Addicted to the Sweet Stuff? How to Stop Sugar Cravings and Start Losing Weight


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You've got a sweet tooth! But are the mood swings, lack of energy and weight gain too much to bear?

Well this is how to stop sugar cravings for good.

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Addicted to the Sweet Stuff? How to Stop Sugar Cravings and Start Losing Weight

  1. 1. Addicted to the Sweet Stuff? How to Stop Sugar Cravings and Start Losing Weight Ultimate Weight Loss Options_____________________________________________________________________________________________________© – promoting healthy weight loss 1
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  3. 3. Come on now who doesn’t love something sweet? You see the thing with sugar isthat it tastes oh so g-o-o-d.The trouble is most of us simply enjoy the sugar rush a bit too much. Not good forthe body or the diet, particularly if it’s your goal to lose weight.And because sugar is something which has become so entrenched within our diets,when we don’t have anything sweet to eat, we crave it. This craving often leads toover indulgence and before you know it you’ve gained another 20 pounds and aguilty conscious. Worse still if the over indulgence is sustained over a long period,you’re setting yourself up for a number of serious health risks.Sugar also messes with the chemicals in your brain which in turn affects your mood.Have you ever noticed how ‘happy’ you feel when tucking into something sugary?Then when the sugar rush has past you’re left feeling a bit flat and craving for more?What is SugarFirst off it’s a carbohydrate and therefore a main source of energy for the body. Weneed a certain amount of sugar in our diets to allow us to function properly.Sugar is further broken down into two broad categories:Good or natural sugars: Good sugars are natural, unprocessed and plant based asin the case of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and wholegrain products. They arenaturally rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and relatively low in caloriescompared to the second categories of sugars we will look at in just a moment.These sugars take longer for the body to break down and therefore you use up moreenergy. Natural sugars are considered good so long as they are consumed inreasonable measures.Bad or refined sugars: Bad sugars are pretty much the opposite. They areunnatural, highly processed, with lots of additional chemicals. These sorts of sugars_____________________________________________________________________________________________________© – promoting healthy weight loss 3
  4. 4. are found in many treat foods and drinks such as; cookies, chocolates, cakes, potatochips, alcoholic and soft drinks.They are high in calories but contain very little dietary fibre, vitamins or minerals asthese have been stripped away during the chemical process. You eat too many ofthese types of sugars and you’ll end up doing some serious damage to your health.How Can You Stop Sugar Craving?Be slow to cut it out: Don’t go on the rampage and completely ban all sugar fromyour diet. You’ve probably already tried that one and ended up wanting sugar morethan ever.It’s OK to eat a treat once in a while. Remember you do need to reward yourself forall the hard work you’re putting into your diet in the first place.Go cold turkey: Conversely you might be one of the lucky few who can survive asugar cold turkey. If so, try cutting out all the bad or unnatural sugars for a week totwo weeks. You’ll no doubt struggle to get past the first few days but if you can get tothe end of your ‘sugar fast’ you’ll have succeeded in training your body to do wellwithout.Understand the why: Educate yourself on what’s going on for you and your bodyand why it is you think you need the sugar. There are several great books on thesubject which you can pick up fairly inexpensively.Introduce regular, balanced meals: If you’re eating a regular diet you will not feelthe hunger spikes which trigger the need for a sugary snack. Pack your diet withfibre and protein rich foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Also eating at regularintervals during the day speeds up your metabolism, so anything you do eat getsburned up more quickly.Chew gum: Make that sugar-free gum of course. It suppresses your appetite and indoing so dulls the craving for sugary snacks._____________________________________________________________________________________________________© – promoting healthy weight loss 4
  5. 5. Go all fruit and nut: Fruit and nuts have high levels of natural fibres which have thedesired knack of making you feel fuller for longer. Fruits have the added edge ofgiving you the sugar kick because of all the natural sugars they contain. Next timeyou want to reach over for a sweet treat substitute this with a healthier snack.Let’s get physical: Not only is exercise a great distraction for when you feel a sugarsplurge coming on, but you’re also getting fitter and burning extra calories in theprocess. Make sure you choose an activity which is something you enjoy to increasestick-ability. A few suggestions include; running, walking, cycling, playing a sport ofyour choice.There are also a number of great home based exercises which will get you gearedup to working out such as Zumba Fitness Exhilarate and Billy Blanks pt 24 7.Don’t let your stomach do the shopping: This is a biggie. Ever noticed how whenyou go shopping whilst you’re hungry your shopping cart ends up resembling acandy shop? The craving for sweet stuff is just all too high when we are hungry andsurrounded with lots of tempting goodies.Avoid artificial sweeteners... like the plague: Full of chemicals and do not addany benefit to you or your diet at all.Take a supplement: Add a supplement or two - - there are a number of safesupplements you can try which will help regulate your blood sugar levels andultimately reduce your cravings for sugar. Try Meratol or Capsiplex, both of whichcontain natural ingredients and help to suppress your appetite. Do bear in mindthough that it is not advisable to rely on pills alone. They should compliment youroverall approach to your diet.Keep these tips in mind the next time you feel a sugar carving coming on andeventually you will learn to have them under control. It all takes time for the body tomake a re-adjustment to your new way of being, so just keep pushing through andyou’ll get there._____________________________________________________________________________________________________© – promoting healthy weight loss 5
  6. 6. Sources:“Carbohydrate ingestion, blood glucose and mood” - Benton D; 2002“Taste responses and preferences for sweet high-fat foods: evidence for opioid involvement” –Drewnowski A, Krahn DD, Demitrack MA, Nairn K, Gosnell BA; Feb 1992Resources:Weight Loss Tips and ReviewsFREE eBook “How to Boost Metabolism” Share the knowledge – tweet about it, like it, Google +1 it: Stay connected: Follow me on Twitter_____________________________________________________________________________________________________© – promoting healthy weight loss 6