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What’s with india and ban?


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Highlight the ban done by India in the past few months

Published in: Economy & Finance
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What’s with india and ban?

  1. 1.  ‘Ban’ is the new trend  Ban Republic  Things India has banned  Beef ban in Maharashtra  Ban on obscene words in Bollywood  Delhi gang rape documentary  Screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey in Indian theatres  Release of the film Dirty Politics in Bihar  AIB Roast  Foreigners in Parties  Women in Dance Bars  Uber ban in Delhi  Xiaomi ban in India  Beep out 'Bombay‘  Ban restricts our thoughts  Ghor Kalyug What’s in here?
  2. 2.   'Ban' seems to be the new buzzword for the Government of India  From beef to documentaries to movies, the government is leaving no stone unturned to uphold 'the dignity of India' ‘Ban’ is the new trend
  3. 3.   India is caught in the throes of the big ban theory and is heading towards becoming a ban republic  Everything is off limits and can be banned  You name it, India has banned it  Be it the right to love a same sex man or a woman, wearing a bikini because you would like to soak in some sun while sitting on a beach in Goa or girls dancing at bars or informing the crowd what’s the mindset of a rapist Ban Republic
  4. 4. Things India has banned Beef in Maharashtra Obscene words in Bollywood Delhi gang rape documentary Xiaomi Foreigners in Parties Ban on AIB Roast Women in dance barsUber Screening of Fifty Shades of Grey and release of Dirty politics in Bihar
  5. 5.   According to the Maharashtra government, anyone caught possessing, selling or eating red meat will land in trouble  Beef, the popular red meat, was banned on March 3 in Maharashtra  President gave his assent to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill  Under the new law, anyone found to be selling beef or in possession of it can be jailed for five years and fined Rs 10,000. Beef ban in Maharashtra
  6. 6.   Central Board of Film Certification had failed in its attempt to push through a list of 28 banned swear words  They learned that they could still contribute to the banning by asking the makers of Dum Laga Ke Haisha to mute the word “lesbian”  Ensuring that four other words – Ghanta, haramipana, haram ke pille and haramkhor – would also not be heard by the audiences Ban on obscene words in Bollywood
  7. 7.   Leslee Udwin's documentary "India's Daughter" which features the mindset of the Delhi gangrape accused Mukesh Singh has been banned by the government  Home Minister Rajnath Singh said documentary would not be aired in India  He accused its makers of violating "permission conditions" by not showing the complete unedited footage to the jail officials Delhi gangrape documentary
  8. 8.   Fifty Shades of Grey has been banned for screening in Indian cinemas  The board had objected to some of the film's dialogue, even after the studio Universal Pictures made voluntary edits to the film to tone down its sex scenes and removed all nudity  The studio still hasn't got a written order form the Censor Board  But biggest irony is that accessing porn is allowed Screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey in Indian theatres
  9. 9.   The Patna High Court had banned the release of the film in Bihar over alleged objectionable scenes in the film  The court had to lift the ban when the producer and the director of the film submitted a written petition, saying that the film had been passed by the CBFC without a cut Release of the film Dirty Politics in Bihar
  10. 10.   The show, which was attended by 4000 people and uploaded on YouTube, went viral  But was banned by the authorities, as it was reportedly too much and too vulgar for Indian audience AIB Roast
  11. 11.   The Karnataka government has put a ban on parties in Karnataka with foreign invitees unless it's under police supervision Foreigners in Parties
  12. 12.   Will a ban on woman dance bars really help them keep safe?  According to Supreme Court a complete ban on bar dancers has dropped down cases of crimes against women Women in Dance Bars
  13. 13.   Uber resumes operations in Delhi post 1.5 months ban  It was banned due to rape of a passenger by a driver on its network  Uber cabs has allegedly emailed the victim announcing that they are back in operation with 25% discount Uber ban in Delhi
  14. 14.   The Delhi High Court permitted Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi to sell and import Qualcomm chipset based handsets till January 8  The High Court on December 8 restrained Xiaomi as well as online e-commerce site Flipkart from selling in India Xiaomi ban in India
  15. 15.   Central Board of Film Certification has beeped out the word “Bombay” from the lyrics of Mihir Joshi’s song from the album ‘Mumbai Blues’  The certificate was issued on December 5, 2014, under the chairmanship of Leela Samson Beep out 'Bombay'
  16. 16.   Instead of focusing majorly on bans the government should concentrate on other soci-economic issues that India is facing and take measures to improve the status of our country  We live with notions of democracy and free will in our mind but with all these bans happening it has restricted our actions and our thoughts Ban restricts our thoughts
  17. 17.  This is the kalyug that our grandparents used to talk about India is on a ban-everything spree Seeing the nature of things that are banned and more importantly things that aren’t there is serious question here whether India is actually a democratic country or not Ghor Kalyug