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Resume (1)

  1. 1. Kalee Eisenbarth Experience in Customer Service, Cashier Clerk, and Cleaning Services 341 S Burgundy Bay Way Star, ID 83669 (208) 509 1505 EXPERIENCE National Pizza Hut Call Center, Pittsburg, KS — CSR January,2016- July.2016 Customer Service Representative, Handling customer concerns and ordering mix ups. Promoted to Helium Status, Supervisor Support in two months.. Pittsburg 8 Movie Theater, Pittsburg, KS— Cashier/Stocker September. 2015 - December,2015 Cashier and Stocker. Consistent sole opener and top of Upsale List. Experience in Cash Handling and Counter Service. West River Cleaning Services, Pittsburg, KS — Maid March,2015 - April,2016 Night Shift- Cleaning renovated and newly built apartments. Staging them for sale or rent. Day shift- Cleaning currently occupied units. Worked part time, usually switching between shifts. EDUCATION Central Alabama Community College, Talladega, Al — GED 2015 · Major: General Education Diploma · Language Arts Score, Honors: 174 · Math Score: 161 · History Score: 162 · Science Score: 160 SKILLS Communication Skills Upsale Handling Customer Services Handling Cash Organizations, files, stocking Staging Homes Cleaning Friendly and Outgoing