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Technical Aspects Workstream Update


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Technical Aspects Workstream Update. Martin R. Kalfatovic. DPLA Content & Scope Workshop. College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA. 2 February 2012.

Published in: Technology
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Technical Aspects Workstream Update

  1. 1. All code funded by the DPLA will be free and open source. All code will be posted to public repositories with version control; regular releases will be issued; the DPLA will accept patches. The DPLA will try to use existing services and code where possible. Free and open source software is preferred, and the DPLA will move toward a completely free tool chain. Code and services will not accept any intellectual property (such as patents) that is not licensed royalty-free on a non-discriminatory basis to all users. As far as possible, the DPLA platform will be open and accessible for others to fork/host/replicate with no discrimination based on use or field of endeavor. In order to facilitate and maximize interoperability, the DPLA platform will support open standards, including Linked Open Data.
  2. 2. Clients for the DPLA Platform: 1. The DPLA itself 2. The open community of developers 3. Other sites and services
  3. 3. Developer tools  Documentation for the existing API  API Query Tool  Stubs  GitHub repository  Collaborative and communication tools: wiki, blog, mailing lists  Page listing the apps they develop