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Kalinga IT Services


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Kalinga IT Services

  1. 1. Kalinga IT ServicesD-97 B ,Prem Kunj Appt.,Shyam Park Extn.,Sahibabad ,Ghaziabad , (U.P.) 201005www.kalingaitservices.cominfo@kalingaitservices.comPhone :0120-3114985Mobile : +91-9868402265,9711362265Branches :Bhubaneswar & Lucknow
  2. 2. BRIEF HISTORYFew of our clients had approached us to search a software which can be of a great help totheir organization. Considering the size of organizations we were unable to guide themeven a single software which they can afford considering the size of their organization.From there we thought to develop our software to suit the requirement of our clients. Thesoftware must have the perfect mix of manpower, equipment and resources so that anorganization is able to capitalize on opportunities, boosting the productivity and profits,cutting down costs, time and wastage by streamlining the operations and better utilizingthe assets. And it should not cost the fortunes.Kalinga IT Services (KITS) was promoted in the early 2010 with the single objective ofproviding integrated and seamless solutions for businesses to run efficiently andeffortlessly. KITS, thus, became a provider of strategic technology resources andproducts. Our primary business focus and core competency is to provide customers withEnd-to-End Solutions in the area of emerging technologies, designed on the world classplatforms, thereby empowering enterprises technologically for the new millennium.KITS intends to provide all small and medium entrepreneurs with a single solution which isa totally integrated, end - to - end and covers all the essentials of back and front officeoperations to deliver real time transactions that are simple and affordable. KITS strivesto achieveintegration of critical business processes seamlessly and efficiently. AIMS & OBJECTIVESAt KITS we provide simple and easy to use IT solutions to solve the most complicatedbusiness problems. We, as an organization, firmly believe that size is never an obstacle tosuccess. Provided one has the perfect mix of manpower, equipment and resources tocapitalize on opportunities, which is Exactly what Team KITS can help you to achieve.Boosting your productivity and profits. Cutting down costs, time and wastage. Bystreamlining your operations and better utilizing your assets.Our primary business focus and core competency is to provide customers with End-to-EndSolutions in the area of emerging technologies, designed on the world class platforms,thereby empowering enterprises technologically for the new millennium.KITS also aims to dispel the myth that such solutions are meant for large corporationsonly, which can invest millions for such a solution. Pricing our products reasonably, weintend to take it to the masses for bulk consumption.The vision of KITS is to be a professionally managed corporate entity that is a householdname with its products becoming a necessity rather then a luxury. KITS products need tobe word class, built on the best available technologies.
  3. 3. ABOUT THE PROMOTER Mr. Sadhan Kumar Bhuyan Director of KITS (Kalinga IT Services)Man with eminent personality, professional skill set and vision to Grow.8 years of compassionate hard work made him won big accolades and hugeexperience, not only from the Indian industry but also for renowned MNCs. His core area ofspecialization remains Systems Study and Designing but stretches far and wide to envelop ERP,Software development & IT Solutions and Consultancy Industry.Having been associated with reputed business groups like DLF ,Blue Star ,Fuji Film , UFlex , Delphi,Olivia , etc, he has gained wide experience and exposure to different facets of the Indian Businessand different Industrial verticals.Before Opening Kalinga IT Services He was the Employee of Udyog Software India Limited and hiswork and efficiency you can get from Udyog’s Client .It was his vision & business acumen, which saw the metamorphosis of KITSfrom a Self-driven team into a professional organization with 10 strong professionals servicing thecorporate India.Besides his extremely busy schedule, he also takes keen interest in theprofessional and private activities like social, sports, and cultural.We are the channel partner of M/s Gaba Software Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. KITS TEAM STRUCTUREImplementation Manager 1Marketing Manager 1Accountant 1Tele Caller 1ConsultingTechno Functional Chartered Accountants 2ISO Consultants 2Process Consultants 1Technical Consultants 2BOARD OF DIRECTORSMr. Sadhan Kumar Bhuyan OUR INFRASTRUCTUREKITS is located in KITS Registered Office Situated in D-97 B ,Prem kunj Appartment ,Shyam parkExtn.,Sahibabad ,Ghaziabad, a suburb of the capital city of India, New Delhi. The place is wellconnected by Rail, Road and Air and is at a very convenient location. A State Of ArtDevelopment Lab is also housed in the same premises with all needed infrastructural andcommunication facilities. We employ the latest and cutting edge technologies and hardware inour development process . and other Branches in Bhubaneswar & Lucknow .Office & EquipmentKITS has all the necessary equipments like the latest high-end Servers, Clients, InternetConnections and other modern communication facilities to work on good environments similarity.
  6. 6. There are 2 computers, 3 Laptops and 1 server in the office to augment the facilities. Apart from that, we have1 web-servers, co-located at third party data centers.Team KITSKITS has a well qualified and experienced team of professionals to look after the different facetsof the software development like Technical Development, Testing, Implementation, marketingand customer support. Each department is headed by the experienced professionals to providethe world class services to our clients. PRODUCTSERP and Its AdvantagesERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a set of processes, procedures and protocols for anenterprise to account for and manage all its resources like Human Resources, infra-structuralresources, financial resources or natural resources. ERP brings all these into focus and deliversthem in relatable and understandable format through MIS reports. Thus different modules suchas Material Management, Accounting, Production, PPC, HR & payroll etc. may be performingdifferent tasks but on the macro level will appear as one entity to the Management at the MISconsole for Planning, Budgeting, Costing for effective control and decision making. ERP, thus,can be more appropriately termed as a Management Tool.ERP integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single centralized serverthat can serve all those different departments particular needs. ERP combines all departments orunits together into a single, integrated software program that runs on a single database so thatthe various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.That integrated approach can have a tremendous payback.ERP vanquishes the old standalone computer systems in finance, HR,manufacturing and store and replaces them with a single unified software program divided intosoftware modules that roughly approximate the old standalone systems. Different departmentsstill get their own console, except now the software is linked together so as to help in effectiveinter departmental communication and reporting. It helps the Management to capture thedesired MIS from different departments without practically getting into the nitty gritty of theparticular department.
  7. 7. Benefits from ERP: • Assisting you to bring consistency and transparency across the enterprise; • Providing timely information of 3Ps - Process, Performance and Progress; • Ensuring critical & meaningful information at every management level; • Reducing distortion of information; • Avoiding undue delay in critical decision making through proper planning; • Providing real time performance and measurements; • Becoming an effective tool for analysis and improved customer service; • Augmenting labor productivity & production; • Reducing obsolescence; • Ensuring optimum and cost effective utilization of available resources; • Enabling Cost control and cost reduction in production, sales, purchase, overtime/ idle time.Why KITS Product?Presenting - an Enterprise Solution committed to maximize potential of an Enterprise bycreating a perfect mix of Manpower, Equipment and Resources to capitalize on opportunities.And at a price which does not cost you a fortune. Or take up too much time toimplement. Which means, even if you are a small or a mid-sized Company, you can afford toinstall this ERP tool and open up your business opportunities, virtually. PAYROLLCUSTOMIZATION & IMPLEMENTATIONKITS is a team of skilled manpower with functional expertise, technical skills and ERPimplementation experience. Our efficient team can take up any challenge and assist you inaugmenting your resources swiftly and efficiently exactly at the time when its required.ImplementationKITS has a separate Team for implementation of Software that undertakes the entireimplementation at the customer site.CustomizationWe Have long experience in varied industries and environments covering different processes,functionalities and skill sets but can be further customized as per the needs and requirements ofthe customer.
  8. 8. Integration and testingTesting the links between various ERP modules that integrates all departments that have beenbuilt on a customized basis is another inherent function. As with customization, testing ERPintegration has to be done from a process-oriented perspective. Team KITS does this withfinesse.TrainingRemember that with ERP, finance people will be using the same software as store people and theywill both be entering information that affects the other. To do this accurately, they have to havea much broader understanding of how others in the company do their jobs than they did beforeERP came along. Team KITS imparts Pre and post implementation training to the end users.Training is considered to be the best ERP investment one ever makes. Any company with various remote locations can get real time centralized data, from any part ofthe world. Remote locations can be different plants, warehouses, registered offices, POS or salesoffices. Any authorized employee of the company with valid user name & password can retrieveand feed data in to the companys system at any point of time. Salient Features of the ProductOur Software runs on most reliable and trusted platforms, worldwide.KITS does not cost you a fortune to implement.KITS Solution is tailor made for the Indian environment by a team of techno-commercial professionals.KITS can help you achieve cutting down costs, time and wastageby streamlining your operations and better utilizing your assets. Other Softwares: Excise Trading SoftwareFeatures : Trading + Inventory +Order Processing + Accounting +Tally Integration (Sales & Purchase detailsautomatically exported to xml format) + Sales Tax Form Detail +e-Filling +Master Import From Excel &Many More Features in a small module (GST Assurance) Excise Manufacturing SoftwareFeatures : Manufacturing + Inventory + Order Processing + Accounting +Tally Integration (Sales & Purchasedetails automatically exported to xml format) + Sales Tax Form Detail +e-Filling +Master Import From Excel+VAT details +Job Work & Many More Features in a small module (GST Assurance)
  9. 9. Petrol Pump SoftwareStock + Accounting + Billing + Credit Card Entry +Sales Man wise Feature and manymore features included in this module . Payroll Management Software • Monthly Data Preparation • Employee Wise – Present Days, Weekly Off, Over Time, Leaves & Extra Days Entry • Change Option In Employee Month Data • Employee wise saving details for the the TDS Deduction • Employee wise HRA/Rent details for the TDS • Previous employer details • The software is fully menu driven and can easily be operated by persons not conversant to the computer at all. • All reports provided on Screen as well as on Printer also. • Data entry forms are user friendly and are made to make data entry as fast as possible for the user. • Facility To Import/Export Data To MS-EXCEL Cheque Printing SoftwareJust maintain your all cheques and get the details bank wise ,party wise with cheque status and youcan print your cheque no need to write the cheque manually. School /College Management Library Management Fees Management Transport Management Hotel Management Software Inventory Management Software Billing Software Retail Management Software with POS (Point of Sale) E-library Accounting School Management College Management Bulk SMS Web Development
  10. 10. (Our Retail Management software successfully run atHaldiram Store Spice Mall , Noida)Integration With Other SoftwareService TaxIT PlusIncome TaxForm Managere-TDSe-ROCe-AirCMA/FM ToolBalance Sheete-Promotion (sms , email blasting, web banner designing ,web site designing &Hosting etc)Biometrics (Fingure Print ,Card ,Face Reader)Security Solutions (Access Card ,CCTV,Metal Detector, Fire Alarm System etc)Bar Code SolutionsWireless CommunicationsHi-Fi networking ,VPN,V-sat “This is the first step of our thought” Thank You