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Lodnon Fintech Investment Conference 2018 with Kaitlin Zhang


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'Everything you need to know about FinTech'

The City Business Library presents London FinTech Investment Conference for the first time on 14 June 2018.

'Join us in this riveting evening event and learn about the FinTech industry from experts in law, branding, fundraising, start-ups, investment, blockchain & Initial coin offering. Come and learn how to establish and scale a FinTech business and join us in the lively networking. Attendees will include FinTech entrepreneurs, blockchain businesses, venture capital firms, investors or anyone who is interested in the FinTech industry.'

Kaitlin Zhang
CEO of Kaitlin Zhang Branding

In this highly competitive financial industry, how does your firm stand out? How can brands in Fintech, venture capital and blockchain get noticed online? What are the top mistakes financial service businesses make with their branding and digital marketing?

Kaitlin Zhang is an award-winning branding consultant and the CEO of Kaitlin Zhang Branding. In 2017, her team worked with one of the top VC firms in China to land over 200 million USD investments and secured extensive press coverage.

Topics include:

- how to establish your brand positioning
- what investors are looking for when they Google you
- how to correctly use social media to build your brand
- how to create a branding budget and timeline

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Lodnon Fintech Investment Conference 2018 with Kaitlin Zhang

  1. 1. London Fintech Investment Conference 2018 14 June 2018 City Business Library Kaitlin Zhang Founder at Kaitlin Zhang Branding Tweet @KaitlinZhang Wechat ID : kaitlinjj Email:
  2. 2. Identify the company:
  3. 3. FINTECH Exciting Bold Innovative Game- Changing
  4. 4. ‘Marketing: because having the best technology is just the start.’ - Kaitlin Zhang
  5. 5. 20% The expected annual ROI for FinTech related projects has reached 20% (PwC 2017).
  6. 6. 2. Tell Compelling Stories 1. Brand Positioning 3. Reputation Management
  7. 7. 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand ©
  8. 8. ICO Branding Hype or Genius? Watch out. Blockchain will influence marketing tech. Last thoughts…
  9. 9. Kaitlin Zhang Founder at Kaitlin Zhang Branding Tweet @KaitlinZhang Wechat ID : kaitlinjj Email: