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Rock Content Marketing Webinar


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Chances are you've heard the buzz phrases "content marketing" and "content is king" in the last year or two. A lot of big brands from Coca-Cola to Gap are talking about their content marketing strategies they're using to reach their customers. But what does it even mean to have a content marketing strategy? And how can you use one at your small business, with limited time and a limited budget?

Kabbage's Head of Inbound & Content Marketing, Jeanna Barrett, will unlift the veil of how we use content marketing at Kabbage and share the exact tips and strategies she's used to double website traffic and triple customers.

In this webinar, you'll learn practical content marketing tips you can use for your business such as:

What content marketing is and why it matters to Google
Key components to your strategy - from keywords to content calendars and themes
Free to inexpensive tools to get the content job done right
How to source freelancers, and create content inexpensively
Managing and distributing your content
Small business content marketing case studies and best practices

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Rock Content Marketing Webinar

  1. 1. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Rock Content Marketing for Your Business: How to Double Website Traffic & Triple Customers @jeannabarrett Guest Speaker:
  2. 2. Jeanna Barrett Head of Inbound & Content Mar keting Kabbage, Inc.
  3. 3. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam What is content marketing? …the creation & sharing of content for the purpose of acquiring or retaining customers Blog Site Content Newsletter Social Media eBooks, webinars, white papers
  4. 4. Why should your business do “content marketing”? • GOOGLE LOVES CONTENT • More than 80% of clicks in Google are organic search results • 81% people search online when making purchasing decisions • Helps customers find your business through organic search results • Positions you as a thought leader in your industry
  5. 5. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam
  6. 6. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Get Started with a Business Blog Make sure you have a content management system (CMS). • WordPress is our favorite. • SquareSpace is a great option for small business It’s always better to have your blog on your domain: • • vs. (subdomain)
  7. 7. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Who is my customer and wh at are their challenges? Customer Persona 1 Psst… this is how you’ll create your content!
  8. 8. Think about your content calendar like a magazine you’re publishing – what are your regular monthly features? 5% = 2 posts Small Business Advocacy Company News Financial Advice Small Business StoriesGeneral Small Biz 30% = 15 posts 15% = 8 posts40% = 20 posts 100% of 50 Posts/Mo 10% = 5 posts Business Verticals
  9. 9. Carefully Categorize Your Blog Content
  10. 10. • Oct: • Customer Loyalty • Nov: • Holiday Marketing • Dec: • Green Marketing • Jan: • Starting a Business • General small business • Financial advice • Small business stories • Business verticals • Company news • Grow Your Business • Manage Your Business • Innovate Your Business • Fund Your Business • Rock Your Business • Start Your Business • Blog post • Guest post • eBook • eNewsletter • Curated • Interview • Video • Webinar • Survey • Infographic 1. CONTENT THEMES 2. CONTENT BUCKETS 3. CONTENT TYPES 4. CONTENT CATEGORIES Balance Your Content Strategy
  11. 11. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam
  12. 12. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Know Your Keywords (!) Ask Yourself: 1. What are your business’ most valuable keywords? 2. How would you describe problems your business solves? 3. How do your customers talk about your product or service to others in blogs, articles, forums and social media? 4. What do you think your ideal customers might type into Google when looking for a product or service like yours? 5. Are there specific products names you sell? 6. What keywords do your competitors use on their sites and in their ads? Create Your List
  13. 13. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool Set up a free AdWords account : • In the “Word or Phrase” field at the top of the main section, paste all of the keywords you’ve generated • Leave “Website/Category blank • Do not click “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” • Under “Match Types” in the left column, select “phrase” • Click “Search” Be sure to: • Filter out keywords with too little or too much traffic • Delete keywords that have too much organic search competition • Delete keywords not relevant to your business
  14. 14. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Broad vs. Long Tail Keywords • Austin Pet Store • Kitten Supplies • Dog grooming • Dinosaur collar • How to bathe a dog • Can a kitten eat tuna • Train your dog to fetch a ball • What are the best catnips? All Content, When Possible Especially Website Content Blog Content
  15. 15. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Website Searches Team Brainstor m Find Popular Content Top ics: • Curated Content/Newsjacking • Trending Facebook/Twitter • Google Instant search • Hashtag convos online • Customer Service Google Analytics
  16. 16. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam
  17. 17. Free/Inexpensive Content Calendar Tools: • Trello, SmartSheet, CoSchedule (for WordPress)
  18. 18. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Tips for Finding Content Writers • Use websites to source inexpensive content: o Fiverr, Élance, Scripted o Post a job – ProBlogger job board o Connect with college job boards – journalism departments 1. Negotiate prices that fit for your budget 2. Ask for examples of what they’ve written 3. Look for writers who might have an online following to help get word out 4. Put a contract in place (RocketLawyer)
  19. 19. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Pay Attention to Your Headline “8 out of 10 will read your headline, but only 2 out of ten will read the rest of your content.” – 1m headlines analy zed and here's what wo rked:
  20. 20. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Other Content Creation Tips 1. Create content consistently, but keep quality in mind 2. Use pop culture references 3. Naturally use keywords in a post, but do not keyword stuff 4. If optimizing blogs for keywords bogs you down, just write 5. Find free images for your blog posts at 6. Breakup your post to be easily digestible • Bullets, sub heads, images
  21. 21. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam
  22. 22. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam • Schedule social media posts with custom social images (Canva, Pablo) • Feature content in email newsletter • Work to build a blog subscription list! • Ask your employees to share – include link to content in email signatures • Leverage brand ambassadors • Leverage social influencers (build relationships) • Share it in LinkedIn groups – be active
  23. 23. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam
  24. 24. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) Choose top 2-5 things you want to measure, and don’t overcomplicate it. Examples: • How much organic traffic/new users to site (brand awareness) • How many people converted from content • What content was most read/shared • Keyword rank & change #1: Install Google Analytics (WordPress plugins can do this for you) *Content marketing is a marath on, not a sprint, so expect results 3-9 mo nths after starting content creation
  25. 25. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Create content th at solves your custo mers’ challenges Incorporate key words & basic S EO Create content consistently & util ize freelancers, if nee ded HUSSLE to distrib ute your content KISS your measur ement FIVE TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS WEBINAR
  26. 26. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam Get a COMPLIMENTARY Small Business Content Calendar T emplate • Color code your content calendar with a birds-eye view of your blog posts, webinars, email newsletters, company events, holidays, social media posts, and more. • Create and follow your monthly publisher buckets. • Track writers and cost per piece of content. • Fill out a brief for each piece of content. • Keep track of keywords you want to focus on.
  27. 27. Kabbage Kam Webinars #KabbageKam by @jeannabarrett Thank you!