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How To Train Your Cat.. A Complete & Easy Guide for Training your Cat


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How you can help your cat learn different things in home. There are number of ways to teach your cat what to do and what to avoid.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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How To Train Your Cat.. A Complete & Easy Guide for Training your Cat

  1. 1. How To Train your Cat? Cat
  2. 2. Teaching Cats is Easier • Cats don’t crave praise or attention as dogs. • Cats are more independent. • You have to have some patience while training your cat. • You have to provide special treats and rewards for your cats.
  3. 3. Basics for your Cat Train to Sit Allow it to smell a piece of chicken and move the chicken in an arc to top of its head. As its head goes up its rear end will go down so this way your cat is going to start sitting. Keep doing this for some days and praise him with some reward. You will notice improvement within few days.
  4. 4. Scratching • If your cat has a habit of scratching and you see him scratch, make a loud noise and go away. • Do not retaliate and do the same each time, just walk away. Cat will learn soon and associate loud noises with scratching. • Buy your cat some scratching boards because this habit is in their gene.
  5. 5. Fussy Eaters • Give your cat meal only when you are eating so that a good habit can be developed. • Put the food in front of cat and if she isn’t eating take it away and give him back in next meal time.
  6. 6. Medical Problem • If your cat persists bad behavior then it could be due to medical problem. • Show your cat to some vet and give her proper medicine
  7. 7. Punishment • Do not punish your cat under any circumstances • Even if it take longer to train your cat, don’t punish your cat. • Punishment can make your cat hates you which won’t be in your favor.
  8. 8. Conclusion • Continue to reward your cat for good behavior and quick learning. • Cats love to be cuddled but the timing depends on them. • Respect the wishes of your cat and you will love your time with them. Source: