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Tank Driving units engl


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Catalogue Tank Driving Units, work platforms, work seats, Aluminium constructions.

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Tank Driving units engl

  1. 1. TANK-DRIVING UNITS 8: INSPECTION SYSTEMS éaylwfi PO-Box 2151 0 D-53813 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid Phone +49-22 47-65 34 0 Fax +49-22 47-742 41 http: //wvvw. kaempken. de - E-mail: info@kaempken. de Helmut Kéimpken GmbH 531K ,0
  2. 2. Diagram of the work seat travel constructional features of the bins and necessary equipment A Bins with a central opening on top. at least DN 50 and a V" stop for load carryina roll manhole at the bottom, at least DN 450 or oval 420 x 320 mm. Flat or oval bottom. Required equipment: Support lrariie tor thewinch according to drawing at least 300 kp. _ TIRAK KRAKE MW, ” We winch Accessories, such as guy rope, carrying rope Q) 8 mm, rope :9-19% lensionirig means. hooks. ‘ _ Supp“ Mme Recommended equipment: telephone. illumination on the j——’ worl-< seat. stop possibility I lor ROLLGLISS SIOD cam Ior the 9&3 cable drum rar telephone manhole rnln. DN 500, for driving from above. at least DN 100 lor driving lrom below hall Ding + 1000 mm lot the la -out ol the whole 3 Sins with a central opening om top. at least DN 50 and a manhole at the bottom. at least DN 450. conical bin out- let. Requied equipment. Support lrame for the winch according to drawing no. 5605, block stop aulomalrc rope passage winch, lilting capacity at least 300 kp. , TlRAK- ' ' KRAKE. Accessories. such as guy rope. carrying rope cl 8 mm. rope lensioning means, hooks, additional platlorm (2)1100 mrn. , emergency reliel valiel valve with brust cord. Tecommended equipment: telephone, illumination on the work seat. C Bins with a central opening on top, at least DN 800, insi- de height over the manhole at least 1/2 bin diameter + Yirak Krake 800 mm train the upper edge at the flange to the lower ll 1.6m -0 6. lmv edge of the ceiling, no access, no access at the bottem, but only an outlet socket. Driving with the seat from ab- °V°5 Required accessories. Carrying lrame with telescoping bracket. drawing number 605a, rope passage winch. lilting capacity at least 300 kp. , Tl- RAK-KRAKE without balustrade. Assessories. such as guy rope and carrying rope in 8 mm. salely equipment, bell, ROLLGLISS and pressure reliel valve on the spreader. tele- phone. Recommended equipment: illumination on the work seat. in l. .6m-tb 5.1m: in 2.2m -tD10.lrn [Wk Polyp D Bins with central manhole on top, at least DN 500, mini- mum height from the upper edge ol the flange to the lo- wer edge of the ceiling 1600 mm. , conical bin outlet, outlet at the bottom at least DN 50 open. Required equipment: Carrying frame with telescoping bracket, drawing no. 605 a, rope passage winch, lilting capacity at least 300 l<p. , TIRAK- KRAKE without balustrade. stand security on the spreader. pressure reliel valve on the spreader _ adamona, p, a”°"W “comm Accessories: guy rope and carrying rope (2) 8 mm. , rope ten- manhole mln bruso Inner ‘? *'_‘ stoning meana. hooks. additional plattonn ¢ 1100 mm. ,addi— diameter driving Irom below ~ Q2 llonal bracket for the counterweights. , e,, s,o, ,,, ,E mm, o,, a, B, a,, °,m Automatic load holder AL 100 with stop cam on the cross be- am ot the load carrying means. Auxiliary rope tor stabilisation while perlorming assembly work. telephone, Safety equipment. comprising 2 belts with ROLLGLISS, clim- bing protection on the carrying rope ol (2) 8 mm. Recommended accessories: illumination on the work seat. E Bins with eccentrlcally provided manhole on top, at IeastDN 300. manhole at the bottom at least DN 450. Required equipment As in item A and B, additionally swan sketch of systen‘ for application E neck construction to the upper rope guideway to the winch For inspection tests by the technical supervisory authority which will be repeated at larger intervals we keep on stock a usable unit. We can submit you an offer for temporary use on leasing basis. driving pulley
  3. 3. Inspection device Model! TIRAK-Kl-‘RAKE, TIRAK POLYP guy FODG driving pulley winch winch support frame carrying rope ®1.6m - $6.1 m Tirak-Krake $2.2m - @10.1m Tirak-Polyp Features of Krake and Polyp o Seat for one person, hydraulically adjustable to the diameter of the bin 0 Telescope arms allow to pass bins from 1.6 m to 10.1 m in diameter 0 Air filled tires protect inner walls of bin 0 Passable trom the top and from the bottom, with the use of our extensive accessories 0 Complete safety equipment 0 Meaningful accessories available 0 EG type approval Accessories 9 Pulleys used for eccentric manholes 0 Auxiliary pedestals and stages 0 Winch carrying constructions Radiotelephones illumination equipment External oxygen supply Rescue equipment Automatic load stabilizer Fall Arrester Winches and supporting mediums o Winches with openings and storage drum for the rope s Carrying load: 300 — 500 Kp; 600 — 1000 Kp with inserted rope 0 Speed: 4,5 — 9 m/ min 0 Power supply connection: 400 V, 50 Hz 0 Alternative: 230 V, 50 Hz, or compressed air 0 Options: — 2 Speeds — electronic tractive effort limitation — emergency hand operating from top — priority control
  4. 4. Application site for inspection devices 0 Storage tanks 0 Silos o Apparatuses o Reactors o Chimneys o Rectangular containers / bins Applications 0 Inspections 0 Repairs 0 Cleaning “L m l. . -'-: -t V"-. Advantages of our Inspection devices Illustration demonstrates our Krake with seat 0 No scaffolding costs °'""e” ‘” o Safe working conditions o Little assembly time required we can provide you with ’ Large d'3mete' (UP to 10 7“) a ready for use device for 0 Large Vertical tram WGYS Inspections and TUV 0 Components will fit trough any manhole (technical supervisor o Universally usable authority) on a lease l Patent-No. min. 0 1600 mm P 32 28732-1
  5. 5. Variable Work Platform 0 Manufactured to meet customers demands Variable usable Constructed out of light metal No scaffolding costs Reduction of standstill (time) No damage to inner walls of bin Workplace for up to 3 people Extensive supplementary accessories available Sandblasting or welding possible from work platform 0 Erection from top possible (requires optional accessories) 0 Not necessary to remove bin fittings 0 Round/ circular work platforms laid out up to a diameter of 4,2 m o For diameters larger than 4.2 m: Construction of truss with round stage way and rail towards inside of bin Illustration demonstrates a variable work platform with circle reverse control device and entry pedestal used in nuclear technology sUDDoning carrying rope motor winch Q Illustration demonstrates a work platform for a PVC reactor Illustration shows Seek Corporation (Singapore) with central mixing plant variable platform (diameter 2.6 m — 3.2 m)
  6. 6. Work Cages We offer work cages with one to four cages / baskets capable of driving inside of large silos with a diameter of up to 12 m. These devices are assembled in no time and are con- structed especially for extensive cleaning and repair work. Trough the use of additional adapters it is possi- ble to place the cages / baskets at different places of the supporting arms so that the dome of the bin can be reached. 0 5000 — 12000 -I - ~ — — — — — — — -- swivel. Illustration shows a one person work cage with wall Contact support wheels. Illustration shows upper mounting with inserted rope. blocstop device, screen and i! l ill Application 0 Silos o Chimneys 0 Storage tanks 0 Reactors
  7. 7. Absorber Driving Means We have developed corresponding driving means for driving in flue gas desulphurization absorbers, which allow driving underneath the spray level of absorbers with a diameter of up to 25,00 mtr. all isiii; N nir- '’ - Ei'l~‘i PW mil yllllll‘Vl . il, ii Illustration shows driving mean used in brown coal station in Niederauliem (Bergheim)
  8. 8. Illustration shows absorber passable facility of the brown coal power station in Boxberg Rectangular platforms We construct work platforms capable of driving rectangular bins and tanks corresponding to the conditions of these bins. As always, safety of the operators enjoys highest priority. , , §_é—’g_§i_-g _ '_; _" 7, _. , -_n; , ‘ ; ‘ , _ 0 Illustration shows work platform (5 x 5 m) for concrete tanks of the Ciba Geigy plant in Klybeck
  9. 9. Special Constructions Inspections and repair have to be carried out at various places, but how can these places be reached fast and safe? At Kampken, we have made it our objective to come up with constructive solutions for these areas; years of experience in these domains allow us to produce optimal solutions for most cases. All transportation devices for people receive an EG type approval. This guarantees our equipment to be technically up to date in regards to safety standards. Aluminium constructions Custom made construction and production of individual platforms and walkways These components are mainly made out of high—strength aluminium Lambacli (Austria) i » i it i ii W 4 ‘T-'-é. >‘~'-'*'-""? ““"”‘ i. .. = ..! '!i’": !”"lZ'a{. Illustration shows driving cage tor inlet bar at the water power plant in Illustration shows walkway lor champagne tanks ol Burgetl cham~ pagne producers in Hochheim, Germany