What Every Teen Should Expect When Expecting


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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Powerpoint

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What Every Teen Should Expect When Expecting

  1. 1. What Every Teen Should Expect Before Expecting: A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Course The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland 12201 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106
  2. 2. Teen Pregnancy Facts  3 out of 10 girls in the U.S. get pregnant at least once by the age of twenty.  8 out of 10 fathers of babies born to teens do not marry their babies’ mother.  Less than 1/3 of teens who have children before they turn 18 get their high school diploma.
  3. 3. Why Do Teens Get Pregnant  Lack of knowledge  Do not use a birth control method.  They believe the baby will love them.  They want the baby to be their friend.  Don’t want to lose their boyfriend/girlfriend.  It was an accident.
  4. 4. Female Reproductive System
  5. 5. Male Reproductive System
  7. 7. What’s Going On In There???  Once a month one of the ovaries release an egg into the fallopian tube.  This is called ovulation.  If a woman has unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse there is a chance that the egg will be fertilized, implanted and she can become pregnant.
  8. 8. Signs of Pregnancy  Missed period  Breast tenderness or enlarged breasts  Morning Sickness  Strange Cravings  Fatigue or tiredness  Mood Changes/ Mood Swings  Some women just “feel pregnant”
  9. 9. How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant???  Buy a home pregnancy test.  Visit your local clinic  The Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland.  Planned Parenthood of Greater Cleveland.  Visit your primary care physician or pediatrician.
  10. 10. What’s Happening Inside My Body???  Pregnancy can put a strain on a girls physical, emotional, and psychological well being.  Pregnancy last for nine months. During this time the fetus is growing and maturing in your body.  This time can be joyous, eventful, or life altering.
  11. 11. What’s Happening to the Outside of My Body???  Enlarged Breasts  Enlarged Abdomen  Weight Gain  Swelling  Water Retention  Darkening of Pigment  Acne  Stretch marks
  12. 12. What About Labor and Delivery???  Labor and delivery can be a scary event for teen and adult women.  Some women describe labor as very intense menstrual cramps.  Labor can last anywhere between 6-32 hours.
  13. 13. Stages of Labor
  14. 14. Episiotomy  An Episiotomy is a small incision (cut) made to help to baby come out of his/her mother’s vagina more easily.
  15. 15. Complications During Delivery Cesarean Section (C-section) Sexually Transmitted Infections
  16. 16. Options for Pregnant Teens  Keep the baby  Adoption  Abortion
  17. 17. Add It Up  The average cost of raising a baby is $9,840 in the first year (as of March 2006).  On average, teen fathers pay less than $800 a year for child support.  The is less than $16 a week!  Teen parents are less likely to finish high school much less attend college.
  18. 18. Keep In Mind…  Having a baby is a 24 hour responsibility for the next 18+ years  Most teen moms do not complete high school.  Teen dads usually don’t stick around after the baby is born.  Some babies born to teen moms are neglected and abused.  Children born to teen moms are less likely to perform well in school.
  19. 19. Sex Has Consequences  Teen Pregnancy  Emotional Instability  Damaged Reputation  Sexual Transmitted Infections
  20. 20. Teen Pregnancy is a Guy Issue Too
  21. 21. Before You Decide to Become Sexually Active…  Teen pregnancy prevention is both the girls and the guys responsibility.  The are numerous birth control methods available to prevent pregnancy.  Every time you have unprotected sex, you stand a chance of becoming pregnant.  Babies are cute but they are a lifetime commitment.
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  23. 23. What Every Teen Should Expect Before Expecting: A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Course The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland 12201 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106