Taxonomy Management Using Moss 2007 By K Wiz Com


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Taxonomy Management Using Moss 2007 By K Wiz Com

  1. 1. Taxonomy management using MOSS 2007
  2. 2. Introduction • Presenter: – Shai Petel – VP R&D KWizCom Corp. SharePoint Technology Specialist MCAD, MCTS, MCT – – +1 416 666 7790
  3. 3. KWizCom Business Card • Founded in 2005 • Headquartered in Toronto • Global provider of add-ons and services • 3000+ customers worldwide Business Target: Deliver innovative and cost-effective add-ons, enabling customers to deploy excellent Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM solutions faster than ever and at no risk. Fields of expertise: Competencies: • Microsoft Office SharePoint Gold Certified Partner ISV • Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Information Worker •
  4. 4. SharePoint Training Roadmap Target Audience Basic Advanced MOSS 2007 content Content Editors management (Collaboration sites, Portals, web sites) Implementing Content Implementers Branding and advanced Management solutions customizations with MOSS 2007 Developing WSS 3.0 & .NET Developers MOSS 2007 based solutions
  5. 5. Topics Taxonomy basics SharePoint 2007 capabilities Filling the gaps – development 3rd-party solutions
  6. 6. Taxonomy basics Taxonomy the practice and science of classification.
  7. 7. Why Classify? Various studies show that information workers in average waste up to 10 hours per week on search and work duplication  Information workers cannot find the desired information  Information workers do not classify Metadata is unmanageable – Data mining  is not possible
  8. 8. Why Classify? Conclusion: Spending more time in storing the information better = less time finding the information we need
  9. 9. Taxonomy basics Use physical folder structure to classify content Deep hierarchies - hard to manage Folders duplications Multiple document copies for 1 to many relations
  10. 10. Taxonomy basics Then came the Metadata.. Additional descriptive data No more unnecessary deep hierarchies Sort, Filter enhancement Views Searchable
  11. 11. Use columns to categorize marketing presentations, support articles and sales proposals to company products LIVE DEMO 11
  12. 12. Taxonomy basics Cascading Lookup Field List Filter web part Hierarchical Taxonomy Collaboration Pack Calendar Plus web part Well structured Survey Plus web part Centrally managed Collaboration WSS Cross site Used across the enterprise to search WSS categorize content items SharePoint List Productivity Aggregator Pack Field-level SharePoint Wiki permissions Plus feature Tagging Web 2.0 Feature Rating Solution
  13. 13. Taxonomy basics Web 2.0 Tagging Use shared keywords & auto-complete Create new keywords Everyone contributes
  14. 14. Taxonomy basics Web 2.0 Tagging Many tags/keywords Tag Cloud visually shows which tag are most popular
  15. 15. Clicking a tag presents a search results page by this tag Faceted Search
  16. 16. Show SharePoint 3rd Party examples for: WEB 2.0 tagging Hierarchy tagging Tags index, tags and facets in search results LIVE DEMO 17
  17. 17. What’s missing in SharePoint? • No cross-site categories/tags New field type / BDC Columns • No hierarchical properties New field type • Unable get email notifications for a classifier Event handlers / Workflows • No WEB 2.0 Tagging Tag Cloud/Index web part, tag results page
  18. 18. what’s missing in SharePoint? • Unable to tag/categorize entities outside of SharePoint (Enterprise Taxonomy solution) Use of web services to link and tag items from outside • Unable to refine search - Integrate web part in MOSS advanced search – like faceted - Index custom fields in SSP
  19. 19. Filling the gaps Optional solutions Buy a taxonomy solution Use add-on (Free/commercial) Free add-ons + Custom development
  20. 20. Filling the gaps – Solution ingredients Optional solutions Tagging field type Tag cloud/Tag index web part Events handler/s Web service API Integration with Search Import standard taxonomies (WAND example)
  21. 21. More information • WSS SDK – Online: us/library/aa902527.aspx – Download: yid=05e0dd12-8394-402b-8936- a07fe8afaffd&displaylang=en • MOSS SDK – Online: – Download: • Contact Us:
  22. 22. QUESTIONS?