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“See Now, Buy Now” Trend from a Retail Perspective


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“See Now, Buy Now” Trend from a Retail Perspective

  1. 1. “See Now, Buy Now” Trend from a Retail Perspective Elizabeth Hall, Coreyiel Ellis, Isabelle Valentine, Kahina Bessai, Punn Chirakiti, Sarah Russotto, Mary Sarah Komar
  2. 2. What is the “See Now, Buy Now” trend?
  3. 3. Pros of “See Now, Buy Now” Trend for Retail Market ● Increase in sales ● Generates consumer interest ● Reduced mis-timed deliveries ● Access to all ● “Halo Effect”
  4. 4. Cons of “See Now, Buy Now” for Retail Market ● Hurts small businesses ● Promotes expendability ● Doesn’t allow for as much creativity ● Financial risk for designers ● Lowers brand value
  5. 5. Does this trend drive consumers to buy and shop more?
  6. 6. Do retailers like the “See Now, Buy Now” trend?
  7. 7. Yes: ● “Halo Effect” ● Brand awareness ● Website traffic ● Immediacy
  8. 8. No: ● Shift in: ○ Production ○ Buying ○ Stocking ● Personal preference
  9. 9. The Future of See Now, Buy Now ● More for the fashion or more for the show? ● “See Now, Buy Now” is a direct reaction to Fast Fashion ● “See Now, Buy Now” vs. Luxury ● How will sales from “See Now, Buy Now” collections compare to sales from regularly timed collections in the long run?