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  1. 1. KRG (KNOWLEDGE RESOURCE GROUP) Company Profile
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e  Introduction  Services  Why KRG  Clients  Management team  Contact us
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Introduction: K R G is a professionally managed corporate business advisory firm. The key partners come with extensive experience, understanding & knowledge of Costing, process of governance framing of public and regulatory policies in different spheres of the economy at macro and micro level, with excellent networking and delivery capabilities across different geographies and levels. In today’s competitive environment, where businesses are facing global competition and there is heavy pressure on margins, it’s only the Cost Efficient System blended with new ideas and product differentiation will ensure not only the survival, but also healthy bottom lines. Cost Audit and Cost Records will help and can offer valuable assistance to the management in its decision making process, since it ensures reliable cost accounting data and information. The management will be in a position to know what price is to be fixed for a product, whether to re-organize purchase or sales or inventory systems to make the work/system more efficient and so on. The “Right Information @ Right Time” approach plays a key role in the success and growth of companies. With the above motive in mind and to provide value added services at one place, K R G was designed and instituted. Our organization gives most efficient and effective Corporate Services and implements the same for the Corporate/Entrepreneurs. Vision To be a One Stop Service Provider for all the Financial Accounting, Costing, Business Processes Improvement and Investment Management services for an organization especially SME. Be among the niche Financial and Management Consultants in India.
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Our Values To achieve Client Satisfaction by providing, Excellent, Innovative, and High Quality value added Services & Solutions on TIME with utmost Trust and Integrity. Trust and Integrity: Trust in business reflects a complex interplay of factors, including integrity (honesty, ethics), competence (intelligence, capabilities) and commitment (often supported by demonstrations of good faith). We take pride to have this as its business standard. Excellence: K R G constantly strives to achieve the highest possible standards in Cost Audit work and in the quality of the Services it provides. Team Work: K R G works together with clients and their associates, building strong relationships based on understanding and mutual cooperation to achieve a win – win situation for all concerned. Knowledge: We are cognizant and give respect to every innovative Idea. We believe in the axiomatic dictum of “Knowledge is Power” and constantly strive to empower our associates. Service with ethics: K R G believes in giving back to the society in our own little way. Philosophy and Approach: At the heart of everything that we do, whether for clients or internally, is the desire to do the RIGHT thing. Decisions should be transparent, free of personal bias or hidden agendas. Firm is having a distinctive style of working. Flexible and highly collaborative in approach, K R G aims to help the client get to the right results and achieve the buy-in and momentum for sustained success.
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Services:  Audit and Assurance:  Internal and Management Audit  Cost Audit  Cost Record preparation Services  Compliance Audit  Special Audit  Advisory Services:  Virtual CFO Services  Cost Reduction Program  Performance Improvement Program  Strategic Growth management  Wealth Management (For more details please visit our website at
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Services:  Audit and Assurance: In current business scenario the increase in demand for reliable financial information has put audit and assurance services in the spotlight. At KRG, our main aim is to give our clients a clear insight into their corporate strategy, business processes and financial reports. We provide a range of audit, reporting, corporate governance and advisory services. Our audit approach is based around the fundamental principle of professional independence. KRG do not undertake engagements which are deemed to be incompatible with our audit activities. Our principles are laid out in full in our Code of Conduct for Objectivity and Independence. We have raised the bar when it comes to quality as we know how important reliable information is. So, we will help you manage your operational and financial risks and make sure that the processes within your organization run more efficiently. We are here to support you and help you make the right business decisions. Internal Audit and Management Audit Internal auditing is a catalyst for improving an organization's governance, risk management and management controls by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data and business processes. ''In Internal auditing the objective of KRG is to give assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. Our aim is to help an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Management is responsible for internal control, which comprises five critical components: the control environment; risk assessment; risk focused control activities; information and communication; and monitoring activities. Managers establish policies, processes, and practices in these five components of management control to help the organization achieve the four specific objectives listed above. KRG perform audits to evaluate whether the five components of management control are present and operating effectively, and if not, provide recommendations for improvement.
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e KRG provides services in Internal Audit for the achievement of the following core objectives for which all businesses strive:  Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  Reliability of financial and management reporting.  Compliance with laws and regulations.  Safeguarding of Assets  IT controls  Solutions for weaknesses in internal controls Management Audit is a systematic examination of decisions and actions of the management to analyse the performance. Unlike financial audit, management audit mainly examine the non-financial data to audit the efficiency of the management. Management audit is an emerging concept of auditing. Management audit is an act of evaluation of all the activities of all the departments with a view to provide appropriate suggestions to the management to help their work. In other words, management auditing is a future oriented task which evaluates timely in all the levels of management like production management, sales management etc. The main objective of management audit is to improve the profit earning capacity, work of management, objectives of program, social objectives and human resource development so that organizational goal can be easily attained. It refers to the existence of control system, compliance of rules and regulations, process of managerial decisions etc. The core objective of KRG in Management Audit is to help the organization in following areas for which all businesses strive:  Reviews the structure of organization and asset of the organization and decides whether goals can be obtained or not.  Establish the current level of effectiveness and Suggest Improvement  Lay down standards for future performance  Increased levels of service quality and performance  Guidelines for organizational restructuring  Efficient management information systems to assist in meeting productivity and effectiveness goals  Better use of resources due to program improvements  Improvement of profits.
  8. 8. 8 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Advisory Services: Virtual CFO Virtual CFO stands for Virtual Chief Financial Officer. KRG also plays a role as a Virtual CFO and offers high skill assistance in financial requirements of an organization to SME’s and MSME, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations. Managing a business finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements are important tasks. Most of the time SME’s and MSME are not in position to recruit full time CFO or they are not getting required skills as reasonable cost. We oversee the complete finance and accounts function and provide day-to-day oversight, mentoring and support to the client’s team and management. Our solution is execution focused. KRG has expertise and capabilities in the services in financial domain as given below:  Financial Operations:  General Accounting: Maintaining the client’s accounts and ledgers.  Payroll: Managing all payroll related activities – Formulating payroll process; Salary processing; Handling compliances (PF, ESI, LWF,TDS); Employee exit process; Advising client on best practices for Payroll.  Receivables & Payables Management: Managing all activities – Formulating the complete vendor payment and client receivables process; Timely transactions as per process; Account reconciliation with the vendors & clients.  Fund Management: Managing the clients funds to achieve objectives of best return on capital and liquidity on behalf of the client.  Financial Advice:  Financial processes and controls: Conceptualizing, formulating and implementing financial processes and controls in conjunction with the client team.  Advisory: Providing advice on best practices to the client as and when required on matters related to Taxation (Direct & Indirect), Financial Discipline and Financial Management etc.  Fund Utilization & Working Capital Requirement: Forecasting and evaluating the cash flows and working capital requirement of the client and providing MIS on fund utilization. Advising client and implementing best practices on improving cash flow and working capital management.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e  Financial MIS & Analysis: Providing and reviewing regular financial performance reports and analysis on the cost and profitability for various product lines and business units to support decision making and providing advice from our expert financial advisors.  Compliance:  Taxation: Managing all taxation related activities – Processing and deposit of tax (Excise, Service Tax, Sales Tax, TDS, Corporate Tax) on a timely basis; Liasoning with the tax authorities; Advising client on taxation best practices.  Secretarial: Handling all compliances w.r.t. secretarial – Company Incorporation; ROC filings; Board Meeting compliances; Liasoning with authorities; etc.  Statutory Reporting: Providing financial reports to Board of Directors for statutory compliances and providing financial statements as per the relevant accounting standards (Indian GAAP/ US GAAP/ IFRS).  Strategic Planning:  Corporate Planning & Structure: Finalizing the best form of legal entity structure considering various factors like resource requirements, fund raising requirements, tax efficiency, compliance cost, regulatory requirement etc.  Business Plan Assistance: Building detailed business model from scratch OR customizing available business plan after thorough research on client’s company, products/services, industry and competition.  Budgeting & Forecasting: Creating budgets; predictive forecasts and development of market analysis; providing sensitivity analysis for various market scenarios.  Transaction & Investor Relations Advisory:  M&A: Supporting our clients in executing their M&A strategy by providing guidance on the benefits and risks involved. Providing post M&A support for smooth integration between companies.  Due Diligence: Undertaking due diligence on a target company on behalf of the client OR providing support and intelligence for due diligence being undertaken on client.  Debt: Manage the relationship with the banks; Provide MIS and prepare presentations as required by them; Advise client on handling of lenders and investors.  Equity: Provide MIS and prepare presentations for the equity investors (VC Funds, Seed Fund, PE Funds) as required by them.
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Why K R G?? Clients turn to K R G when they want to be sure of success and work. The company has built a track record of successful delivery in some of the most demanding and high profile situations. And with firm’s collaborative style of working, not only does management achieve the results that it is seeking, but it gains other benefits as well.  Results-Driven We are dedicated to the guaranteed delivery of significant and quantifiable performance improvement.  Adding Value to the Audit Work Our approach to Cost audit is not only to fulfill the compliance requirement, but to add value to the client by suggesting various ways to reduce cost and improve efficiency.  Organizational Culture Our highly-skilled and professional people are fully committed to equipping you with the knowledge and tools to support you in reaching your goals. The rich & diverse experience of the core team, in-depth knowledge, in house research and personalized services are the pillars of the organization, enabling us to constantly innovate and deliver unique solution to meet diversified needs of the customers.
  11. 11. 11 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Our Clients: The services provided by KRG are of a real added value for any enterprise; tackling the real pain areas within the current market dynamics. We have an extensive client base ranging from Public sector organization to service sector organizations. Broadly the clients to whom we have offered professional services can be grouped under following:  State Govt. Corporations  Pharmaceuticals  Telecom Industry  Steel Industry  Engineering Industry  Seed Industry  Poultry Industry  Alcohol Industry  Co-Operative Societies  Hospitality Organizations  Educational Institutions  Banks and Financial Institute
  12. 12. 12 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Key Consultants CMA Kailash Gandhi [FCMA, ACCA (UK), BSL] CMA Kailash Gandhi is Regional Council Member of ICAI-CMA and is Chairman of PD Committee of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He is also a member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) of United Kingdom. He is having more than 15 years of extensive cross cultural & cross functional experience in industries including Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Capital Market and Banking & Financial Services and. Prior to commencing of practice, he was associated with conglomerate like GE Money, Bank of Santander, ITC in India and Abroad. He worked with Institutional Equity Broking company in Mumbai and generated compelling investment ideas in Banking, Agriculture and Alcohol Sector for Institutional clients. He is having creative mind, strong Financial Modeling knowledge and Valuation skills for providing Investment ideas, which are implementable across Indian equity market. His is having experience in Designing & Implementing Strategies for Business development & Process Improvement for better utilization of resources and maximise profit. Beyond academics, he is actively involved with various Professional and Social bodies like Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI-CMA), Akhil Bharativarsh Maheshwari Yuva Sanghana, Bhayander Maheshwari Mandal, NGO’s and local bodies. CMA Bappa Majumdar [FCMA, CS] CMA Bappa Majumdar is member of Institute of Cost Accountant of Indian and of Institute of Company secretary on India, having more than 13 years of experience. Before joining Gandhi Majumdar & associates firm as a Partner, he was practicing Cost Accountant in Pune and had enrich experience in handling various Cost Audit, cost record maintenance, Costing system implementation in steel industry and in Engineering industry. He was associated with Virgo Engineers Limited (a Leading Valve Manufacturing Co) in various roles and during his association with the said company his significant professional achievements include, setting up Cost Cutting measures and Cost Control measures and Preparation of consolidated financial statement and consolidated cash flow statement for the group of companies. He was runner-up award winner in TQM management contest, conducting by Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Management while he had represented VIRGO in the Material functional area. He had also worked with Dynamic Logistics (P) Ltd. (a third Party Logistics Company) and Vatsyayan & Co (Chartered accountants) for brief period. He is actively involved with Educational Institutions. He is on the panel of Paper Setter and Examiner for the last four year in Indira School of Business Studies (Wakad, Pune) for various papers. He is also on the panel of Paper Setter and Examiner with The Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) for it’s Foundation / Intermediate & Final Course.
  13. 13. 13 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e CA Nandkishor Malani [FCA] CA Nandkishor R. Malani is fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. He is practicing since 1989. He is also qualified in Information System Audit. He is having experience of more than 26 years in the Audit & Taxation matters of Companies, Partnership firms, Individuals, Trust, Co-Operative Societies & Institutions. Experience of Bank Audits includes Statutory Audit of State Bank of India, Bank of India and United Western Bank. Inspection Audit of Dena Bank, Internal Audit of Mahesh Sahakari Bank Ltd. & Revenue Audits of Dena Bank, Union Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra since 1990, Central Bank of India, Concurrent Audit of Bank of Maharashtra, Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, Stock Audit of Dena Bank. Beyond academics, he is actively involved with various Professional and Social bodies like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Akhil Bharativarsh Maheshwari Yuva Sanghana, Pune Pragati Mandal and local bodies. CA Manoj Chandak [FCA] CA Manoj Chandak is fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. He is practicing since 1998. He is having strong Accounting and Auditing knowledge & Experience. CA Vaibhav Toshniwal [FCA] CA Vaibhav Toshniwal is associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. He is fresh and young blood of the team having strong knowledge on Direct tax, Accounting and Auditing.
  14. 14. 14 | P a g e K R G – C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Contact KRG  KRG Strategy Consultants Private Limited  Gandhi Majumdar & Associates  Kailash Gandhi & Associates CONTACT US You can get in touch with us on:  CMA Kailash Gandhi : C-115, Venkateshwara Housing Society, Station Road, Bhayander (West) Thane – 401101. Phone:022 - 28047779 Mobile:9004527779, Email:  CMA Bappa Majumdar: Flat No: 202, Bldg.No: GB-3/5, Ajmera Hsg.Society, Pimpri, Pune – 411 018 Ph: 9970581076, Email: