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The field of accounting


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The field of accounting

  1. 1. Main contents:What‘s accounting?The kinds of Accounting?The advantages of Accounting as a field ofemployment?Why is Accounting a basic and vital element inmodern business?Why do salaried Accounting jobs offer security?The opportunity when we finish school?
  2. 2. What‘s accounting? Accounting is an information system for recording, storing, processing, and communicating financial information that is useful in making economic decisions. Accounting is a link between business activities and decision makers.There are three steps:
  3. 3.  - First, Accounting measures business activities by recording data about them for future use. - Second, the data are stored unit needed and then processd to become useful information. - Third, the information is communicated through report to decision makers
  4. 4. The kinds of Accounting?There are 2 kinds of Accounting : Financial Accounting : Is used for both internal users and external users. Managerial Accounting is only used for internal users. Balance sheet : (Bang can doi ke toan ) Asset = Liabilities + Owner ‘ s equity(tai san) (cong no) (von chu so huu) 5000 20000 30000
  5. 5. Why Accounting is a basic and vital element inmodern business?Accounting frequently offers thequalified person an opportunityto move ahead quickly intoday’s business world .
  6. 6. Why is Accounting a basic and vital element in odernbusiness? Because Accounting records the past growth or decline of the business. What are the three broad divisions in the field of Accounting? Public, private, and governmental.
  7. 7. What are some of the advantages of Accounting As afield of employmet? Many jobs are usually available . Once on the job, private or govermental Accountants have security. Many people are ususlly given the chance to move upward in the company. Salaries for people with accounting training are usually good.
  8. 8. Why do salaried Accounting jobs offer security? Salaried positions with business or govermental offer strong security. + Accounting work is not usually subject to either short -term changes or long-term trends in the business cycle. + Salaried Accountants are not as likely to be affected by layoffs or seasonal changes in the work load .
  9. 9. The opportunity when we finish school: If we study hard, have a good mathematical ability … when we graduate. We can find work at private company or public company, we will have a safe job,high salary. We will have a opportunity to move ahead quickly. Beside if we speak well English we will work for external company, we have advantage condition to develop our knowedge… A new accountant can begin a private practice or form a partnership with other accountants.
  10. 10.  In short :Accounting is good because accountants can look for ajob easily, earn a high salary, work safely. All businessactivities of the company need accountants.