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Young Marketers Elite 2 - Brand Communication (Agency) - Khai Pham & Nhat Duy


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Young Marketers Elite 2 - Brand Communication (Agency) - Khai Pham & Nhat Duy

  1. 1. The sound ofa kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo a great deal longer. — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. —
  2. 2. K CLOSEUP VALENTINE 2015 i Brand Essence Ca'ta: lys't for closure Brand Communications Idea Confidence to get closer Campaign Idea Kiss it your way
  3. 3. Business Background (Where are we now? ) Focus on Emotional benefits THE Economy Colgate Focus on Functional benefits Premium WAN SENSODYNE In Vietnam toothpaste market, Closeup not only possess a unique functional benefit (fresh breath) but also be the brand with highest emotional benefit (confidence to get closer) among the players.
  4. 4. THE The challenge Strengthen C| oseup’s position as an owner of Valentine moment for youth ( Where do we want to be? ) r l» l > Youth. 18 — 25. Urban. Being in love. I (Who do w e dto talk to? ) I F Want an inspiration to be more confident, so they can get close to their love one Insight F Kiss is always a symbol of love. But in a special day like Valentine, I want our kiss to be remarkable in our own and unique way. o----—--—--—-
  5. 5. THE . I The strategy : F Brand Essence | Catalyst for closure (Where are we going to do to get there? ) F Brand Communications Idea | Confidence to get closer F Campaign Idea | Celebrate your unique kiss — ”Kiss it your way” (Whatdo We have to do? ) F Event | For couples, in Feb 14 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : > PR | Create buzz & amplify the event I I O
  6. 6. THE *es timated . I . . _ I F Event partIcIpants.8O0 pax ' (How will we know when I we have arrived? ) F Paid media: 7 posts. Earned media: 50 posts F Total reach: 300,000 TA Budget &Timing (Our resources? ) > 700 mi| VND : > Event: Feb 14 ‘ PR: Jan7—Feb 19
  7. 7. 4‘. " I -, ., . D ll 7 7!’: ‘MI ‘‘ ' _ 7" x — ‘I 7 Li .5‘ av’ ‘ A" ’ __': .: i I E "A1: p—————? __ imam Mam ifllmgtayeim lwlmattfl I s ” x ». ,;i. ;al: I - _ , » ‘I, I . ‘i'; ‘ ‘Pr 1 l‘, I, ‘Wu I ‘; _"V ‘~~I ' ll “lr(‘l‘¥‘I-: ".'. Mh‘! f Mb‘ Ill l’ I w l L‘ (‘I . l l 4