Water Wise Living: Everyday Conservation Guide for Being Green


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Water Wise Living: Everyday Conservation Guide for Being Green

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Water Wise Living: Everyday Conservation Guide for Being Green

  1. 1. Everyday Conservation Guide for Being Green WATER WISE LivingA PUBLIC SERVICE OF UNITED WATER TOMS RIVER
  2. 2. Call us for more information United Water Toms River or visit us at unitedwater.com. CUSTOMER Dear Customer: SERVICE CENTER At United Water we believe that making the planet sustainable is the 69 Devoe Place Hackensack, NJ 07601 best job on Earth. It is a privilege to provide you with clean, safe drinking water and an honor to protect our nation’s water supplies for generations to come. OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. As a customer, you also have an important role in preserving a precious natural resource. By making water wise choices you can save water, PHONE: 877-565-1456 energy and money. FAX: 201-487-9431 On the pages that follow, we offer suggestions for saving water inside EMERGENCIES: 732-349-0227 your home and for reducing the amount of water you use in your yard and garden. We invite you to join us in our efforts to make the planet sustainable E-MAIL: customer.service @unitedwater.com by selecting the conservation methods that work best for your lifestyle. PAYMENT OPTIONS Sincerely, There are several ways to pay your bill: I By mail I By phone Rick Pfleiderer I Electronically Director of Operations I On line I In person Look for the WaterSense label to choose quality, water-efficient products. The label means the product meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s specifications for performance. United Water is a partner in the EPA WaterSense program that makes it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment. For more information please visit the U.S. EPA website at epa.gov/watersense.2
  3. 3. A GALLON OF TAP WATER ONE ONE IS A SIGNIFICANTLY GALLON GALLON BETTER VALUE THAN A GALLON OF OF TAP WATER VS. OF BOTTLED WATER WATER BOTTLED WATER. TipThe average American uses about 100 gallonsof water every day. By installing moreefficient water fixtures and repairing leaks,families can reduce indoor water use by Living GREEN INSIDEabout 35 percent.CHILL OUT!I Keep a pitcher of tap water in the refrigerator instead of running the faucet for cold water.GET FLUSH I Install a WaterSense CLEAN UPWITH SAVINGS labeled aerator or faucet. YOUR COSTSI It will increase the I I Install a WaterSense A full bathtub can require Replace your old washing labeled toilet. It will use faucet’s efficiency by up to 70 gallons of water, machine with a high- 20 percent less water 30 percent without while taking a 5-minute efficiency, ENERGY STAR® while offering equal or sacrificing performance. shower uses only 10 labeled model. It will use superior performance. to 25 gallons. Low flow I Repair dripping faucets up to 50 percent less showerheads help save water and electricity.I Check for toilet leaks and showerheads. One even more. drip per second can I by adding food coloring Wash only full loads of to the tank. If the toilet waste more than 3,000 I Turn off the tap while you dishes and clothes or is leaking, color will gallons per year. brush your teeth to save lower the water settings appear in the bowl within 8 gallons per day. for smaller loads. 15 minutes. Source: epa.gov/watersense 3
  4. 4. Our yards are great places to relax and unwind. If you have a green thumb, try planting a “xeriscape” or “conservation” garden. By following low-water landscaping techniques, you can create a beautiful garden with low water and maintenance needs. Derived from the Greek word “xeros,” meaning dry, xeriscapes use native plants that are drought tolerant and gardening techniques that minimize water use. PLANNING PLANT Living & DESIGN SELECTION Take time to plan your A wide variety of low water garden. Consider soil and use trees, shrubs, flowers GREEN light conditions, drainage, maintenance level desired, and ground covers can be used to grow a colorful OUTSIDE family interests and your budget. Limit the use of conservation garden. Many require watering only plants with high water needs. in the first or second year Group plants with similar after planting. water needs and place plants that require the least EFFICIENT water the furthest from IRRIGATION your home. If additional water is needed, install drip or trickle irrigation SOIL systems. These are designed IMPROVEMENTS to use water efficiently and Good soil conditions help are available from local reduce water needs. Before garden centers. you plant your garden be sure to mix compost or peat moss into the soil. This organic matter will help the soil retain water. If your yard is sloped, you can use terraces and retaining walls to reduce water run-off.4
  5. 5. GROUND SHRUBS PERENNIALS COVERS & TREES Autumn Joy Sedum SAMPLE Candytuft Adam’s Needle Black-eyed Susan PLANTS FOR Goldmoss Sedum Blue Carpet Juniper Coral Bells Lamb’s Ear Blue Maid Holly NEW JERSEY Michaelmas Daisy Periwinkle Bluebeard Montauk Daisy Silver Mound Artemisia Golden Dust Plant Purple Coneflower Stonecrop Golden Sword Yucca Tickseed Hollywood Juniper Woody Yarrow Korean Spice Viburnum Yarrow Northern Bayberry Winter King HawthornPRACTICALLAWNSLimit the amount of area EFFECTIVE USE MAINTENANCEyou devote to a lawn and OF MULCH IS ESSENTIALselect grass varieties like Mulch helps keep the soil Properly timed pruning,fine fescues that require less moist, smothers weeds fertilization, pest controlwater and maintenance. Plant and prevents erosion. Use and weeding will preservegroundcovers in areas that mulches such as shredded your landscape’s beauty.are difficult to mow. To reduce bark, shredded leaves, pine Please be sure to usewater usage even further, needles or gravel in a layer pesticides and fertilizersread about ET lawn watering two inches deep. according to directions.on next page. WATERI Water your lawn I Set sprinklers to I Raise your lawn I When washing WISELY or garden during water lawns and mower blade to at the car, apply soap the cool morning gardens only, not least 3 inches. Taller and water from a hours to reduce the pavement. grass holds soil mois- bucket, then use evaporation. Don’t ture better than a a hose with a shut- water on windy days. I Be sure your hose closely cropped lawn. off nozzle for a has a shut-off nozzle. quick final rinse.I Look for sprinklers A hose without a I If you have a pool, that produce droplets, nozzle can spout use a cover to I Use a broom or leaf not mist. You can 10 gallons or more slow evaporation. blower, not a hose, also use soaker hoses a minute. It will keep your to clean your sidewalk or trickle irrigation. pool cleaner and or driveway. Make sure there are I Don’t over fertilize reduce the need no leaks in your hose because that increases to add chemicals. or sprinklers. the need for water. 5
  6. 6. We all love a green lawn. But did you know that your lawn may GREAT account for nearly 50 percent of your summer water usage? Now you can keep it green while saving water and money. Our ET program – GREEN short for EvapoTranspiration – takes the guess work out of lawn watering. LAWNter s less wa We partner and moisture loss from plants water that your lawn needs. Lot with experts from the South through transpiration. Using By following the ET program, this information, they calculate your lawn can stay green and Jersey Resource a daily “ET” number. That’s healthy. And, you can reduce Conservation and the optimal amount of water your summer water usage Development Council who the average lawn truly needs by up to 25 percent and help determine when your based on the day’s weather lower your water bill lawn needs watering. They conditions. All you have to do by up to $200. measure water loss from is check the daily ET number soil through evaporation to find out exactly how much 0.00” 0 0.25” 15 M IN 0.50” 30 UTE ET NUMBER FIND TODAY’S ET NUMBER 0.75” 45 SO 1.00” 60 F WATE Once you have the ET number, use the 1.25” 75 chart to determine how long to 1.50” 90 RIN water your lawn. The ET number indicates 1.75” 105 G the number of inches of water your lawn 2.00” 120 needs. The average sprinkler delivers about one inch of water per hour. With ET you typically need to water your lawn every four days. The best time to water is before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m. BY PHONE ON THE WEB ET Hotline unitedwater.com/ET 732-349-0227 ext. 3034 after 8 a.m.6
  7. 7. WATER So stop pouring water – and money – down the drain. Our conservation program can help reduce your water use by up to 25 percent. It will also help you save moneyWISE LMAKES iving on your water and energy bills. The more you conserve, the more you save! United Water has partnered with Niagara Conservation to offer you high quality conservation products at significant savings. We’re pleased to offer our customers special pricing on three water-saving kits. The price includes shipping, handlingDOLLARS and taxes, where applicable.AND ERSENSE ORD R YOU ATION RV NSE NOW! CO IT K TO PURCHASE A WATER-SAVING KIT ON THE WEB waterconservationproducts.com BY MAIL Complete and returnSTANDARD OUTDOOR DELUXE the coupon below.WATER-SAVING KIT LANDSCAPE KIT WATER-SAVING KIT$500 $700 $1500(Retail value $30.00) (Retail value $40.00) (Retail value $65.00) Please make check payable to: Check the box or boxes below NIAGARA CONSERVATION and enter the number of kits you would like to order.MAIL TO: Standard Kit: $5.00United Water Name Quantity: ______Communications Dept. Outdoor Landscape Kit: $7.00200 Old Hook Road Address Quantity: ______Harrington Park, NJ 07640 City State Zip Deluxe Kit: $15.00 Quantity: ______ 7
  8. 8. United Water’s eBilling program is an easy and secure way to pay your water bill while helping the environment. By opting to have your water bill sent directly into your email inbox, you can help us protect and conserve our natural resources. HERE’S HOW eBILLING HELPS THE ENVIRONMENT In just one year our paperless eBilling program saved: I 9,000 pounds of paper I 7 tons of trees I Over 66,000 gallons of water I Reduced greenhouse gases by 20,000 pounds TO ENROLL IN eBILLING and protect the environment, call us at 877-565-1456 or visit unitedwater.com. FOR MORE L.J.H. LANDSCAPING/ UNITED WATER INFORMATION ON LAWNCARE unitedwater.com Toms River, NJ WATER 732-237-0860 VISIT OUR WISE Living RUTGERS COOPERATIVE DEMONSTRATION GARDEN 15 Adafre Avenue EXTENSION Toms River, NJ njaes.rutgers.edu8