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East central saint catherine manifesto

  1. 1. ARNALDO BROWN EAST CENTRAL ST. CATHERINE MANIFESTOIntroductionIt is said that politics is the art and science of making decisions for the developmentof people. It is an endeavour that honourable men and women should engage in, toadvance the development of their country. Unfortunately, what we have seen areindividuals of impeccable repute and with sincere motives, abstaining from thepolitical process. As a result, there has been an increasing number of citizens whoare frustrated, uncommitted and pessimistic about the political process. This is thesituation in Jamaica today that has led Arnaldo Brown to make the decision to be apart of the political party and team that restores the breach that has been created inour political process.Arnaldo Brown attended the Bridgeport Primary School in his formative years andwhen his family moved to Clarendon he attended Glenmuir High School. Being anindividual with a passion for education,he registered at the University of the WestIndies (UWI) in 1993 for a Bachelor of Science in Government. This he completed in1996 and later that year enrolled for a Master of Science in International Relations atthe same institution. In 1997, Arnaldoonce more registered at UWI to pursue aBachelor of Law degree. He successfully completed his legal studies in 2002 and wascalled to the Bar that same year. He has been practicing in the legal profession since2002.Arnaldo believes that it is the responsibility of leaders to drive development whichwill contribute to the improvement of the lives of all persons. His focus isdevelopmental and his vision is empowerment of the people. Within this context,Arnaldo intends to implement a series of developmental programmes to improve thequality of life of the people within this constituency. These will cover the areasofSports, Housing, Education, Employment and Training (SHEET). This is in additionto the existing issues related to road maintenance, infrastructural development, andconcerns such as safety and security. Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. SPORTSSports is a major developmental factor and especially so within the Jamaicancontext. As a country, we have dominated the world in athletics over the past 60years. We have demonstrated the capacity to produce athletes who are worldchampions and this has placed them in aposition of earning significant income. Wehave demonstrated world championship capacity in other sporting areas such asfootball, cricket, netball, basketball and boxing. We must move to exploit theseopportunities and enable our young people to earn from them. Consequently,Arnaldo intends to do the following once elected as Member of Parliament for theconstituency of East Central St. Catherine. 1. To develop a number of sporting complexes across the constituency. These will be done in all 3 major divisions: Gregory Park, Portmore Pines and Southborough. All of the playfields in the constituency will see improvements. However, Lime Tree Oval will be subject to major developmental work during the first term. The field will be equipped with playing areas for football, cricket, netball, basketball and athletics / track and field. 2. Arnaldo will also establish marching bands in all high schools within the constituency. This is to engender discipline through music amongst the youths and to sharpen their social skills. Funding for this initiative will be sought from CHASE and USAID. 3. As a part of the effort to improve sports in the constituency for young people, an allocation will be made from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to assist sports clubs with equipment and gear. This is to ensure that the professional capacity of the teams are developed and improved. Private sector companies will also be approached to assist with funding some of these sports clubs. Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. HousingOne of the major challenges confronting members of the constituencyis that of poorand inadequate housing. There are areas within the constituency where the qualityof housing is way below the acceptable standard.People should not be allowed toreside in such squalor. In this context, the following will be done within the firstelected term: 1. To provide assistance for social housing through the Constituency Development Fund and from Food for the Poor. 2. To engage in a programme to remove zinc fencing from around the houses within various communities. This will be supported from the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) that will be implemented by a PNP administration. 3. To engage the private sector and the National Housing Trust (NHT) in discussions with the aim of developing more affordable middle income housing for members within the constituency. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. EducationFor any society to develop, an investment in education is a must. Arnaldo recognizesthat the best and most sincere way to lift his people out of poverty is to provide themwith quality education. As such, the following will be done to assist individuals in theconstituency to achieve their educational goals: 1. To allocate a pool of funds from the CDFspecifically for education. This pool of funds will be used to assist individuals with tuition fees, school books, uniforms, lunch subsidy and any other matters / fees relating to education. 2. To provide support to Early Childhood institutions, basic schools, primary schools and high schools, to ensure that children within the constituency receivea first world education. In this context, schools will be provided with adequate toilet facilities and also retrofitted with computer labs so that our children can become computer literate. These initiatives will be funded by funds from the CDF and the E-Learning Project. 3. To ensure that a minimum of 1 primary and high school in the constituency are accessible for children with disabilities. This will be done by making sure that transformation takes place in schools that have already been constructed and to ensure that any new schools being constructed in the constituency, are accessible for this vulnerable population. Funding for this initiative will come from the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF). 4. To establish a minimum of 2 Home Work Centres in each Parish Council Divisions. These centres will provide a place where children attending primary and high schools, can go to get assistance with their assignments. The centres will be staffed with retired teachers and other volunteers from within the communities. To achieve this, the churches and community based organizations will be asked to assist. Funding for this initiative will be obtained from the Constituency Development Fund, CHASE and other donor agencies. 5. As a means of rewarding performances of excellence, a number of bursaries and scholarships will be provided to children across the constituency. Students attending primary, high schools and other tertiary institutions will be provided with assistance through this initiative. Funding for this will be obtained through the Constituency Development Fund, private sector contributions and other donor agencies. Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. EmploymentThe issue of unemployment is of major national focus. Currently, the rate ofunemployment is over 13%. This is up from the 9.6% that the PNP administrationhad left in 2007. Unemployment is also of major concern in the constituency of EastCentral St. Catherine. All across the constituency, large numbers of youths areunemployed and the current administration has done nothing about this problem inthe constituency. Arnaldo Brown and the PNP, when elected, will treat the issue ofunemployment as a major priority. The following are some of the approaches thatwill be taken to remedy the problem: 1. The establishment of a constituency Production Fund with approximately J$50 million to target the productive sector. 2. This Fund is to be used to expand production in 3major areas namely agriculture, self-employment and ICT services. 3. In the area of agriculture, Arnaldo will make some of these funds available to youths in the constituency, at minimal interest rate, to drive production of certain crops for export and the tourist industry. In this effort the constituency will aggressively utilize modern technology such as hydroponics, to increase production and quality of various crops. Youths in areas such as Lime Tree, Lakes Pen and Gregory Park, will be encouraged to enter into greenhouse production of crops such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce and other such crops that can be grown in a protected environment. 4. As a part of the effort to support the youths who are engaged in agricultural production, Arnaldo will ensure that at least 1processing plant is established in the constituency to properly process and market these agricultural products. This factorywill be owned by the same farmers through the creation of a co-operative. This co-operative will be encouraged to develop a production relationship with established and reputable companies such as Grace Kennedy and Lasco, to market their products. 5. As a part of the effort to increase capital in the co-operative, a portion of the sales of the farmers are to be reserved and converted into shares. This will build up the capital reserve of the co-operative on a consistent basis whilst at the same time, increasing the self-investment of the farmers in the business. Over time, the wealth of the farmers would increase significantly through such an approach. 6. Arnaldo realizes there are a number of individuals who would want to engage in other self-employment activities. However, they do not have the requisite capital to commence what they want to do. These are individuals who would want to start a business with capital outlay of under $50,000. As Member of Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Parliament, Arnaldo will allocate $3 million from his CDF,on an annual basis, to a designated institution, to assist these individuals in the start up of their business.7. Information Communication Technology (ICT) services is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Portmore is regarded as one of the areas within the Caribbean with a high concentration of highly skilled and competent individuals. The constituency of East Central St. Catherine is located within Portmore and as such is strategically placed to benefit from this growth in ICT services. In this context, Arnaldo will ensure that a facility is constructed in the constituency, in particular, the Southborough area, to exploit opportunities in the E-Services industry. This facility will employ a number of tremendously bright and skilled youths within the constituency. In order to fund this initiative, assistance will be sought from the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) and private sector investors.8. As a part of the strategy to generate employment in the constituency Arnaldo will establish 3 block making projects within the constituency. These are to be located in Lakes Pen, Portmore Villas and the community of Newlands. These block making projects will be funded from the Constituency Development Fund, Citizen Security and Justice program and other donor agencies such as USAID.9. Arnaldo will also establish an ornamental fish project which will allow young people to grow ornamental fish for export and local pet shops. In order to fund this project, funding will be sought from overseas donor agencies such as Department For International Development (DFID) and the European Union (EU). Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. TrainingIn order for the residents of the constituency to exploit the economic opportunitieswhich will be created under the stewardship of Arnaldo Brown, they must be trainedand prepared to maximize their God given talents. Within this context, the followingmechanisms will be put in place, outside of the regular educational system, to trainindividuals within the constituency who are interested in developing a skill: 1. To establish a solid relationship with the Portmore HEART Academy, to provide training for youths within the constituency. This training will cover a plethora of areas so residents within the constituency can benefit from the developments that will be taking place in construction, ICT, sports, auto- mechanic, agriculture or any other area that will be bringing economic prosperity to our people. 2. Working in tandem with HEART-NTA, Arnaldo will establish a Mobile Lab to provide training and certification for youths in communities across the constituency. The Mobile Lab will provide training and certification in areas such ashairdressing, woodwork, carpentry, welding, drywall construction and other areas that will enable residents of East Central St. Catherine to capitalize on the economic opportunities which will be created by a PNP administration. To implement this initiative, Arnaldo will approach some of the donor agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department For International Development (DFID), for funding. 3. To assist in upgrading and expanding the Jockey Training School at Caymanas Park so that more youths can exploit developments in the horse racing industry. An approach will be made to one of the tertiary institution in Jamaica, to assist in strengthening the various training programmes at the Jockey Training School.The ideas detailed in this brochure, are only some of the initiatives that ArnaldoBrown, once elected as Member of Parliament, will implement over the next 5 years.These are ideas that are designed to solve some of the problems that have doggedthe constituency for years. Problems such as unemployment, poor housing, limitedtraining opportunities and inadequate sporting facilities, are all areas that theseideas are designed to address.Arnaldo Brown is committed to ensuring that the quality of life for the people in EastCentral St. Catherineis improved through education and developmental initiatives.The Sports, Housing, Education, Employment and Training (SHEET), constitutes a set Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. of initiatives that Arnaldo Brown will use to blanket East Central St. Catherine withdevelopment and restore hope to the people. Page 8 of 8