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Kairos Society India

The Kairos Society is an international, student-run, not-for-profit foundation that fosters a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship by engaging our diverse fellows with a variety of industry and thought leaders surrounding a wide range of global challenges. To know more:
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Kairos Society India

  1. 1. The Kairos Society aims to catalyze aneconomy of innovation by fostering aglobal community of top studententrepreneurs and change makers,driven to individual and collective actiontowards a better future.
  2. 2. An international, student-run, not-for-profit foundation which brings togethertop students from around the world in aneffort to foster the next generation ofleaders to develop globally impactfulinnovations and enterprises.
  3. 3. “In previous times college entrepreneurship wasconfined to campus borders and most entrepreneurswere confined to national borders but Kairostranscends these boundaries because in ourinterdependent world there are no borders when itcomes to the pressing issues that we all face.” William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States
  4. 4. 700 Fellows14 Countries
  5. 5. from the BEST places in the world..
  6. 6. some of the INITIATIVESKairos Global Fellows Program Kairos Impact Ventures Kairos Global Summit Kairos Europe Summit Kairos Expeditions
  7. 7. Kairos Global Summit 2011, United Nations
  8. 8. KGS 2011, New York Stock Exchange
  9. 9. Kairos Global Summit 2011 Executive Team
  10. 10. Kairos Society India Global Fellows
  11. 11. FELLOWS speak.. "Kairos Society has given me the wisdom to foresee my ambition turn into reality. It has definitely supported me on the fast-track by providing an insight of like-minded people, resources and energy to sustain in the long run."Being at Kairos was a life changing experience.The exposure I received at the global level wasinvaluable and I could work out great leads for mybusiness. I have been witnessing tremendousgrowth in my venture henceforth Priyanka Botny Founder – WE.E Co-founder – Energy City Network Arun Agarwal Co-founder & COO – Workshop India
  12. 12. EXECUTIVES speak.. It is an ideal place to meet leaders and change-makers. I met my current business partner here. This is the power of Kairos. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life Rishabh Ladha Founder – Energy City NetworkMridang Lodha VIT University, VelloreFounder-Youth Research India Cashmira PramanikVice President – Youth Ki Awaaz President – Fillip FoundationSri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi IIT - Roorkee
  13. 13. Want to KNOW more? Mridang Lodha - +91-9718141691 Rishabh Ladha - +91-9944662049