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Time Tips Solution- profile


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Time Tips Solution- profile

  1. 1. The Final world on Voice and Data
  2. 2. • I am glad to introduce Time tips solution, we are UAE based company which is powered by a combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, process capabilities and innovative technology. • Communication needs are growing on an exponential rate Rich Communications Services is changing the way we communicate. • We are providing Exact Solution as per customer Requirement. • We are believing in Quality of Services to reach customer Demand. The Final world on Voice and Data
  3. 3. • The company builds and operates high quality communications networks in Asia –Pacific, Latin, African Regions. The company terminate today 1 billion+ minutes per month. • A multicultural team with offices in 3 countries • 300+ international Carriers, 50% of them retail • 24 x 7 Engineering Service Support • Our servers located in South African and CIS countries. • We have to improve our Business with your Good and Best Support to our Valuable customers. The Final world on Voice and Data
  4. 4. MISSION:  To Provide our clients access to communication and information through personalized services.  Integrate top of the line technologies, the best work team and the best solutions in the market for Voice over Internet Protocol(VOIP) communications.  Guaranteeing effectiveness in our services through up to date technology. A vision without a mission is just a dream and mission without vision just passes the time. The Final world on Voice and Data
  5. 5. VISION:  To establish Time Tips Solution as one of the leading provider in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.  Positioning ourselves in the telecommunications market as a strategic allied to our customer.  Become a one of leading in international Carriers and Service Providers. Always based on principal values such as Honesty, Integrity, Team work, Customer service, Innovation and QUALITY.
  6. 6.  We are having a unique team of young and Dynamic people around the world.  Those who are having rich experienced and dedication towards their work.  We are in 25 members at present. The Final world on Voice and Data
  7. 7. MAIL: Contact No: +91-8140506600 Office Location: P.O. Box 16111, Ras Al Khimah, UAE. Work Place: A-22, Shiv Complex Nr. Safalya Building, Opp. Charotar Bank, Anand-388-001 Gujarat , India
  8. 8. The Final world on Voice and Data