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This documents provide the details about the retail queries raised by new customer or buyer. This will also provide idea about the product,designs, application and re usability. The every best product is not cheap and and every cheap product don't hold any guaranty or lag in customer satisfaction.

Kcwalldecals has 100% customer satisfaction records and customers are happy with product after many years. The document also provide the idea to new startup for the documentation and showcase how a one pager can help user, customer and middle chain to improve the knowledge about the product and design.

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  1. 1. [Retail Customer General Queries] Office Address:Kakshyaachitra,Mangalmataapartment,Galano.1, Vidyanagar,Lane 3B, Varnali road,Vishrambag, Sangli(MH),India- 416415 Office Phone :+919403964101. Rakesh- +919921588341 1 Material used for KCWALLDECALS Kakshyaachitra wall decals are made from special indoor decorvinyl material. After testing and experimenting with the best vinyl’s in the worldfrom Japan, China, UK, USA, wehave settled on our current production material imported from Germany. Longevity We installed our initial wall decals in March 2012. Till now (Jan 2016), we have had no complaint about the material coming off from the wall or the finish/colorof the material fading away.Once applied on the wall properly, the material bonds chemically with the surface of the wall in a few days forperfect adherence and symphony with the wall. Surfaces Kakshyaachitra wall decals can be applied on smooth surfaces: Examples: Walls, glass, wood, ceiling. The decals are not recommended fortextured, rough walls. The quality of the paint is also important. Our wall decals are best applied on any recommended paints in the market: Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux, etc. Redecor Our wall decals are easy to peel off fromthe wall. If the paint on the wall is of sufficientgood quality, removing the wall decal will not leave any mark, substrate on the wall.Also, the color willnot come off the wall.You can thus redecorate your room often withdifferent styles of designs and keep on giving a new lookand feel to the wall. Tochange the interior of the room, you just need to get a new wonderfuldecal and need not repaint the room or buy new furniture and other decor items. Application and Installation of KCWALLDECALS We send 1 sample small decal withevery walldecal order. Youcan get a basic idea of installation from the sample. There is also enclosed an installation manual with written instructions. There is no single correct way of installation, in general, the installation is similar to that of the peel-off tattoo stickers, you can install any way in which youare comfortablewith. There are many videos and articles available on the internet on 'how to install a wall decal'. We have shipped hundreds of decals in the last 4 years and customers are able to install the walldecal without any issue. Reuse It is not possible to remove the design and apply it on a different wall or surface. Customer experiences of installation: Sangita's experience with Kakshyaachitra wall decal How Ranjana installed the Warli wall decal