The world is flat leadership book review


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  • The Fall of the Berlin WallNetscape went public away from being a pc toward an internet society which brought more people together than ever before.Workflow software that enabled us to interact over the internet meaning we would be could do business with anybody in the world. Uploading – Allows companies to sub contract work to third parties ability for people to add information to the internet creating a global market for collaboration all over the world.Outsourcing – Allows companies to sub contract work to third partiesOff shoring – Relocating business processes from one country to the otherSupply chains – Companies like Wal-Mart who put repeatable systems into organizations so they run more efficientlyIn sourcing – Delegating operations to a third party so service appears seamless Informing – Availability of information by internet search enginesSteroids – Evolution of wireless and voice over the internet, cloud computing , file sharing
  • These technologies are making the world even flatter. How we are communicating is more complex and easier than ever. We have access to more people, information, suppliers than ever before. Some is managed by society. Hash tags being used by organizations and at conferences to pull updates together including real time on site micro blogging, virtual chat discussions real time on twitter
  • The world is flat leadership book review

    1. 1. Countries -> Companies -> Individuals 1.0 -1492 to1800 Countries globalize Large to Medium 2.0 - 1800-2000 Companies globalize Medium to Small Steam engines, Railroad, WW1&2, phone, radio, TV 3.0 2000-Present Individuals collaborate/compete globalize  Small to Tiny
    2. 2. 1. Collapse Berlin Wall 6. Off shoring2. Netscape IPO 7. Supply Chains3. Workflow Software 8. In Sourcing4. Uploading 9. Informing5. Outsourcing 10. Steroids
    3. 3.  Communism ends Collapse of the Berlin Wall Other markets begin to open trade freely
    4. 4.  4 years after invention of internet Away from PC toward internet society # Internet users doubles every 53 days Windows 95 Excessive supply fiber optics Communication prices drop
    5. 5.  For the first time people could work together from different locations New program coding and hardware
    6. 6.  People begin uploading information to the internet Created a global market for collaboration all over the world Communities collaborating online Blogging Wikipedia
    7. 7.  Y2k – India Programmers & Engineers work for less money Not about saving money but innovation
    8. 8.  Wal Mart – repeatable systems become science Just in time delivery Suppliers become alliances IT Streamlined
    9. 9.  UPS now using innovative solutions beyond shipping acting as part of “your” company UPS facilitates Toshiba laptop repairs for 3 day turn-around Nike – filling orders from warehouses that are staffed and operated by UPS UPS now manages pizza supply delivery for Papa John’s
    10. 10.  Google is "now processing roughly one billion searches per day, up from 150 million just three years ago". -Thomas L Friedman
    11. 11. VoIP VideoConferencingInstantMessaging Wireless #Hashtags
    12. 12. 1. Pre 2000, all flatteners were independent of one another. Around that time all ten of these flatteners started to work with each other and reinforce one another.2. This reinforcement created a new business model that involved horizontal interaction of value and collaboration. We are learning how to work effectively around this.3. The fall of the Berlin Wall led to Russia, India, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Central Asia opening up their economies to the world. They added their intellectual property to the marketplace and will influence politics and economics.
    13. 13. •Pay based on merit, not geography or degrees•Traditional work places become virtual•Staying employed means you must stand out•Employers have larger workforce than ever•The USA is not ready•More communication then ever
    14. 14. 1. Education – Mathematics, Engineering and Science2. Parents – Tell your kids3. Flexibility -Keep learning new skilIs4. Government insurance & benefits replace employer5. If you have a great business idea don’t wait because it will either be done to you, or for you6. How? Character still matters – we have to be better than ever at building relationships – trust is the key