Kaibo engineering introduction


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Kaibo Engineering welcomes you to our introduction and what sets us apart from other firms

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Kaibo engineering introduction

  1. 1. Kaibo Engineering Introduction 05/03/2012 KAIBO ENGINEERING GROUP CORP.
  2. 2. Content 2 1、Main businesses of Kaibo Group 2、Current situation of overseas projects management 3、Types of consulting company 4、What can we offer 5、Background and advantages of Kaibo Group 6、Service concept of Kaibo team www.kaibogroup.com
  3. 3. 1、Project management services 3 The Owners Financial Kaibo Engineering Institutions Insurance Institutions Contractors and Others Local Kaibo Engineering Kaibo Engineering Government The Construction The Procurement The Design Subcontractors Subcontractors Subcontractors Kaibo Engineering Kaibo Engineering Kaibo Engineering www.kaibogroup.com
  4. 4. Project management services 4 EPCM/PMC Onsite consulting Cooperation Project Management services Specialized Consulting We appoint the project manager We provide 10-30 project For specific problems, we and a management team of 15-50 management specialists to solve organize an expert team to people according to the project core problems for our partners. inspect, research and analyze scale. The team provides the problems and provide the management services for the best solution. whole process, in the fields of construction, control, design, contract, quality, procurement, HSE, commissioning, labor, information and document control, etc. Management Services Consulting Services Integrated Project Management Quality Management Project Management Tendering and System Consulting Contract Negotiations Construction Management Procurement Management Feasibility Study and Project Investment Risk Assessment and Financing Project Control HSE Management Project Diagnosis Specialized Consulting Design Management Commissioning Management and Evaluation and Training Contract Management Labor Management Information and Document Control Management www.kaibogroup.com
  5. 5. Project Investment 5 Agriculture Mining industry • Heilongjiang • Sudan Chromite Ecological Farm www.kaibogroup.com
  6. 6. Construction 6 The construction team of over 100 skilled personel, focus on roads, bridges construction and real estate development Undertaken several projects around 200-300 million RMB Combination of experienced management and construction team offered greater advantage and more efficient services than many local Chinese contractors www.kaibogroup.com
  7. 7. 2、The difficult point is management rather than 7technology of overseas project• China has built a number of remarkable landmark projects such as Runyang Bridge, the Three Gorges Dam, Qinghai- Tibet Railway and Jinmao Tower. Why this project failed www.kaibogroup.com
  8. 8. Management of big scale overseas project is a pear 8in the crown of management kingdom • Large-scale Overseas Construction Project Management is the most complicated case in the project management field, which has become one of the main bottlenecks to develop the overseas construction market for Chinese contractors. • Large-scale Overseas Construction Project Management • Overseas construction Project Management • Engineering Project Management • Project Management • Management www.kaibogroup.com
  9. 9. Some international companies set their core competence on designing 9and management, and outsourcing the construction. importance Construction Engineering Management 8 Overall 6 4.5 The importance of construction, engineering and management in different projects 9 8 8 8 7 Construction 6 Engineering 4 4 Management 2 Difficult project Moderately difficult project General project www.kaibogroup.com
  10. 10. Complex international environment, higher standards, culture 10shock ……These factors raised higher challenge on managementChinese Contractorshad entered the high-endproject market , just as a boat sailinginto the rough seas​​. management difficulty Table of project www.kaibogroup.com
  11. 11. The following methods might help us to improve 11management in short time 1、Develop our own professional management teams 2、Introduce experts or management talents who understand international regulations and guidelines. 3、Cooperate with the professional project management company Those who sail by boat can cross the river even though they are no swimmers. www.kaibogroup.com
  12. 12. 3、Compare to several type of consulting companies, the new consultingcompanies with a cross-border background has the leading edge over 12competitors. Familiarity with Company Communication International Chinese Star Rating Industry focus Overall Type (internal and external) experience engineering companies General foreign ★★ ★★★★★ ★ ★ ★★ ★★ consulting company Professional foreign consulting ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★ ★ ★★☆ company Domestic consulting ★★ ★★ ★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★☆ company consulting company with ★★★★ ★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ cross-border background www.kaibogroup.com
  13. 13. The consulting companies provide comprehensive services 13among all section and fields of construction management Market development Contract management Risk control System establishment Personnel training Organizational design External Coordination www.kaibogroup.com
  14. 14. The consulting companies could become a competitive advantage for 14Chinese companies during international construction competition www.kaibogroup.com
  15. 15. 4、Consulting company needs a good environment and 15mechanisms to play a greater role. Decide on critical issues Position itself Adapt to the company Guide to culture adapt to the Share environment management information Give full trust www.kaibogroup.com
  16. 16. 5、Background and strength 16 (1) Industry Focus (2) Management System (3) Talent & Team (4) Brand & Experience www.kaibogroup.com
  17. 17. (1)Focusing on project management of large-scale overseas projects, 17entering the international market together with China enterprises Dedicated to Chinese Having accumulated substantial Focus on experience of cooperation with overseas project state-owned enterprises in the EPCM and PMC industry global market www.kaibogroup.com
  18. 18. (2)Establish an Enterprise Management System fullyintegrated with International project management 18systems.Rich Content Integration of Chinese and Efficient interconnection Global management systems• Independent international intellectual • Barrier free language • Comprehensive framework property rights communication skills and • Clear responsibilities• Sound process practices. • Clear interface• Abundant template • Control of inter- culture supervision environmen• Leading application software programs ts • Play characteristics of Chinese enterprises Integrated Project Management Construction Management Management Services Project Control Design Management Contract Management Quality Management Procurement Management HSE Management Commissioning Management Labor Management Information and Document Control Management Project Management System Consulting Consulting Services Feasibility Study and Risk Assessment Tendering and Contract Negotiations Project Investment and Financing Project Diagnosis and Evaluation Specialized Consulting and Training www.kaibogroup.com
  19. 19. (3)Create a talent team which can fully adapt 19to international managements. Talent and team Emphasis on Focus on project Talent Development Corporate culture recruiting from top management research Universities •Advanced manage thinking •Building and promoting •Integrity •Experience in overseas internal training for staff. •Comprehensive manage •Pursuit of excellence projects •Opportunities to progress system and excel •Teamwork •Understanding •Advanced manage methods of the situation of Chinese •Effective promoting system •Positive outlook enterprises www.kaibogroup.com
  20. 20. (4)In 2011, Kaibo Group undertook engineering project management and 20consulting work at a total value of over 4 billion USD. Locations • China • USA • Australia • Russia • Belarus • Nigeria • Libya • Sudan • Vietnam • Ghana • India • Mongolia Project • Railway • Housing • Highway • Municipal Categories • Mining • Irrigation • Port • Electricity I-40 Interstate Greensboro Urban Loop Highway Project, North Carolina, USA A Port Project in Russia Charleston Land-locked Port Construction Consulting, South Carolina, USA Container Berth 8 of Savannah Port Project, Georgia, USA A Housing Project in A Design and Construction Mongolia Project in Libya A Highway Project in Vietnam 4 0 0 I n t e r s t a t e Hi g hwa y A Municipal Water Supply Widening Project, Georgia, USA Project in Ghana A Copper and Gold Ore Exploration Project in India A Railway Project in Nigeria An Iron Ore Mining Infrastructure Project An Irrigation Project in Australia in Sudan www.kaibogroup.com
  21. 21. 6、Service concept 21 We provide a resolution to the most difficult key points faced in a project. We provide professional advising and consulting services to satisfy clients. We provide detailed and thorough project planning. We provide the skills needed to efficiently integrate project resources. We provide process management service to properly adapt to operating rules and regulations. We provide guidance and leadership to offer the highest level of project management. We provide advanced training necessary to raise quality standards. We promote a positive and hardworking team environment. www.kaibogroup.com
  22. 22. ThanksKAIBO ENGINEERING GROUP CORP.B1502, Vantone Center,Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020, ChinaTel:+86-10-59073235 Fax:+86-10-590732351 (Beijing)www.kaibogroup.com