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ACS Green Press August 2012


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ACS Green Press August 2012

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, August 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 Financial Readiness to Bring Thrift Savings Plan Training to the Units! long as you’re at least age 59 1/2 well as how to manage yourInside this issue: or disabled and your withdrawal is TSP account. made at least 5 years after the be-Leaving Children 2,3 In addition to the TSP class, ginning of the year in which youAlone in Your Car- Financial Readiness offersNever a Good Idea made your first Roth contribution. classes on budget manage-Back to School For 3,4 With the introduction of Roth, you ment, home buying, car buy-Kids-What Does it will potentially have two types of ing, investing and more. TheMean For Mom The Army Community Service balances in your TSP account. A Financial Readiness team Financial Readiness Program is traditional (non-Roth) TSP balance also works one on one withRegarding Resilience: 5 excited to announce that theCommunication and and a Roth TSP balance. Any individuals and case specific Thrift Savings Plan will soon be agency contributions you receive financial needs. FinancialSaving Money on 6 offering active duty service will always be a part of your tradi- Readiness also provides sub-Hotel Rooms When members the option to desig- tional (non Roth) balance. How- ject matter expertise for the nate some or all of their contri- ever, you may designate your ownThe Facebook Phe- 7 Chaplain’As Financial Peace butions as Roth contributions. contributions any way you like de- University Seminars. Thenomenon The TSP Roth feature will give pending on your individual tax cir- next one starts 19 SeptemberSpouse in the Spot- 8,9 participants flexibility in the tax cumstances. It is important to note 2012. Register atlight treatment of their contributions that money already in your account www.daveramsey.comTips for Enrolling 9 now and in the future.Your Military Child in when you begin making Roth con-School You may be wondering how tributions will remain part of yourACS Events and Con- 10, does Roth TSP compare to Tra- traditional balance. You will not If you would like TSP train- ditional TSP? Roth contribu- be able to convert it to Roth. ing brought to your unit orACS Contacts 11 tions are taken out of your pay- any other training for that Financial Readiness would like to check after your income is matter or if you would like a start taking their Managing Your taxed. When you withdraw one on one appointment, Thrift Savings Plan training to the funds from your Roth balance contact Financial Readiness units upon request as they believe you will receive your Roth Con- at 772-0050/772-5196. the Soldiers need to be educated tributions tax free since you on how to take advantage of this have already paid taxes on any great opportunity. Financial Readi- Remember think ACS First! contributions. You also won’t ness will teach the difference be- pay taxes on any earnings, as tween Roth and Traditional TSP as
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press August 2012 Leaving Your Children Alone in Your Car– Never a Good Idea, Not Even for a Second! Youre just running regulations on Fort Drum remain clearly within eyesight or hearing distanceinto a store to grab pay for your gas, defined and are as follow: with the ability to respond within 30dropping something off to a friend, secondsgrabbing a coffee. Your baby is asleep  Children in 4th grade and under  Children in 2nd-4th grade (sevenso there is nothing wrong with leaving will not be left alone in cars, trucks, to nine years of age) can be al-them for just a minute...right? Wrong! or vans for any period of time re- lowed to explore their environment,The truth is, Each year, hundreds of gardless of line of sight supervision but must also be afforded protec-kids each year are involved in poten-  Children in 5th and 6th grades tion and, therefore, must have ac-tially fatal accidents when left unat- may be left unattended in a vehicle cess to adult supervision. Note thattended in a vehicle. only when the keys have been re- access is defined as having the abil- moved by the driver and the hand- ity to contact a verifiable, prear-Whether its from gear-shifted crashes, brake applied. ranged, responsible adult in case ofsweltering temperatures, locking par- emergency and an adult supervisorents out of a car, trunk entrapments, or Fort Drum further imposes the following knowing the location of the childplaying with windows and getting limbs requirements with regard to child super-  Children in 5th - 9th grade (10-14(or necks even) caught, horrific acci- vision and safety: years of age) must be in a desig-dents can and do happen in the sec- nated neighborhood area estab-onds you are away from your vehicle.  Newborns to three years of age lished by their parent or caregiver. require close supervision and will be This area should be convenient forIts easy to understand why parents feel under direct visual contact. The su- the caregiver to make regular checksit is okay to leave a child alone in a car pervisor must be able to respond to on the child. Designated areafor a very small amount of time to per- any emergency or threatening situa- should be convenient for the super-form a quick errand. These parents tion. Sleeping/napping children will visor to make regular checks on thewould never intentionally their child in be checked every 30 minutes (exempt child. Caregivers should have theharms way. Waking a sleeping baby during night sleeping hours), Chil- child check-in if the child is chang-and taking your child out of their seat dren in this age group will not be ing locations. If the child is notin freezing cold, rain or snow, is some- left alone at any time mature enough to check-in with atimes such a hassle, when the errand  Children through 1st grade (six supervisor, the standards forcan be done single-handedly within a years of age) may play in an appro- younger children will applyminute or two. But, while the actions priately designated safe area in the  Youth in 10th-12th grade (15 to 18can be explained, the consequences child’s neighborhood. This is al- years of age) may supervise them-could never ever be undone if the un- lowed only if the child can under- selves. They must be maturethinkable does occur. As a result, sound stand and follow rules and restric- enough to notify the contact personparenting advice remains the same: tions that are set. A age appropriate in case of an emergency situation.dont ever leave a child in a car alone, child supervisor must check the des- Parents are responsible for ensuringeven for a second. ignated area a minimum of every 20 the child knows proper emergency minutes to ensure safety and where- procedures, to include contact per-While the laws vary from state to state abouts of the child. The child must sons, telephone numbers, fireregarding supervision of children, the have immediate access to a supervi- evacuation, etc. sor. Immediate access is defined as  Children in 5th grade (11 years
  3. 3. ACS Green Press August 2012 Page 3Leaving Your Children Alone in Your Car... Continued from page 2 and younger) must be supervised local area is defined as an area or aware in order to protect those we hold by a parent, guardian, a sibling at location that is no more than one dear to our hearts. least in 7th grade (for a maximum of hour away by car two hours), or a person outside the If you would like further details you can Family in 8th grade or higher. Teen  Children in 5th and 6th grade (10 access the Fort Drum’s Policy Memo at caregivers in 8th or 9th grade must -11 years of age) may be left alone have completed an approved baby- for no more than three hours during sitting course the day or eveningChildren Left alone in quarters re-  Youth in 7th –9th grade (12 to 14gardless of age, must have access to years of age) may be left alone for “Children are not casuala parental designated adult who is no more than six hours during the guests in our home.available in the event of emergencies. day or evening They have been loaned to us  Youth in 10th grade and above temporarily for the purpose All children must have the super- (15 years of age and older) may be of loving them and instilling vising adult’s work, home and left alone overnight necessary emergency phone a foundation of values on As loving parents, sometimes we don’t numbers, and the sponsor must always consider how quickly accidents which their future lives will be be within the local area. Children can change our lives. Sometimes we are built.” who are not in direct supervision -Dr. James Dobson unaware of the laws from state to state. should know, at a minimum what to We need to be vigilant in becoming do in case of an emergency. TheBack to School for the Kids-What Does it Mean For Mom?Summer, in the North Country, seems Parents spend the next few weeks pre- edged sword. To those of us who areto pass by in a blink of an eye. Before paring children for reentry to school or “organizationally challenged” the busywe know it, the long hot days of August for their first day of school by shopping new routines caused by school can in-dissolve into a sense of urgency. The for clothes, uniforms, notebooks, sched- crease disorganization and stress leav-fun filled, care free days of summer will uling extracurricular, arranging before ing us overwhelmed and feeling moresoon lend way to fall. And with fall and after school care and carpools. short of time than ever.comes back to school planning. Aban- While this time can prove stressful, ex- If you are one of the organizationallydoned routines of early bedtimes, pensive and overwhelming, it is what we challenged” one of the biggest chal-homework and morning bustle to catch as parents do to provide the best possi- lenges for busy moms is not havingthe bus are just around the bend. Au- ble opportunities for our children. enough time in the day to get thingsgust is when the students get their new Many people view this as a time for done. Adding busy school morningclassroom assignments, school supply Moms to focus on themselves. This new routines to the mix makes the challengelists and fall sports practice schedules. found “time” can be viewed as a double seem to large too conquer.
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press August 2012Back To School For Kids-What Does it Mean For Mom? … Continued from pg 3 and time management skills. gram to help you be all you can be! What’s for Lunch? If your child For instance, if you plan to get involved brings in a packed lunch to school, but are not interested in joining the you can prepare it the night before. workforce, we have volunteer opportu- Sandwiches can be made ahead of nities, book clubs, spousal groups and time and sealed in plastic wrap or classes that promote community, net- sandwich bags. If you are making the working and friendships. sandwich more than one day ahead, On the other hand, if you are planning double bag it into a zippered bag be- to enter the workforce, we have pro- fore refrigerating grams to build computer skills, resumeJacquie Ross Maven suggests thefollowing tips to help ease the chal- I’m Starving! If your child comes and interviewing skills, job searchinglenges of the new back to school rou- home immediately after school, have techniques as well as one on one jobtine and help your mornings run a some snacks ready. You can prepare searching assistance.whole lot smoother. your own or purchase items from Maybe you would just like to explore the your local supermarket latest parenting techniques and philoso-Just Ten More Minutes...Waking up afew minutes earlier is one of the most My Mom Forgot to Put My phies or take a class in communication,under utilized time management tips Homework in My Backpack!! stress management or resilience. ACS istoday. Set your alarm clock 10-15 min- Have each child place completed the ideal place to start.utes earlier before you go to bed, when homework assignments into theiryour child asks for ten more minutes-he ACS is constantly adjusting our curricu- backpack. Remind them that it’s their lum, programming and services to meetor she will actually be getting up on responsibility! 2. Check to see if you the ever changing needs of our commu-time. have any forms to sign and give to nity. Stop by and see what we have toI’ve Got Nothing to Wear! For each your child to place into their back- offer you.child, select up to 5 outfits for each day pack.of the week while taking into considera- By taking care of routine tasks the Remember -tion the forecast. You can do this on night before, your mornings will beweekends. You can include your child in less stressed and you will be far more Think ACS First!the process giving them a sense ofchoice and independence. Remind productive for the remainder of theyourself to do this the first few weeks day.and it will soon become habit. Once the routines have been estab-Can I Take Your Order Please? Set lished, then what? Your new foundthe breakfast table the night before, time might be the ideal time for selfinvolve your children. Setting the table development. Maybe you want tocan be their chore. Set it on a rotating join a club, take a class or even go toschedule. By involving your children, work. Whatever your endeavourer,you will be teaching them organizational Army Community Service has a pro-
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press August 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848Owning Your Strengths and Recognizing OthersWhen you meet new people, what do can know who to call on. Maybe your strengths? The following are instructionsyou lead with? Do you openly tell challenge is sewing a child’s costume for a to the online Strengths in Action survey.them what is good about you, what school play. If you are like me, the needle The site also provides more insights ontalents you have and what you have to and thread are not part of our character resilience and your personal resilience fac-offer them? Or do you feel like you strengths – but no doubt it is for someone tor.shouldn’t be too forward in leading you know from work, the neighborhood Take the online Values In Action (VIA)with your personal good stuff? I am or your FRG. The great things about Survey of Character Strengths to find out :guessing many of you hold back. It strengths are that people are normally go to http://seems that if we talk about ourselves in eager to use them. And don’t worry - positive way, we can be seen as arro- you can easily return the favor by sharing /default.aspxgant or annoying. It goes back to that one of your strengths with them. Maybe In the blue box under Engagement Ques-negativity bias we discussed earlier. We you can bake some wonderful homemade tionnaires choose: -VIA Survey of Charac-are drawn to imperfection and calamity. brownies and drop them off to say – ter StrengthsPerhaps it is the broad scope iceberg thanks! But none of this happens if youbelief that, “the squeaky wheel, gets the aren’t willing to share your strengths and So, this month, please make a point togrease”. But what if we could look at be open to learning about the strengths learn your strengths and about thethe more positive side and flip that be- that other hold. This, you see, is a keylief to think more along the lines of, “I ingredient to remaining resilient. strengths of others and take note on howam ok, and you are ok , but together we doing so increases your energy, motivationare terrific.” and success! Your resilience factor has a lot to do withWe all have unique talents and the connections you have. Knowing and Have a great month – good luck and goodstrengths that we need to recognize in using your strengths and the strengths of thoughts!ourselves so that we can share with others will reinforce your relationships inothers. This is especially true within many positive ways. Let people knowour military community. You see, one how you can help them by advertisingday you may need to connect with your strengths and be willing to get tosomeone to help you through a chal- know others in that way as well. Re-lenge. Often that is your spouse or member, resilience is not about going itanother family member and often they alone and doing for yourself. It’s moreare not readily available due the mission about recognizing when you need to reachrequirements or distance apart. You out to others and accept the strength ofneed to have a little strengths bank their support.stowed away in your memory so you Want to learn more about your character Upcoming Master Resilience Training Dates: August 20 Module 5 9:30am-12:30 pm at ACS FALL MARATHON 17-20 SEPTEMBER Workforce Development Bldg 2-19 Nash blvd Time includes 1 hour lunch break Refrigerators available for use.
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press August 2012 Saving Money on Hotel Rooms When PCS’ing One of the biggest expenses chiorri recently offered these money  Be flexible. While not always pos- when traveling is staying in saving tips. sible for PCSing, shifting your trip a hotel room. by one or two days can result in  Follow the 14/3 rule. ReserveFor Soldiers and Families PCSing, your room more than 14 days in real savingstraveling from one post to the next, advance, when the hotel has plenty  Save on last minute travel. If youcan go one of two ways; it can either be of rooms, or within 3 days of your can’t follow the 14/3 rule you cana costly expense or a great way to save trip, when they need to fill vacant still travel without breaking thesome of your per diem. The good news rooms bank. Hotel managers oftenis you can avoid the expensive option dump empty rooms on sites likeby becoming educated on ways to save  Don’t look just online – call. The lowest prices are typically found on Hotwire and Priceline. Deals ofmoney along the way. 60-75% off can be had but reser- the web, but call the hotel anyway-Rather than leaving you wondering and you might still get in on a reward vation might be nonrefundablemaking you do the research, Relocation program, plus you can ask whether Remember, for other tips on having aReadiness thought we would share it offers special rates (for military smooth move, contact your Reloca-what we found. The Travel Channel’s or AAA for example) or has deals tion Readiness Program at 772-Hotel Impossible host Anthony Mel- on certain dates 6566/6902. (The event formerly known as Super Sign-Up) 9 Looking for what the North Country has to offer you? Local Chambers 6 Tourism Councils Employers Clubs 2 Volunteer Opportunities 0 September 6, 2012 1 9 am - 2 pm 2 The Commons
  7. 7. ACS Green Press August 2012 Page 7The Facebook Phenomenon and the Job MarketHello Jobseekers! The staff of Army seems like an impossible feat – Face- months seminar, you will learnCommunity Service Employment book has made this a reality. how you can use Facebook toReadiness Program (ERP) hopes you With half a billion Facebook users increase your customer base, re-have been enjoying your summer. comprised of thousands of online tain them and use them to gainERP has many exciting things communities, Facebook has brought access to other potential markets.planned for you this August. potential customers much closer to As a marketing tool, Facebook isBesides the monthly classes ERP you and opened up a wide market of here to stay. If you are new toregularly offers such as the two Em- possibilities. Facebook, take this seminar toployment 101 classes (the 9th and It is no big secret that Facebook become educated so you are not23rd from 0930-1130 this month) we brings people closer together and is left behind through the social me-are excited to offer Facebook for used in online marketing. However, dia revolution. Many people giveMarketing Development on August just registering for a Facebook ac- up as they do not get the desired15 as this months professional devel- count is not enough. If that is all you result immediately, i.e. a huge in-opment seminar. Facebook is a great think it takes, your Facebook success crease in sales. However, considerway to promote your business and story will end before it even begins! marketing on Facebook as a sys-gain customer satisfaction. Knowing tematic process: you first buildhow to utilize this powerful tool will There is much more to marketing on trust, traffic and eventually – sales.make you a valuable employee or Facebook than just creating a profile. Keeping your fans engaged is the key. Even if you do not own a busi-business owner. ness, please come and join us on Marketing through Facebook makesThe thought of free advertising seems you more than a brand. Facebook August 15, it will benefit you as ato good to be true! Utilizing the inter- breathes life into your business mak- jobseeker and you can gain morenet as a place to display your prod- ing you into a community friends and knowledge about marketing.ucts, services and websites for free in fans love being a part of. In thisa world where most sites are charging
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press August 2012 Building Community: Spouse in the SpotlightACS welcomes Janie Diggs to Our Fort Drum Community Janie Diggs is departments at Southern Star Group, such honors as the Hinesville Areas a proud Inc., as well as Head Instructor for The 2006 REALTOR of the year, Georgia mother of 2 Executive School of Real Estate. State REALTOR of the year in 2007, daughters, Janie believes education is the lifeline and Liberty County’s Top 10 under 30 Mary (6) and of humanity and essential for the pros- Business Leaders in 2010. Sarah (4). Her perity of mankind. “Never stop learn- Currently, Janie is looking for employ- husband, ing.” and “It’s all about you!” became ment while volunteering at ACS. She Shawn, is an her motto as she educated over 1500 says she is excited to see the snow, aviator with people in financial success , relocation, and is trying to stay optimistic about Task Force and real estate, as well as closing over the colder climate. Six Shooters 400 real estate transactions, where over2-10 and has just moved to Fort Drum in 75% were referred by past clients. Janie has certainly “bloomed whereJuly 2012. She volunteered for many organiza- she is planted”. She is an example ofJanie learned the challenges and the bene- tions such as Relocation Educator for how special military spouses are. Shefits of ARMY early in life as her father the City of Hinesville and Fort Stewart has made many significant contribu-served 14 years. They lived in the Fort ACS, Red Cross, Sunday School tions to the communities she has livedStewart, Georgia area for over 20 years, teacher, Super Yard Sales, Masonic in. We are happy to welcome Janiewhere Janie received her Bachelor’s in Children’s hospital, and Habitat for and her Family to Fort Drum.Business Administration, Associate Bro- Humanity. Janie also served as Presi-ker and Instructors License with the dent of several organizations such asGeorgia Real Estate Commission, be- the Hinesville Area Board of RELA-came a Certified Paralegal, and worked TORS and Habitat for Humanity. Thisher way up to Office Manager over four lead to the community voting her for “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal” ~Albert Pike
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press August 2012ACS Welcomes Gabriella Gayl Future Spouse in the Spotlight She and Second Lieutenant Malloy got marriage to her Fiancé. In the mean- engaged February 17 of this year. Sec- time she plans to prepare for the life ond Lieutenant Malloy has been sta- of a military spouse by attending tioned at Fort Drum for three months. Army Family Team Building and con- They plan to marry on September 14th tinuing to volunteer for ACS when of 2014. she is in the area. Gabriella is currently studying commu- We welcome Second Lieutenant nication with a concentration in jour- Malloy and Gabriella to Fort Drum nalism at George Mason University. and congratulate them on their up- coming nuptials! For the Summer, Gabriella is stayingGabriella has recently been volunteer- with her Fiancé in Watertown. Whileing at ACS while she is spending time he is working, she is keeping busy tak-with her soon to be spouse 2nd Lieu- ing online summer classes, volunteer-tenant Robert Malloy who is stationed ing at Army Community Service and “All have wishes, many haveat Fort Drum as the Battalion Medical babysitting. dreams, some have ideas, few haveOfficer with 25th Field Artillery Regi- Gabriella loves to be active. She enjoys plans” -William Arthur Wardment. dancing and football. She looks for- ward to completing her degree and herTips for Enrolling Your Military Child in SchoolStarting the new school year is difficult Here are some tips to help ease your Know how you would like things han-for some children. The transition can child’s transition: dled with your child if he or she is hav-be especially difficult for military stu- ing a rough day and discuss the plandents. The great news is that the Army Contact the Fort Drum School Liaison with your child’s teacherrecognizes the challenge as does the Officers at 772-3214 to find out whatpublic school system. Area schools the school requirements are for regis- You will find that the schools in thehave a large population of military stu- tering your child area are sympathetic to what a militarydents making up their student body. child goes through. The key to your If your child is enrolled in the Excep- child’s success is for you to becomeThey are aware of the relevant things tional Family Member Program and partners, with the school, in their edu-that could affect your child’s school day needs special accommodations in cation. The more proactive you are insuch as deployments. school, contact your system navigators the beginning of the year the better theIn an online article written by Lissa at 772-5488 or 772-0664. school year will be.McGrath addressing transitioning mili- Talk to your child’s teacher and keep The good news is that children are re-tary kids to a new school, pediatric them abreast of what changes may af- silient. Their innate ability to adaptneuropsychologist, Dr. Jim Olsen fect your child. coupled with you and the school hav-explained displacement of emotion ing their best interests at heart, will be ais completely normal. According to Utilize the military resources in your recipe for success.Dr. Olson, some children may re- school such as the Military Family Life Consultants that are embedded withingress, others become clingy or dis- many of the local schools.tant. Some children become angrywhile others are overly sensitive.
  10. 10. Page 10 ACS Green Press August 2012
  11. 11. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090 Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357