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Sign Design & Wayfinding


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Signage, POP, and understanding wayfinding for graphic design students. An aggregate of collected sources.

Published in: Design
  • Very impressive presentation Kaitlin. Could you please suggest some specific books to understand way finding in details.
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Sign Design & Wayfinding

  1. 1. Sign Design & Wayfinding
  2. 2. The Exterior Sign
  3. 3. The Basic Wayfinding Principles
  4. 4. Isotypes:
  5. 5. Signs & Banners: Placement
  6. 6. It’s not over until the fat lady sings
  7. 7. Mobile Device Integration • Modern service industries such as hospitals are now combining sign-based wayfinding with mobile device technology.
  8. 8. MOBILE
  9. 9. Mobile Device Integration • Wayfinding with this system begins OUTSIDE of the hospital…
  10. 10. Point of Purchase Displays • A POP is a specialized form of sales promotion found in retail stores often near checkout counters or at the “point of purchase” • The POP is typically 3-dimensional. POPs often contain shelving or other forms of holding the packaged products as part of the display • It draws attention to a new product or special offer • May also promote special events (such as sweepstakes or holiday offers) • The POP is a premier interactive opportunity for the product and brand
  11. 11. POP Requires deep research into… • How (and where) consumers make impulse buying decisions • Customer psychographics similar to those for packaging design • Competitor displays • Retailer guidelines & collaboration • Companies that manufacture such displays • Limitations of budget and materials
  12. 12. And lots of sketches…