Smithsonian Libraries & The Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2004-2012


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Smithsonian Libraries & The Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2004-2012. Martin R. Kalfatovic. BHL Institutional Council Meeting. Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. 15 March 2012.

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Smithsonian Libraries & The Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2004-2012

  1. 1. Smithsonian Libraries &The Biodiversity Heritage Library: 2004 - 2012BHL Institutional Council Meeting15 March 02012 | Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard UniversityMartin R. Kalfatovic | Smithsonian Libraries
  2. 2. Smithsonian Libraries & BHL Pre-historyUS Exploring Expedition, 2003
  3. 3. Smithsonian Libraries & BHL Pre-historyBiologia Centrali-American, 2004
  4. 4. Smithsonian Libraries & BHL: 2006
  5. 5. Scanning Operations: Statistics2004-2012/Feb5,603 Titles14,599 Items5,851,496 Pages19,623,943 Names found
  6. 6. Smithsonian Libraries: “Orange Bag”~25,000 pages not yet in BHL
  7. 7. Institutional Funding Atherton Seidell Endowment $1.7 million / over 5 years Increase to Federal appropriations $125,000 / year ($200,000 FY 2012) Internal “pool” funds $100,000 / over 2 years
  8. 8. Dedicated & Funded StaffAugust 2011 Bianca Crowley Collections Coordinator Grace Costantino Program Manager Erin Thomas BHL Librarian Gilbert Borrego Library Technician
  9. 9. Dedicated & Funded StaffAugust 2011 Stefaan Hurts Imaging Specialist
  10. 10. “Merely” Dedicated StaffAdministration Natural & PhysicalAugust 2011Nancy Gwinn SciencesMarcia Adams (ret.) Gil TaylorMartin Kalfatovic Robin Everly Courtney Shaw (ret.)Metadata Book ConservationSuzanne Pilsk Vanessa SmithBess Missell Katie WagnerDiane Shaw Eliza Gilligan (former)Harriet GrayJulia Blakely (contract) Digitization David HolbertSpecial Collections Conrad ZiyadLeslie Overstreet Stef HurtsDaria Wingreen-Mason FinancesInformation Technology Kathy HillKeri Thompson Laudine Creighton (ret.) Claudia EdgeJoel Richard Sharon Glenn-BurroughsErin Rushing
  11. 11. SIL BHL TaskforceAdministration Natural & PhysicalAugust 2011Nancy Gwinn SciencesMarcia Adams (ret.) Gil TaylorMartin Kalfatovic Robin Everly Courtney Shaw (ret.)MetadataSuzanne Pilsk Book ConservationBess Missell Vanessa SmithDiane Shaw Katie WagnerHarriet Gray Eliza Gilligan (former)Julia Blakely (contract) DigitizationSpecial Collections David HolbertLeslie Overstreet Conrad ZiyadDaria Wingreen-Mason Stef HurtsInformation Technology FinancesKeri Thompson Kathy HillJoel Richard Laudine Creighton (ret.)Erin Rushing Claudia Edge Sharon Glenn-Burroughs
  12. 12. In Kind Contributions: CY 2011Direct Staff Contributions 5.3 FTE $408,164Other Costs (equipment, shipping,travel, etc.) $242,948Funding Received (internal, grants, etc.) $537,607
  13. 13. Scanning Operations: PennSIL Equipment  Phase I  BC 100 Staff David Holbert Imaging Specialist Stefaan Hurts Imaging Specialist
  14. 14. Scanning Operations: NMNH Equipment  Internet Archive Scribe Staff Daniel Euperat Internet Archive
  15. 15. Scanning Operations: FedScan Equipment  12 Internet Archive Scribes  1 large van  Many book carts  Whole lotta shrink wrap
  16. 16. Scanning Operations: Macaw
  17. 17. Supplemental Projects: Index Animalium
  18. 18. Supplemental Projects: TL-2
  19. 19. Supplemental Projects: Field Notes
  20. 20. Looking Forward In any well-appointed Natural History Library there should be found every book and every edition of every book dealing in the remotest way with the subjects concerned. One never knows wherein one edition differs from or supplements the other and unless these are on the same table at the same time it is not possible to collate them properly. Moreover for accurate work it is necessary for the student to verify every reference he may find; it is not enough to copy from a previous author; he must verify each reference itself from the original. Charles Davies Sherborn, Epilogue to Index Animalium, March 1922
  21. 21. Looking ForwardThe cultivation ofnatural science cannotbe efficiently carriedon without referenceto an extensive libraryCharles Darwin, et al(1847) of the Treasury [Lord JohnDarwin, C. R. et al. 1847. Copy of Memorial tothe First LordRussell], respecting the Management of theBritish Museum. Parliamentary Papers,Accounts and Papers 1847, paper number(268), volume XXXIV.253 (13 April): 1-3.[Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online]
  22. 22. Supplemental ProjectsThanks!