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Seminar presentation: Social media


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#MBrainEvents customer event: "Social media at #Metso presentation" 12.4.2016.

Published in: Marketing
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Seminar presentation: Social media

  1. 1. Seminar presentation 12.4.2016 #MBrainevent Social media at #Metso
  2. 2. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title2 • At Metso - Digital Communications Manager, Customer and Marketing Operations unit’s Global Communications team - Digitalization: leading’s development team, social media development - Communications: global editor-in-chief of and Metso-level social media channels, multichannel communications projects • Before - University of Helsinki, Imperial College London - TEM, Nokia, Cision • Let’s connect - Twitter: @kaisaleinonen Slideshare: kaisaleinonen LinkedIn: Kaisa Leinonen Kaisa Leinonen INTERNAL
  3. 3. © Metso© Metso Metso in brief The Metso Way | April 2015© Metso© Metso • Metso is the world’s leading industrial company in the mining and aggregates industries and in the flow control business. • Our knowledge, people and solutions help drive sustainable improvements in performance and profitability in our customers’ businesses. 3
  4. 4. © Metso© Metso The Metso Way | April 2015 The Metso Way – knowledge, people and solutions to solve customer challenges Our committed and highly competent people make the big difference to our customers. We have deep knowledge about our customers’ business environment, drivers and challenges. Knowledge People Solutions We create the technology and services required to meet our customers’ needs. 4
  5. 5. © Metso© Metso© Metso© Metso5 Click the icon to view the film on
  6. 6. © Metso© Metso6 Social media
  7. 7. © Metso© Metso7 Listening & informing Sharing Dialogue/Engagement 2011 Digital roadmap 2012 Social media channels set up 2013 Cross-media content and processes 2014-2015 Integral part of communications and marketing acitivities, new social media strategy Social media development – previous key milestones
  8. 8. © Metso© Metso8 Where we are now
  9. 9. © Metso© Metso Metso’s key social mediachannels and content flow Date Author Title9 Metso-level Country-level channels: - MetsoFrance > Facebook, Youtube, Twitter - Metso CIS > Facebook Product channels - MetsoLokotrack > Facebook, Twitter and Youtube - Metso Chrushers and Screens > Facebook Metsoworld Summer trainees MetsoworldMetsoGroup Metso, Careers, group Metso Group Metso China Metso 80 yearsMetsoGroup Organizational channels: - Metso Flow Control > Twitter, Slideshare, Linkedin group Blogs: See - WeChat
  10. 10. © Metso© Metso10 Over 7,000 Twitter followers @metsogroup Over 70,000 LinkedIn followers Around 100 new videos on Youtube last year
  11. 11. © Metso© Metso11 Global tight-knit network of 12,000 colleagues
  12. 12. © Metso© Metso12 Knowledge, our experts
  13. 13. © Metso© Metso13 B2B social media - we’ve developed solutions
  14. 14. © Metso© Metso14 Culture
  15. 15. © Metso© Metso15 Business case
  16. 16. © Metso© Metso16 Focused
  17. 17. © Metso© Metso17 Internal- external
  18. 18. © Metso© Metso Knowledge: Our experts • New blog solution we launched 2015 Date Author Title18 INTERNAL
  19. 19. © Metso© Metso Development and among first – our experts We are all influencers 19 INTERNAL - visitors to - brand awareness Avenue intranet Social media Business impact Metso’s external news and success stories Connections Leads, inquiries
  20. 20. © Metso© Metso20 • Global social media training program • Social Media Hub pages in Intranet • Yammer group “Social media” • Social Media Hub team • Internal promotion, campaigns and ad hoc communication We build capabilities
  21. 21. © Metso© Metso INTERNAL 21 Metso’s social media training: 3 modules INTRODUCTION Skill level reached: LISTENING Own accounts management WAY OF WORKING Level reached: PARTICIPATION User and content producer in channels COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Level reached: ACTIVE PARTICPATION, PLANNING Planned contribution to channels … in ways that help you achieve your work goals better and in a more efficient way. Learn how to use social media in your role at Metso…
  22. 22. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title Development of editorial processes, multichannel template Multichannel development – social media is one channel 22 INTERNAL
  23. 23. © Metso© Metso Digital branding – creation of guidelines and templates Date Author Title23 INTERNAL
  24. 24. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title24 New social intranet 2015 – and much more - Knowledge Hub, blogs & Yammer • Yammer launch included e.g. pilots, research for business case, communication and self- help materials • Good engagement figures and usage growing • Our strength: culture, people, seeking better ways of working, global network of colleagues
  25. 25. © Metso© Metso Social working place  together with Metso people and expert network ”Create the social sharing place – allow a new way of working to Metso people” Social tools • Cooperation with entire community •Work better together •Better availability •Discuss around the data •Better find ability Collaboration •Meet colleagues • Working closely in teams •Discuss, decide, solve problems, and learn more •Develop ideas and innovations Business benefit • Saves time – best practices •Storing competence and rising up the silence knowledge •Seeking innovations together • Creating common culture •Effective communication •Enabling engagement and collaboration of both employees and management Knowledge sharing •Release Metso people’s Ideas and skills •Discover valuable information that can help you get more done Our customer promise Expect results Our strength is the knowledge of the whole organization INTERNAL Management’ssupport Ref. S. Forsman, Metso
  26. 26. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title #Metso #Bauma #MetsoOnTheRoad 26
  27. 27. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title27 INTERNAL
  28. 28. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title28 INTERNAL
  29. 29. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title29 INTERNAL
  30. 30. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title30 Kaisa Leinonen Time 2011 / 2016
  31. 31. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title31 Kaisa Leinonen Social media success is all about people
  32. 32. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title32 Kaisa Leinonen Every organization is different
  33. 33. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title33 Kaisa Leinonen Know your organization’s strengths
  34. 34. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title34 Kaisa Leinonen Always – always work so that it supports your company’s strategy and targets
  35. 35. © Metso© Metso Date Author Title35 Thank you
  36. 36. company/metso metsogroup metsoworldmetsoworld metsogroup