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Mapping Experiences WIAD Richmond

Building a better mousetrap does guarantee success anymore. Products and services are increasingly interconnected. Ecosystems are the new competitive advantage. The winners will be determined by how well their offerings fit with each other and how well they fit into people’s lives.

The use of systematic, visual representations exposes previously unseen opportunities for improvement and for growth across channels and touchpoints. Broadly, the term “mapping experiences” describes a range of such visualizations. You’ve probably already encountered one of the many approaches already in practice – customer journey mapping, service blueprints, experience maps, mental model diagrams, etc.

For sure, IAs are well-suited for architecting such complex diagrams. Creating them requires empathy, organization, and visual storytelling skills.

But our job as IAs goes beyond mapmaking. We have to also assume the role of facilitator and aspire to become grassroots strategic players. Engaging others in conversation and gaining strategic alignment are the ultimate goals. It’s not about the “map,” rather the activity of “mapping” that’s important.

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Mapping Experiences WIAD Richmond

  1. 1. Mapping Experiences Architecting Alignment
  2. 2. @JimKalbach
  3. 3. You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around. 1997
  4. 4. An industry begins with the customer and his needs, not with a patent, a raw material, or a selling skill…The industry develops backwards, first concerning itself with the physical delivery of customer satisfaction. THEODORE LEVITT, 1960
  5. 5. $
  7. 7. We’re witnessing a reversal in business thinking: start with the experience and figure out how to create value from there.1
  8. 8. BFD, Kalbach
  9. 9. Figure out what your product is and what your value chain is. Understand where those things touch important social needs and problems. If you’re in financial services, let’s think about ‘saving’ or ‘buying a home’ – but in a way that actually works for the consumer. MICHAEL PORTER CREATING SHARED VALUE
  10. 10. Visualize Value
  11. 11. Individuals
  12. 12. Individuals Organization
  13. 13. Individuals Organization Value
  14. 14. “Value-centered design starts a story about an ideal interaction between an individual and an organization and the benefits each realizes from that interaction.” Jess McMullin, “Searching For The Center of Design,“ Boxes and Arrows
  15. 15. Customer Journey Maps Experience Maps Service Blueprints Mental Model Diagrams Ecosystem models …
  16. 16. Customer Journey Maps Experience Maps Service Blueprints Mental Model Diagrams Ecosystem models … Alignment Diagrams
  17. 17. Customer Journey Map
  18. 18. Individual Customer Journey Map
  19. 19. Individual Organization Customer Journey Map
  20. 20. Individual Organization Interactions Customer Journey Map
  21. 21. Experience Map
  22. 22. Individual Organization Interactions Experience Map
  23. 23. Individual Organization Interactions
  24. 24. Mental Models
  25. 25. Mental Models Individual Organization Interactions
  26. 26. Our aspirations should be more than ‘delight’: We help re-align the business perspective from inside-out to outside-in.2
  27. 27. What is an experience?
  28. 28. Point of View Focus Scope Structure Frame the Effort
  29. 29. 1. Point of View 2. Focus 3. Scope 4. Structure 5. Use ARCHITECT THE MAPPING EFFORT
  31. 31. Focus
  32. 32. Scope
  33. 33. by nForm (CA)
  34. 34. Structure
  35. 35. Network
  36. 36. Emirates Journey Mapping Case Study:
  37. 37. STRUCTURES
  38. 38. 1. Empathize with users 2. Analyze abstract concepts 3. Organize information 4. Create visualizations 5. Communicate across teams SKILLS NEEDED
  39. 39. Leverage your IA skills to define, organize and illustrate the experience for others to comprehend.3
  40. 40. Facilitation
  41. 41. CO-CREATION
  43. 43. Visualize the story of value creation to facilitate conversations and become a grass roots leader.4
  44. 44. Help shift the business perspective from inside-out to outside-in by visualizing actual value and become a strategic leader. 1 2 3 4
  45. 45. Mock court photo
  46. 46. Mock court photo
  47. 47. Danke schön! @JimKalbach