflects that of a child, in effect, showing that she is still learning and will gradually develop and find her comfort zone and I believe that the pen reflects this. Additionally, the fact that pen cannot be erased shows that one may make mistakes that permanently remain and cannot be removed however you can over rule them and make it work. The mass of lines and scribble within the text identifies this and alludes to the idea that within the fame industry things may not turn out idealistic and perfect. Similarly, the font communicates the fact that everything may not go completely as planned and wont be on a straight and narrow path. Finally, it also illustrates the artists edgy and quirky sense, ultimately appealing to readers.<br />
  11. 11. COLOUR SCHEME THROUGHOUT<br />I chose purple, red and white as my colour scheme in order to establish a brand identity. Furthermore, I selected these colours as purple is a rich unisex colour and so would also appeal to male readers. I chose red as it is an extremely vibrant colour , in essence, reflecting the eccentricity of the pop genre. Finally, I chose white as it adds a sense of simplicity onto the bold nature of my magazine. The black background of my front cover also conveys quite an edgy sense within the pop culture, which is a factor I truly wanted to portray. Similarly, this colour scheme remains consistent throughout my contents page, in order to display an authentic, structured and well-thought out brand identity.<br />
  12. 12. LANGUAGE DEVICES WITHIN MAGAZINE<br />The print screens above indicate where I have used specific terms in order to engage readers. I used the colloquial term ‘HOT’ as it is a common term among teenager boys and girls used to describe something as somewhat worthy. In addition, I employed the phrase ‘TEEN POP SENSATION LIAM CRANE LETS LOOSE’ as it is contains lexical choices in which teenagers can identify with, similarly, it implies that the ‘teen pop sensation’ (a conventional term adopted by many magazines) is perhaps going to reveal a mass of information and gossip, a key factor in which draws in readers, ultimately making them want to purchase the magazine. Alternatively, it also suggests that he may be topless or be significantly more bare than usual, instantly, attracting young female readers<br />
  13. 13. For the main cover line I used, ‘Pump Demi Bold LET’ as it is quite simplistic yet has a funky style to it without being too fancy and difficult to read. I chose a simple font because it is the main cover line on this magazine as so should be the main focus and if on a magazine stand it should be easy to read on first glance. Moreover, the word ‘UNCOVERED’ has been wiped from any colour and remains blank in order to reflect the context of the word. It suggests that the main artist will be stripped bare of all information and will expose all, without decorating the truth. Finally, I have used alliteration in the phrase ‘she talks fellas, fame, and freaky fans’ in order to exemplify a rhythmic and catchy tone, in effect appealing to readers and making it stick in their mind.<br />
  14. 14. Here I have also used direct address at the start of the editorial section. ‘ It says ‘Hello readers’, immediately making readers feel more involved in the text and making it appear that they personally are being spoken to. It also crafts the sense that this magazine s their personal issue. In addition, I have continued to use colloquial terms such as ‘’who rocked it’ and ‘101 must-haves’ in order to make the reader feel as though they must own these items in order to feel up-to-date and in with the latest style culture.. Also, the word ‘ EXCLUSIVE’ suggests that this is a one-off interview conducted only for ‘iPOP’ and they will not find this same interview anywhere else, ultimately persuading them to buy it in order to gain the upper hand surrounding the latest gossip. Furthermore, the phrase ‘ DAISY CLAY REVEALS ALL’ implies that within this magazine this artist will expose all her secrets, automatically engaging reader interests.<br />
  15. 15. Within the double-page spread I used a hyperbole stating that the artist is ‘set to take the world by storm’ and ‘mind-blowing’ through exaggeration the situation it appeals more to readers as it appears more dramatic and exciting. As this element is in the introduction, it will make the readers more captivated by the article even before reading, making them more interesting in reading the rest of the interview. Furthermore, I also used the superlative claiming that she has become the ‘NATIONS hot new pop sensation in order to express a superior quality and also the use of the word ‘nation’ makes it seem as though she has become very well known and very successful on a wide spread. A Q&A structure has been adopted as it is much to read and so appeals more to the younger generation due to its direct simplistic approach. The colloquial phrase‘ rags to riches’ also exaggerates the artists transformation , casting a stronger contrast between how she used to be to how she is now, ultimately engaging readers as they will be curious as to how this change suddenly occurred. In addition, colloquial terms such as ‘heart-throb’ are phrases commonly used by teenagers ultimately, making it easy to relate to and identify with. Within the interview the artists uses slang terms and also makes a few humorous comments, this light-hearted sense communicates her youth and also her quirky personality. Readers will thrive off the gossip in which she reveals as updates and gossip’ are key factors into capturing an audience. Similarly, direct address is used to make readers feel as though the interview is taking place at the present, as if they are hearing the interview first-hand, in essence making them feel up-to-date. I have made it seem as though the interviewer is neutral and so I have used ‘Arial’ font, in order to make the artists answers be the predominant focus. The artists response is written in ‘One Stroke Script’ which is a little more fancy , conveying slight femininity and youth as it is quite a simplistic yet adds a fun factor.<br />I intentionally make the colour scheme of this page different to the brand identity of the magazine in order for this page to have a different feel, reflecting the artists eccentricity. I used black as the predominant colour as is initiates a serious and somewhat mature sense among the bright colours which then add a more creative and fun feel. The pink will appeal to most female readers as well as the electric blue appealing to male readers, in effect attracting both genders equally, whilst also illuminating the vibrancy of the pop genre. Around each of the location shot images, the edges have been liquefied in order to make it appear choppy and rough, the fact that it is not a perfect straight cut makes it more interesting, creative and dynamic, reflecting the artists quirky vibe.<br />