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Chinese medicine treatment


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Traditional Chinese treatments are beneficial to all conditions that do not require surgery. The main aspect of Chinese treatments is enhancing the immune system to maintain health and preventing diseases. Our main treatments include Acupuncture, Cupping therapy, Moxibustion, Electro-Acupuncture, and Heated-Acupuncture. Each of these treatments is performed by well experienced practitioners who use traditional ways to cure the various types of diseases.

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Chinese medicine treatment

  2. 2. What Traditional ChineseMedicine is?• Medical Practices and therapies that originated in AncientChina and were within its confines for more than 2000 years.• Example: Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal remedies etc.• Unlike Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)perceives illnesses as a product of imbalance in the energyflow (Qi).
  3. 3. TCM’s focus and base!TCM aims at:• Balancing body functions by regulating QiTCM is grounded in:• Yang-Yin theory• Five elements• Qi
  4. 4. A better understanding ofTCM’s underlying conceptsYang-Yin:• Forces that are conflicting and contributing!• Very existence of nature• World per se, according to the Chinese belief.Examples: man-woman, day-night etc.Five Elements:• Human body is a miniscule manifestation of the universe• Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood being its constituentsQi:• Energy or Life force• Flowing through energy meridians
  5. 5. Major components of TCM• Acupuncture• Moxibustion• Cupping
  6. 6. Acupuncture• Insertion of needles into certain points onthe human body to stimulate them and correctthe imbalance in the flow of energy (Qi)
  7. 7. Variants of AcupunctureHeated Acupuncture:•The top end of the inserted needles are heated to let the heat passthrough to the energy meridian for faster recovery.Electro-acupunctureElectro-Acupuncture:•A small amount of electrical waves are passed through the insertedneedles for better stimulation and faster recovery.
  8. 8. Moxibustion• Burning of mugwort-herb on the acu pointsfor stimulation and maintaining the flow of Qi.
  9. 9. Moxibustion can be direct andindirect!• In Direct Moxibustion, the mugwort isplaced on the acupoints and then burned.• In Indirect Moxibustion, the burntmugwort stick is placed against theacupoints without any contact until the skinturns red.
  10. 10. Cupping• Creating suction on the skin using cupsto ease the flow of blood.
  11. 11. Cupping formsDry Cupping:• Cup is warmed by burning something inside it in orderto create a vacuum.Wet Cupping:• Cup is placed on the skin after puncturing it• Suction is created using a pump which allows a fewdrops of blood to flow out.• This helps to remove toxins from the blood.
  12. 12. TCM-curable diseases andmedical conditions• Tennis Elbow• Post-Stroke Rehabilitation• Migraine• Tension-Type Headache• Lumbar Disc• Cervical Disc• Obesity• Sports Injury• Degenerative Arthritis• Diabetes• Osteoarthritis• Heart disease
  13. 13. Why go for TCM?• 100% Natural• Quick relief is certain• Can undergo treatment with clothes on• Safe (with expert practitioners)• Augments immunity• Assurance of a sound tradition of over 2000 years
  14. 14. Where to find Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dubai?Korean Acupuncture and Herb, Al Razi Medical ComplexBuilding No 64, Block A, 2nd floorTel : +971-4-431-2544Fax : +971-4-431-2552E-mail :