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Tool.Domains pitch - April 2016


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Tool.Domains - the startup with ultimate data about domains and websites. Concept, business model and traction as of April 2016.

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Tool.Domains pitch - April 2016

  1. 1. All in One Domains/Websites Research Tool Backed by a database of 625+ million domain names
  2. 2. The problem • It is impossible to access complete data about domains and websites through a single Web UI/API • Standard vs. reverse queries (requires database) • Why building a database is hard?
  3. 3. The Hard Part
  4. 4. What we do • We have a Database with (almost) all domain names (ever). • We try to get all possible data for each one. • We offer SEO Resources, Research and Investigation
  5. 5. How we do it • 4+ Years of digging for domain sources (over 600 used) • Scalable infrastructure for DB and queries • Using the information we have to offer all possible services.
  6. 6. Use cases • Cybercrime – all domains of a criminal • Security – all old hackable WP websites • Brand protection – all domains with TM • B2B – all websites of potential partners • Web products marketing – all websites on Magento • Domainers – all big domain owners • SEO – all good expired domains
  7. 7. How do we make money? • The SEO industry is $30 billion per year • SEO = Expertise + Content + Backlinks • The Backlinks industry is $5 Billion per year • We can “mass produce” quality backlinks from carefully filtered expired domains at 10% of their usual cost. • Or we directly sell the expired domains.
  8. 8. How do we make money? It's like selling gold ore from which gold can be produced at 10% of the usual cost. This brings us about $17K monthly revenue (400% growth in the last 6 months)
  9. 9. In the long run market size is huge!  The combined fast-growing markets of online research, security, cybercrime investigation and SEO are over $200 billion per year.  Every government, company and website owner in the World is our potential client.
  10. 10. Competition • Big players with other targets • Big/medium players with a smaller target than us DOMAININDEX.COM
  11. 11. Unfair advantage • Very big database and lots of sources to improve it • Many different uses of the database  SEO knowledge and power
  12. 12. Management Team Kalin Karakehayov  8 years in SEO  7 years as Team Manager  6 years in Domaining Metodi Darzev  17 years of programming experience  10 years in Web Services and Project Management Founders are not enough though: We have great support from our 8 full-time employees.
  13. 13. @ToolDomains +ToolDomainsLtd