The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Origin | Growth | Partnerships


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The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Origin | Growth | Partnerships. Martin R. Kalfatovic. Biodiversity Heritage Library Organization and Planning Meeting. Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa. 14 June 2012. . Washington, DC. 24 May 2012.

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  • Martin: History of BHL
  • 31+ million pages
  • ~ 1.5 million users - 231 countries / territories
  • The Internet Archive
  • Internet Archive/BHL scanning centers
  • Internet Archive/BHL scanning centers
  • Charles Darwin quote
  • The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Origin | Growth | Partnerships

    1. 1. The Biodiversity Heritage LibraryOrigin | Growth | PartnershipsBHL Africa Organisational and Planning Meeting14 June 02012 | Kirstenbosch | Cape Town, South AfricaMartin R. Kalfatovic | Smithsonian Libraries
    2. 2. A Well-Appointed Library In any well-appointed Natural History Library there should be found every book and every edition of every book dealing in the remotest way with the subjects concerned. Charles Davies Sherborn, Epilogue to Index Animalium, March 1922
    3. 3. A large library Yet another physical difficulty is the task of assembling the library and indexes which will enable the student to work under proper conditions…. the beginner must now be prepared to spend liberally, or else must establish himself in an institution where a large library exists; if he work by himself with only a few books, he will have to confine himself to a very narrow specialty indeed. The Limitations of Taxonomy by J.M. Aldrich, Science, April 22, 1927, vol. LXV, no. 1686, p.381
    4. 4. Missouri Botanical Garden & BHL Pre-historyIllustrated Gardens, 1997
    5. 5. Smithsonian Libraries & BHL Pre-historyBiologia Centrali-American, 2004
    6. 6. BHL Timeline2003. Telluride. Encyclopedia of Life meetingFebruary 2005. London. Library andLaboratory: the Marriage of Research, Dataand Taxonomic LiteratureMay 2005. Washington. Ground work for theBiodiversity Heritage LibraryJune 2006. Washington. Organizational andTechnical meetingOctober 2006. St. Louis/San Francisco.Technical meetingsFebruary 2007. Museum of ComparativeZoology. Organizational meetingMay 2007. Encyclopedia of Life and BHLPortal Launch. Washington DC.February 2008. Launch of EOL speciespages and associated BHL literature
    7. 7. Libraries & Laboratories2005, London
    8. 8. Biodiversity Heritage Library American Museum of  Smithsonian Libraries Natural History  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Field Museum  Missouri Botanical Garden California Academy of Academy of Natural  Sciences Sciences (Philadelphia) Cornell University Library  Marine Biological Laboratory/ Museum of Comparative WHOI Zoology (Harvard)  Harvard Botany Libraries New York Botanical  US Geological Survey Garden Library Natural History Museum (London)
    9. 9. 15. Library of Congress Agreement to join, but not yet signed 16. ????? 17. ????? New & 18. ????? Improved 19. ????? 20. ????? n+1.?????
    10. 10. How is BHL Organized?Executive Committee- Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary- Project Director & Program Manager- Technical DirectorSteering Committee- Contribute funds to the Secretariat- 9 institutional membersInstitutional Council - Interested institutions who sign participation agreementPan-BHL Staff- Global Coordinator, Collections Coordinator, DataAnalyst
    11. 11. BHL Executive Committee, 2011-Nancy Gwinn | Connie Rinaldo | Susan Fraser
    12. 12. Funding- Private Grants- US Federal Appropriations- Membership dues- Institutional support
    13. 13. Accomplishments
    14. 14. Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2006
    15. 15. Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2012
    16. 16. 38,887,920 pages105,762 items55,701 titles
    17. 17. > 390,000 views in 10months> 30,000+ images
    18. 18. Meetings
    19. 19. Life and LiteratureConference and JRS Africa meetings Chicago, Illinois November 2011
    20. 20. BHL & EOL BoothAmerican Library Association MeetingDallas, TX, January 2012
    21. 21. SomeStatistics
    22. 22. Usage StatsQ1, FY12 (October-December 2011) 288.287 visits 1.376 million page views 46.33% Bounce rate 46.72% new users
    23. 23. ~1.6 m users | 16 m page views 233 countries
    24. 24. TechnicalDevelopments
    25. 25. Scanning a Books
    26. 26. The Internet Archive• 501(c)(3) organization• Dedicated to “Universal Access to Human Knowledge”• Founder of the Open Content Alliance• Provides: – Mass scanning – Archival storage of files – Image processing – Technology development
    27. 27. BHL Scanning Centers New Jersey − 10 Scribe facility at New York Public Library Boston − 10 Scribe facility at Boston Public Library Other − 1 Scribe, 2 shifts, London − 2 Scribes at UIUC
    28. 28. BHL Scanning Centers Washington, DC − 1 Scribe machine at Smithsonian Libraries − 10 Scribe facility at Library of Congress with Fedlink (operational Spring 2008)
    29. 29. In January, 2012, a newapplication was added tothe BHL administrationdashboard that allowsdirect upload of imagesfrom BHL to Flickr, withembedded metadata andpage links included.
    30. 30. Macaw (MetadataCollection andWorkflow). Scanningworkflow and ingestmangement tool.Based on “Paginator”(MOBOT), Macawallows for creatingrobust page levelmetadata and pushingcontent to otherrepositories (e.g.Internet Archive andlocal storage) .
    31. 31. Workflow Tools- Scan/Bidlist- Monographic de-dupper- Wonderfetch
    32. 32. Social Media Social Media
    33. 33. FacebookTotal Post Views: 245,095Conversation Reach (Total Post Interactions/# of people wholike our page): .95 or 95%Audience Growth (Total new people who like our page): 338Audience Engagement (Total post interactions): 1,620Total Monthly active Users by End of Q1, FY12: 1,273Total Page Likes: 1,871
    34. 34. TwitterClicks on Links in Tweets: 1,164Audience Engagement (@mentions+ RTs): 380Total Followers: 1,306Audience Growth (new followers):181Conversation Reach (audienceengagement/followers): .33 or 33%Mentions by Influencers: 221
    35. 35. FlickrTotal Views: 386,744Total Followers: 365New Images Added: 8,904Audience Engagement (totalcomments, favorites, notes & tags,and added to galleries): 1,382
    36. 36. BlogTotal Visits: 4,868Unique Visitors: 3,540
    37. 37. May I compliment you on this splendid service? The Librarys invaluable for my work on seasonal variability of climate and vector-borne disease in “ T h British India, 1875-1940. a n k I really appreciatey your work. The Biodiversity Heritage Library is an excellent resource that regularly helps my o u assistant and I obtain original descriptions for plants .... I feel so privileged m be working in a day in age when such to u resources are so readily available and easy to obtain. c h f o r yWhat an absolutely owonderful site.It is a treasure trove of information. u rThank you! h e
    38. 38. Looking ForwardThe cultivation ofnatural science cannotbe efficiently carriedon without referenceto an extensive libraryCharles Darwin, et al(1847)Darwin, C. R. et al. 1847. Copy of Memorial tothe First Lord of the Treasury [Lord JohnRussell], respecting the Management of theBritish Museum. Parliamentary Papers,Accounts and Papers 1847, paper number(268), volume XXXIV.253 (13 April): 1-3.[Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online]
    39. 39. Thank You Martin R. Kalfatovic | Smithsonian Libraries