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  1. 1. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting oikos consulting A competent partner in solving commercial issues for sustainable start-ups and SMEs.
  2. 2. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 2 A competent partner in solving commercial issues for sustainable start-ups and SMEs. Promising and innovative ideas with additional value for society and/or the environment are supported by customer-oriented consulting within a project. oikos consulting offers a broad spectrum of consulting services, which are tailored to the customers‘ needs. As part of the student organization oikos St. Gallen, about 50 students of the University of St. Gallen with different majors participate in different projects throughout the semester. oikos consulting offers clients academic know-how and students with working experience, which work professionally and motivated on the projects. Through a professional mentoring board, the university network and partnerships with companies, oikos constulting creates a platform with broad know-how with regards to sustainable enterprises for students, clients and partners. Through different events and workshops on topics relevant for consulting, students are confronted with the promising future of sustainable entrepreneurship and consulting. oikos consulting is a competent consultant for sustainable enterprises
  3. 3. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 3 Added value for society and environment  Fostering of sustainable business ideas  Support of young talents  Sensitizing the next generation (i.e. students) towards sustainable topics and emerging industries  Contribution towards an ecological and economical society Added-value for companies  Exhaustive and high-quality consulting services  Inclusion of an external perspective and deduction of suggestions for improvement  Pool of highly-qualified and motivated students to be assigned to client-specific project  Support through Business Partners and Professors Two pillars of value creation oikos consulting not only generates value for demanding clients but also for society and the environment Reliable, competent and customer-oriented partner for fostering a sustainable business models
  4. 4. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 4 oikos consulting offers a wide portfolio of services based on four pillars Work content Marketing-/branding concept I  Assessment of strengths and weaknesses  Determination of strategic success factors, product- and portfolio analysis  Selective competitor-, industry-, market-, sales and customer analysis  Analysis of „sustainability contribution“ as sales argument  Design of marketing concept within the 4 Ps and derivation of suitable measures Technical expertise through partners and professors Together with our client, a project goal is developed and defined. Depending on the project content, the focus of oikos consulting is based on one of the four pillars. The implementation of measures by the client should be optimally prepared.  Collection of functions, responsibilities, tasks and work streams  Mapping of processes in the status quo and respective evaluation  Definition and derivation of potential room for improvement  Definition of process sequence and responsibility according to coordination with client Process optimization/business excellence II  Determination of strategic success factors, product- and portfolio analysis  Selective competitor-, industry-, market-, sales and customer analysis  Clarification of external framework conditions  Definition of a marketentry strategy and specific measures Strategy for market entry III  Specification of strategic success factors, product- and portfolio analysis  Selective competitor-, industry-, market-, sales and customer analysis  Creation of a sales-/company presentation  Concept and structuring of online appearance Company appearance and online strategy IV
  5. 5. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 5
  6. 6. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 6 The oikos consulting Team
  7. 7. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting WorkshopProject workKick-off 7 Project order The success of oikos consulting is based on a clear project flow as well as internal and external coaching Contacting Client‘s contact with oikos consulting Together with the client we design a project order to generate the largest possible added value for our client At our kick-off, the client meets his team of 4-6 students, all with diverse backgrounds and discusses the project plan in detail During the semester the team is on the project. Weekly interaction with the customer is the key to success. The final results will be presented to the client in a concluding workshop Internal and external Coaching The project team is supervised by an internal coach, which contributes additional work- and project experience. In addition the members of oikos consulting are supported by mentors from Accenture, PwC and E2 Management Consulting through workshops and project-specific interactions.
  8. 8. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 8 ATGLeisureGroup The project was to evaluate a promising position in the Swiss market and to define a branding strategy. As a result, precise marketing measures were developed. The goal was to utilize the first-mover-advantage, before the big players entered the market. BOXTANGO oikos consulting supported BoxTango with a stakeholder analysis in Germany and hence identified potential customers. oikos consulting further enhanced the online and media presence as well as the corporate identity of the customer. Cinderella Donna The objective of the project was based on an evaluation of potential non-profit organizations with regards to a potential partnership and the development of a sustainable marketing and branding strategy in the fashion industry. oikos St.Gallen The task of oikos consulting was to carry out a process and structural optimization of oikos St. Gallen. The result was a revised and optimized organogram, clear job profiles as well as consistent processes. oikos consulting has already successfully concluded eleven projects and received excellent feedback regarding service quality and commitment
  9. 9. 5-Aug-13 oikos consulting 9 The next step is yours to take – we are looking forward to meet you We are convinced that through our outstanding commitment and our passion for what we do, we can create an added value. We distinguish ourselves through motivation, willingness to learn as well as high quality standards. We look forward to answer any questions you may have and discuss any possible project proposals! Gianina Caviezel, Head of oikos consulting Homepage: Facebook: