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General Presentation

  1. 1. F444A Strong Partnership in Success
  2. 2. The Kable TeamAmrep Corp. (NYSE Company) Kable Media Services Kable Distribution Services Funding and Product Placement at Retail Palm Coast DataDatabase Management and Direct Mail Services Kable Packaging & Fulfillment WarehousingProduct Design/Material Procurement/Packaging Pick/Pack/Ship Web Shopping Cart Hosting/ManagementFull Circle Marketing Inteligence Customer Generation System 24/7 Inbound & Outbound Call Center 2
  3. 3. Kable is Built Around QualityKable is driven by a quality system that we live. Our day to day production and the manner inwhich we execute our work is defined by the following statement: We are premier providers of outsourced solutions. Our customers rely on us to perform services and provide products that enhance their operations. We are committed to making quality the foundation of all that we do. Our associates and the processes they apply are what differentiate us from the competition. We will strive for an environment that provides our employees with the training and support they need to make us the best in the business. Simply stated, “WE CARE” Continuous improvement enables us to… Anticipate, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in the… Right way, at the right time, for the right price, leading to… Excellence!Your projects are outlined and defined in quality work instructions that define our customersspecific job and the step by step processes. We welcome the opportunity to show you anexample. Just ask. 3
  4. 4. Kable Fulfillment Operation• 200+ Clients• Over 2 million shipments per year• Order volumes handled in peak season of over 20,000 orders/day• 10,000 SKU’s in inventory• Annual retail value shipped exceeds $100 million• 335,000 square foot warehouse w/ full security & fire suppression• Online access to inventory and reporting• Easy to set-up web public/private storefronts• Handles multi-channel fulfillment• Utilize FedEx Smart Ship & UPS Mail Solutions for consumer fulfillment 4
  5. 5. Kable Packaging & Fulfillment 5
  6. 6. Customers 6
  7. 7. Packaging Specialist •High-speed labeling •Shrink-wrapping •Blister-packing •Poly-bagging •Skin packaging •Clamshell loading/sealing •Kitting, overwrapping, bundling and multipacks •Club-store packaging •Point-of-purchase display construction and fill 7
  8. 8. Kable Packaging & Fulfillment 8
  9. 9. Full Circle Call Center 24/7Inbound & Outbound 24 /7 Call Center Service Inbound & Outbound Sevice State of the Art Telephony Technology Online Reporting & Access 9
  10. 10. Palm Coast Direct Mail ServiceFull Service Mailing Services:•Addressing•Variable Data•List Services•Inserting•Tipping•Matching•Metering•Asssembly 10
  11. 11. Thinking Outside the Box With Crest Spinbrush Solving Problems as a Team: Crest had a million spin brushes in club packs that had been returned because of model change. We cut them down to use with Healthy Smiles program saving P&G $550,000 Improved the quality of brush being donated and increased spin brush awareness 11
  12. 12. Prilosec Kitting Project Fast and Accurate: We produced Prilosec OTC packets for a number of trade shows. We clearly defined specs and communicated work instructions to P&G to assure a successful project that was delivered on time: 12
  13. 13. Olay PromotionAssembly & Distribution Clear definition of production and work instruction is necessary before production can start Description of Services Provided quality management (project planning, work instructions, material specs, lot tracking) process database for bulk mail rate (CASS certification with NCOA) pick up materials from P&G ADSB assemble self mailer carton erect and install carton insert insert Olay sample print and apply personalized label to BRC insert BRC over sample, under flap print and apply matching mailing label (with bulk rate barcode) to carton apply P&G supplied return address correction label to carton shrink wrap deliver to USPS Bulk Mail Center dispose of or recycle all waste materials 13
  14. 14. Night Effects Product Launch The product was on fast pace to compete with Colgates Simply White. The launch initially was to send sample kits to 500,000 doctors. When the brand manager tried the actual product it was apparent that more needed to be communicated. Night Effects has a less than pleasant texture on your teeth. It is necessary to keep the chemicals in contact with your teeth allowing time for the chemical reaction to do its work. It changed from a quick sample project to a science kit that would help explain the texture and why it makes Night Effects superior to Simply White. 14
  15. 15. Displays Development & Fulfillment 15
  16. 16. Fulfillment Specifics Fulfillment Statistics Over 71,000 orders/month Over 1,300,000 units/month 720 different SKU’s shipped this year Ship To Points Direct to Consumers Trade Partners RDC’s Performance93% Shipped within 24 hours of order receiptBalance normally next day (customer driven) 16
  17. 17. Special Trade Partners & ProcessesTargetWe go into True Commerce to create an ASN for each delivery and print the UCC-128 labels.The UCC-label will then get matched up with the delivery.The warehouse then applies a label to each carton before shipping.Wal-MartWe have to go into Retail Link and request routing for each PO/delivery.We go into SAP and run a report for the week’s deliveries and print case labels for each PO.Normally the following day after RR has been sent we receive a load sheet with various PO’s to ship alongwith the method of transportation.We pull the deliveries on the load and match them up with the corresponding labels. The warehouse labelseach case and palletizes by load. Labels need to be sequential by P.O. (1/20, 2/20, etc,)AmazonWe go into Vendor Central and request routing for each PO ready to ship.We receive an email shortly after with the carrier and the pickup number.We print labels for each case shipped which contains the PO number and ship to address.Home Depot HX (distribution center) and HM (direct to store) ordersWe go into TMS by 11:00 am daily and mark each PO we receive that day ready to ship.Typically the following day, we go back in and retrieve the shipment number and carrier.Each BOL must reference the TMS shipment number and we also have to enter the TMS shipment numberin the FA tracking field in SAP after the shipment has been picked up. 17
  18. 18. Special Trade Partners & (daily)Whirlpool will email us a copy of the Home Depot pack slip. We then go into SAP and individually releaseeach order.The SAP order is then matched up with the HD pack slip. The warehouse will include only the HD pack-slip with the consumer’s order.We ship all orders 3rd party via UPS as opposed to FedEx.After the order ships we will go into Commerce Hub and individually update each order with tracking.IKEAWe label every sku with an IKEA label which contains the IKEA article number and barcode unique to eachSku.Each master carton receives the same label as a case pack label.ABC and HH GreggEach sku gets labeled with a price sticker.Best BuyEach case gets a new over pack label which has to contain the UPC number.Lowes, Do It Best, True Value, Osh, Ace, Kroger, Harris TeeterAll trade partners require us to request or monitor the ship date so that the transit time allows receipt within theSpecified delivery “window”. All have preferred carriers that need to be used to avoid penalties. 18
  19. 19. F444 Thank you.