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Content Marketing 2013


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Pick the right platforms and engage customers and prospects with information they are interested in.

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Content Marketing 2013

  1. 1. Donovanx Media StrategiesCONTENT MARKETING
  2. 2. How to connect with content.
  3. 3. DEFINE YOUR CORE BRANDEDONLINE DESTINATIONS.Where should your brand live? • Facebook • LinkedIn • Your Website • Youtube
  4. 4. Facebook Business Page,a must have. Updated at least 2x weekly.
  5. 5. Let your business story lines come to life with video, pictures and events.
  6. 6. LinkedIn, The Professional Social Network.Company Pages rank well in search. LinkedIn
  7. 7. CONNECTConnect your content destinations so all content lives on your website.
  8. 8. Create a Youtube Channel, IF,You have professional grade video shotusing tripods, microphones and lighting. Otherwise you hurt your businesscredibility. Plan B, use slide shows of stillphotos, or a digital version of your best brochure and post via Slide Share.
  9. 9. Video content supportsyour brand.Engage visitors with yourstory.
  10. 10. Twitter? Depends. Twitter FeedAre you an industry thought leader? Are you a candidate? Are you the business?
  12. 12. CREATE A SCHEDULE FORPOSTING UPDATES. (and take lots of pictures) • Facebook • Linkedin • Youtube (or Slide Share)
  13. 13. Donovanx Media StrategiesCONTENT MARKETING