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For the Greater Good: How KYVL Strives to Serve Kentucky


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The presentation was delivered in September 2013 to attendees of the annual Kentucky Library Association Conference. It details services and programs provided at significant cost avoidance to members of KYVL.

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For the Greater Good: How KYVL Strives to Serve Kentucky

  1. 1. For the Greater Good: How KYVL Strives to Serve Kentucky KLA/KASL Joint Conference 11-14 September 2013
  2. 2. Equality of access to digital resources 25+ licensed databases KY Digital Library Materials delivery statewide Library apps; e.g. the catalog KY Learning Depot About KYVL
  3. 3. KYVL Partners • Kentucky’s public universities [8 institutions] • KY Community & Technical College System [16 colleges] • Public K-12 School [about 2/3rd of districts] • Pubic Libraries • Association of Kentucky Independent Colleges & Universities (AIKCU) [20 institutions] • Private K12 • Special Libraries such as Barr Memorial • Other Independent Colleges/Universities • Hospitals • State agencies
  4. 4. Kentucky’s Senate Bill 1 • Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), • Kentucky Board of Education (KBE), and • Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) • Created a Unified Strategy for College and Career Readiness to reduce college remediation and to increase the college completion rates by 2014 Enacted 2009
  5. 5. Unbridled Learning • To align revised K-12 academic standards with college readiness requirements and expectations and promote degree completion: • Accelerated Learning Opportunities • Secondary Intervention Programs • College and Career Readiness Advising • Postsecondary College Persistence and Degree Completion 4 Key Strategies
  6. 6. K-12 Common Core Standards • Kentucky was the first state to adopt the Common Core Standards (Feb. 2010): • To be known as the Kentucky Core Academic Standards for English/Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics • Provides grade by grade level content standards linked to college and career readiness standards • Integrate final standards into agency work and processes to ensure that all Kentucky students experience a successful and productive future KY 1st to Adopt Early 2010
  7. 7. Higher Ed Strategic Agenda • College Readiness – increase a number of Kentuckians college-ready and entering postsecondary education and college-ready GED graduates, and increase effectiveness of K-12 teachers and school leaders • Student Success – increase high-quality degree production at all levels, close achievement gaps, decrease financial barriers to college access & completion • Research, Economic & Community Development • Efficiency & Innovation 2011-15
  8. 8. Core Services = Cost-Sharing • Licensed content from commercial providers: • EBSCO, APA PsycINFO, ProQuest, OCLC, Grolier • Kentucky Digital Library (UK) • EBSCO Discovery Service • KYVL Proxy & Webhosting (@ UK) • Boopsie Mobile Apps (planning stage) *(As defined by the KYVL Funding Workgroup and approved by the Leadership Team.) Core Services & Resources* • LibGuides (SpringShare) • EZProxy (OCLC) • Voyager Hosting (@ Ex Libris) • Courier Service (Professional Business Courier) • KY Learning Depot (EQUELLA) Non-Core & Other Services
  9. 9. Database Access for Everyone • Over 1.8 million people served annually • Over 300 cost-sharing member organizations, institutions, districts, etc. • 1,500 designated locations • All public postsecondary, all public libraries, all AIKCU, some independent K12 and other postsec plus hospitals • Average return of $10:$1 contributed • $1.3 million from CPE & KDLA to KYVL • 46.4 million searches • Usage doubled since FY2008-09 • 11 million downloads 2012-13
  10. 10. The DB List – Fee & Free Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) AGRICOLA (EBSCO) Alt-Press Watch (ProQuest) Amazing Animals of the World (Grolier) Business Source Premier (EBSCO) Career + Technical Education (ProQuest) CINAHL (EBSCO) CINAHL w/Fulltext (EBSCO) Consumer Health Complete (EBSCO) EBSCO Animals (EBSCO) Encyclopedia Americana (Grolier) ERIC (EBSCO) Footnote History and Genealogy Archives (EBSCO) Funk Wagnalls Encycl. (EBSCO) GreenFILE (EBSCO) Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (Grolier) Grolier Adult Patrons (Grolier) Grolier Librarians/Educations (Grolier) Health Source Consumer (EBSCO) Lexi-PAL Drug Guide (EBSCO) Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts - LISTA (EBSCO) MAS (Magazine Article Summaries) Ultra School Ed (EBSCO) MasterFILE Premier (EBSCO) MEDLINE (EBSCO) Middle Search Plus (EBSCO) New Book of Knowledge (Grolier) Newspaper Source (EBSCO) NoveList (EBSCO) OCLC FirstSearch (OCLC) Primary Search (EBSCO) Psychology + Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO) PsycINFO (EBSCO) Regional Business News (EBSCO) Small Business Reference Center (EBSCO) Sociological Collection (EBSCO) Teacher Reference Center (TRC) (EBSCO) TOPICsearch (EBSCO) WorldCat (OCLC)
  11. 11. The DB’s – User Specific Interfaces Kids Search interface (EBSCO) Student Research Center interface (EBSCO) Searchasaurus interface (EBSCO) EBSCOhost Deutsch (EBSCO) EBSCOhost Espanol (EBSCO) EBSCOhost French (EBSCO) Grolier KIDS (Grolier) Grolier PASSPORT (Grolier) Grolier Elementary (Grolier) Grolier Middle (Grolier) Grolier High (Grolier) Grolier PASSPORT (Grolier)
  12. 12. Courier Transport – Sharing Collections • 442 pickups each week • 176 participating universities, colleges, public libraries, community colleges, KDLA, some AIKCU • All costs paid by KYVL = no charge to public institutions or public libraries, private colleges charged for cost-recovery • $1 average cost per item transported, regardless of size or weight • Postsecondary usage began to double in FY 2008-09 • 50% growth in usage by KDLA and public libraries, last 5 years 2012-13
  13. 13. Kentucky Digital Library • Added 82,500 digital objects in 2012 alone. • Totals: • Newspaper (800,000 pages) • Books (300,000 pages) • Finding Aids (5,000) • Photographs (110,000) • Archival folder contents (22,000) • Oral Histories (800) • Maps (4,700) • Other paginated publications (200,000) Content Usage Fiscal Year Site Visits Pages Viewed 2011-12 598,462 13,604,460 2012-13 585,279 12,801,850 2013-14 (2 mos.) 551,492 5,923,525
  14. 14. More about KDL • Over $1.5 million cultivated in grant funding for multiple projects: • National Historical Publications & Records Commission • Institute of Museum and Library Services • National Endowment for the Humanities • National Archives and Records Administration • The Keeneland Association • 1 of 6 initial sites chosen to develop the National Digital Newspaper Program with the Library of Congress & NEH (multiple phases since 2005-06) External Grant Funding • 2012 Oct – KDL is 1 of 7 chosen “service hub” pilot sites • Create a sustainable national digital library system • Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, South Carolina, and Utah Digital Public Library of America
  15. 15. KY Learning Depot • 80K eTextbooks, Course Modules and Learning Objects • KY-authored textbooks, ex: KYOTE Transition to College Math Text from NKU faculty • KY Humanities Council pilot • NROC contract shared with KDE & KCTCS • Single sign-on to Blackboard, Moodle, etc. Kentucky Learning Depot • OrangeGrove & NCLOR • Connexions, PHeT, Smithsonian, MIT OpenCourseware, NASA at 50, Khan Academy, BiosciEdnet, Assoc. for Middle Level Education, Dragonfly TV, Harvard- Smithsonian Digital Video Library & MORE • Learning Registry (future) Other Content & Connections
  16. 16. About the Funding • EBSCO, APA PsycINFO, ProQuest, OCLC, Grolier • Kentucky Digital Library (UK) • EBSCO Discovery Service • KYVL Proxy & Webhosting (@ UK) Total Core Costs: $2,249,171 *(As defined by the KYVL Funding Workgroup and approved by the Leadership Team.) 2013-14 Costs for Core Services & Resources* • LibGuides (SpringShare) • EZProxy (OCLC) • Voyager Hosting (@ Ex Libris) • Courier Service (PBC) Total Non-Core: $363,977 Non-Core & Other Services
  17. 17. Member & Partner Cost-Sharing • Member “fees” determined by the Funding WG • No fee changes for over 10 years: 1999-2010 • 2010 was 1st year of 2013-16 Strategic Plan • Same year KDE funding was cut for Public K12 access • Funding WG Estimate for Core Costs: $2.4 Million • Total KYVL Commitments: $2.6 Million • Estimated Member Assessment: $1.3 Million • LSTA Funds: $200,000 • CPE Estimated Funds: $1.1 Million [does not include personnel, facilities, etc.] • *Note: Depot software license & hosting paid by Technology Trust Fund 2013-14
  18. 18. What is Gained? • 244 Million+ Total Searches by all KYVL members in the article, citation and content databases • $19M Cost Avoidance by members compared to retail cost in FY2012-13 • $15 Million Saved in Library Management Costs by participating members • 1.9M Items Transported, such as lab kits, multimedia and book discussion kits • $7.5M Saved in Shipping Costs by participating universities, colleges and public libraries Since 1999:
  19. 19. Thank you! Betsy Hughes, Electronic Resources Librarian, Enid Wohlstein, Director,