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The Biodiversity Heritage Library: EOL Team Report: November 2012


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The Biodiversity Heritage Library: EOL Team Report: November 2012. Martin R. Kalfatovic. EOL Team Meeting. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, MA, 29 November 2012.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library: EOL Team Report: November 2012

  1. 1. The Biodiversity Heritage LibraryEOL Team Report: November 2012 Martin R. Kalfatovic | EOL Team Meeting 29 November 2012 | Museum of Comparative Zoology | Cambridge, MA
  2. 2. The Wherefore of BHLThe cultivation ofnatural science cannotbe efficiently carriedon without referenceto an extensive libraryCharles Darwin, et al(1847)
  3. 3. Priority Goals and ActivitiesYear 6
  4. 4. 40 m + pages 115 k + items 60 k + titles 201339,859,323 pages109,441 items57,417 titles 28 November 2012
  5. 5. Items Added: Past 12 MonthsCornell ingest | Dec 2011 14,458 Average: 1,204 / month
  6. 6. User Statistics: 2007 - 2012Visitors: 3,628,088Page Views: 17,604,395New vs. Returning: 48.88% vs. 50.12% 112,584 visitors | March 2012 20122007
  7. 7. 233233 CountriesUsers in countries
  8. 8. TheMachineIsUs/ingUs<Responsexmlns:xsi=""xmlns:xsd=""><Status>ok</Status><Result><Item><ItemID>16800</ItemID><Volume/><Contributor>MBLWHOI Library</Contributor><Sponsor>MBLWHOI Library</Sponsor><Language>English</Language><LicenseUrl/><Rights/><DueDiligence/><CopyrightStatus/><CopyrightRegion/></Item>
  9. 9. Increase agreements withpublishers of in copyright materials (up from ~250)
  10. 10. Explore risk management of 1923-1961 imprints
  11. 11. Opportunities for Year 6
  12. 12. The Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2006
  13. 13. 2,567,169 total views | 45,222 images (9/2012) | 50K+
  14. 14. Experiment with taxonomic markupSmithsonian Contributionsand Studies SeriesCollaboration with SmithsonianInstitution Scholarly Press1,000+ titles; 100,000 pages
  15. 15. Example of illustration described using Art of Life schema Title Stictospiza formosa Type Paintings Date Publication: 1898 Agent Author: Arthur G. Butler (1844-1925) Illustrator: F.W. Frohawk (1861-1946) Description A pair of finches with green and yellow bodies resting on reeds Subjects Scientific name: Amandava formosa (Latham, 1790) Vernacular Name: Green Avadavat or Green Munia Accepted Name: Amandava formosa (Latham, 1790) Birds, finches Inscriptions bottom center: Green Amaduvade Waxbill (Stictospiza formosa) Source Butler, Arthur Gardiner. Foreign finches in captivity. Hull and London: Brumby and Clarke, limited,1889 (2nd edition). This image comes from the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and is available online at Rights Public domainDLF Forum 2012 Denver CO Trish Rose-Sandler, Missouri Botanical Garden Art of Life project
  16. 16. Not Just ...
  17. 17. 233233 CountriesUsers in countries
  18. 18. June 2012Over 30 librarians,scientists, informaticiansgathered in Cape Town,South Africa to start theformation of the BHLAfrica node; funded byJRS Foundation
  19. 19. Global BHL Steering CommitteeAugust 2011 Chair Vice Chair Secretary
  20. 20. Threats for Years 7-8
  21. 21.
  22. 22. The Congress shall have Power ... To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. U.S. Code Title 17. Chapter 1. Section 109But most of the time I am!
  23. 23. Unknown Unknowns
  24. 24. Opportunities for Years 7-8
  25. 25. Robust Governance StructureExecutive Committee- Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary- Program Director (ex officio)- Technical Director (ex officio)Steering Committee- Direct monetary support of BHL central activities- 10 institutions (subset of the Institutional Council)Institutional Council - Interested institutions who sign participation agreement- 14 institutions
  26. 26. BHL Executive Committee, 2011-Nancy Gwinn | Connie Rinaldo | Susan Fraser
  27. 27. Secretariat and Technical StaffAugust 2011 Director Program Technical Director Program Manager Programmer Collections Coordinator Data Analyst
  28. 28. BHL Member Participation Staff FTE 16.22 FTE from the 14 member institutions (does not include Secretariat or Technical staff)
  29. 29. In-kind Participation Contributions Staff $980K Other $470K Scanning $923KInternal Grants $422KExternal Grants $505K
  30. 30. BHL FundingSteering Committee duesMacArthur carryover (partly restricted)JRS and Lounsbery grants (meetings)Moore, NSF, NEH grants (restricted)DonationsOther grants (restricted)Member subvention (restricted)Smithsonian Federal funds (restricted)
  31. 31. Facebook Total Post Views: 245,095 Audience Growth (Total new people who like our page): 338 Audience Engagement (Total post interactions): 1,620 Total Monthly active Users by End of Q1, FY12: 1,273 Total Page Likes: 1,871 Blog Total Visits: 4,868 Unique Visitors: 3,540Twitter @ BioDivLibraryTotal Followers: 1,951
  32. 32. More Outreach
  33. 33. May I compliment you on this splendid service? The Librarys invaluable for my work on seasonal variability of climate and vector-borne disease in “ T h British India, 1875-1940. a n k I really appreciatey your work. The Biodiversity Heritage Library is an excellent resource that regularly helps my o u assistant and I obtain original descriptions for plants .... I feel so privileged m be working in a day in age when such to u resources are so readily available and easy to obtain. c h f o r yWhat an absolutely owonderful site.It is a treasure trove of information. u rThank you! h e
  34. 34. Looking Forward In any well-appointed Natural History Library there should be found every book and every edition of every book dealing in the remotest way with the subjects concerned. Charles Davies Sherborn Epilogue to Index Animalium, March 1922
  35. 35. Thanks … Questions and Discussion