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KVH Plug & Trade


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KVH Plug & Trade™ is a key part of the KVH Financial Extranet, a global low latency network that connects market venues, market participants and their service providers, and offers robust infrastructure for the secure management and delivery of mission-critical information.

KVH Plug & Trade™ is our flagship offering to trading participants in the KVH Financial Extranet.

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KVH Plug & Trade

  1. 1. KVH Plug and Trade™Simplifying Trading Infrastructure in Asia Asia’s Information Delivery Platform
  2. 2. KVH in Finance: Connecting the Asian MarketsKVH Plug & Trade™ is a key part of the KVH Financial Extranet, a global low latency network that connects marketvenues, market participants and their service providers, and offers robust infrastructure for the secure managementand delivery of mission-critical information.KVH Plug & Trade™ is our flagship offering to trading participants in the KVH Financial Extranet.1 KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  3. 3. KVH Plug & Trade™:Simplifying Trading Infrastructure in AsiaIn Asia Pacific, each market structure has different regulatory frameworks, diverse corporate rules, and unique tradingbehaviors, as well as cultural and language barriers. These issues can be easily underestimated and are often the keycauses of why financial market participants experience more challenges in setting up entry to the Asia Pacific liquiditypools than they do in North America or Europe.To succeed in this endeavor and capitalize on the opportunities in Asia Pacific, market participants need innovativeservice providers, brokers, crossing networks, and more. KVH is one of the most innovative ICT providers making thistask easier with its flagship Plug and Trade™ service offering.The KVH Plug & Trade™ solutions stack provides: Network Services The fastest ultra low latency global network connectivity Proximity Hosting Services Fully managed world-class colocation and proximity hosting environments at major Asian venues with both full and unit-based rack tenancy options and POP access for other market venues IT Managed Services Fully managed network and connectivity fabric, end-to-end managed IT infrastructure platform, infrastructure monitoring services, and remote hands support services Facilitation Services Procurement, hardware rental services, liaison with service providers, brokers and venue operators, end-to-end infrastructure platform design, implementation and project management Multilingual Support Responsive, multilingual 24 x 7 helpdesk support servicesFinancial firms can simply plug-in at your chosen point of differentiation or price point viability to realize quickertime to market and lower total cost of ownership.2
  4. 4. The Trade Life Cycle & KVH ServicesTrade Life CycleKVH Services & Low Latency High Exchange Storage &Capabilities Connectivity Performance Colocation Compute Computing Market Data Proximity Connectivity Hosting to Financial Ecosystem Low Latency Connectivity Managed IT Infrastructure Infrastructure Related Facilitation Fastest Possible Robust, Reliable Low Latency Trading Secure and Connectivity Platform Infrastructure Scalable Platform Fastest possible Robust, reliable A suite of low latency Secure and scalable connectivity for platform to enable trading platform to enable delivery of valuable deployment of infrastructure straight-throughWhat You Get market data for Analytic Tools, services that lower processing and latency-sensitive Complex Event the barriers to automation of trading Processing market entry post-trade business Engines and strategy and optimize processes, and low back testing infrastructure latency connectivity operations to a rich ecosystem of financial firms KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  5. 5. KVH Services & Capabilities: What We Offer Global Low Latency Network Services KVH’s high-speed, low latency network runs through its international POPs in Hong * KVH plans to launch POPs in London, Mumbai, Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Chicago, New York, Sydney, Seoul and Busan*, as well Taipei, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Bangkok over the next 12 months. as throughout Europe via its sister company, Colt. With this global reach, financial institutions have the freedom to tap into new markets and leverage networks fine-tuned for their trading needs through a single vendor and services covered by comprehensive performance-based SLAs. We strive to be the lowest latency network. High Performance Computing (HPC) KVH’s high performance compute platform enables financial firms to quickly deploy the computational capacity needed to execute complex mathematics, sift through large volumes of data, and conduct real-time testing of trading strategies. This highly reliable and flexible platform has been purposely designed to meet the computational requirements of the trading community. Enabling Straight-Through Processing and Post-Trade Automation KVH hosts in its data centers or connects via its network a diverse financial ecosystem. Parties to the post-trade cycle can be reached with either a cross connect or via the same low latency network. Adjacent to the ecosystem is the high performance compute platform that can be leveraged to deploy post-trade automation applications. Simple Pricing and Fast Delivery/Facilitation Services Simple Pricing and Fast Delivery KVH is your one stop shop that allows hassle free access to financial markets across Asia Pacific at a low fixed cost. Simply select the market venues and the required services, and we can have you up and operating in Asia Pacific within 2-4 weeks.4
  6. 6. Exchange Colocation and Hosting KVH offers Exchange Colocation and Hosting Services at the data centers of TSE, OSE, HKEx, SGX, and ASX. Whenever feasible, KVH’s International POPs are also located in the same exchange data centers, often on the same floors. This strategic combination allows trading customers to have direct market access to the matching engine of the home exchange, and enables the fastest access to other financial exchanges through KVH’s low latency network to suit customers with multi-venue trading strategies. Proximity Hosting In cases where exchange colocation is not available or the customers’ trading strategies require a neutral location, especially in markets with multiple trading venues, customers can leverage KVH’s Proximity Hosting Services. These services are offered through data centers located in key trading hubs, where there are high concentrations of market participants, including brokers/dealers, market makers, market data vendors, and ISVs. Furthermore, by leveraging KVH’s low latency network, customers can be assured of the fastest access to trading venues in domestic and overseas financial markets. For example, KVH Proximity Hosting is provided in KVH TDC1 in Tokyo and also in Koscom’s Data Center in Busan, Korea. Managed Infrastructure Services KVH offers hosting solutions that provide comprehensive support for system on-boarding and ongoing management of trading infrastructure. Experienced KVH engineers help build the electronic trading rack, install all devices to the customer’s specifications, and support end-to-end connectivity testing. KVH Operations monitor these systems around-the-clock and handle maintenance to ensure that these financial institutions are always up and running. This service is offered in all exchange colocation and proximity data centers.Facilitation ServicesMultilingual capabilities throughout KVH, from Senior Management and Sales to the 24x7 Service Desk and Operation Teams, ensurea “soft landing” for trading firms entering Asia. These services help traders tackle the challenges of language and cultural barriers,documentation with the exchanges in foreign languages, region/market-specific exchange rules and regulations, and more. Also, KVH isrelied upon by financial firms to handle liaison with service providers, brokers, and venue operators, ensuring streamlined communicationacross all parties and lessening the added workload and burden to their business. KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  7. 7. Benefits of KVH: What You GetFast and Low Cost Market EntryBy using KVH Plug & Trade™ services and leveraging KVH’s know-how and multilingual resources in the region,customers can gain fast market entry and start trading in the Asia Pacific exchanges without incurring significantstartup costs.Access to the Asia Pacific Trading EcosystemKVH is trusted by 450 global financial institutions, including regional exchanges and key market participants in theseexchanges. With KVH Plug & Trade™, customers enjoy simple and fast access to these market participants in all majorregional financial markets.Lowest Latencies for Optimal High-Frequency TradingWith the fastest connectivity across the Asia Pacific and networks designed to ensure minimal hops, customers can beassured of the lowest latency connectivity measured to the microsecond level in both metro areas within a market aswell as between markets. KVH’s low latency network connects the world’s major exchanges including TSE, OSE, HKEx,SGX, ASX, CME, KRX, LSE, and NYSE.*One Stop Shop for Infrastructure RequirementsKVH Plug & Trade™ offers a comprehensive set of infrastructure services, including exchange colocation, proximityhosting, low latency connectivity, and managed services across all major exchanges in the region to ensure faston-boarding and seamless infrastructure migration and implementation. KVH’s expert consultancy and ProfessionalServices provide customers with integrated solutions tailored to address their business needs and challenges.Reliable Project Management and Client On-BoardingKVH communicates and coordinates directly with your end clients for initial implementation and ongoing operations.Clients receive the necessary support and services to be up and running, including network provisioning, hardwareprocurements, physical installation and cabling, basic configuration, connectivity testing, and remote hands/smarthands.* KVH plans to offer connectivity to HKMEx, SSE, BSE, NSE, TAIFEX, and ICE over the next 12 months.6
  8. 8. Dependability and FlexibilityWith the business originally starting in Japan, KVH has inherited the Japanese culture of focusing on serving customersto their complete satisfaction. By focusing on serving the financial services industry, one of the most dynamic anddemanding industries, KVH has made flexibility its key hallmark and differentiation in its services.Guaranteed PerformanceCustomer-centric SLAs are strictly enforced to guarantee specifications on latency, service delivery, operationalresponse, and more.24x7 Bilingual Service Desk and SupportKVH supports all services with bilingual support in Japanese and English, and also in other languages depending on theservice and market. With smooth communication throughout all interactions with the Operations, Sales, Service Desk,and Management Teams, solutions are developed and implemented to customers’ exact specifications, and issues thatarise are resolved as efficiently as possible.One Low PriceBased on solutions customized to meet your specific business needs, KVH’s flexible pricing plans offer enterprisesaccess to KVH’s ecosystem of financial markets for a single competitive rate. Speak to a KVH Sales Representativefor more details. KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  9. 9. KVH GLobal Solutions:KVH Low Latency Global Financial NetworkConnecting You to the World’s ExchangesKVH places network POPs as close to the exchange matching engine as possible, selects the lowest latency cablesystems, optimizes the fiber backhauls, and uses an integrated end-to-end network platform to reduce latency to anabsolute minimum. An agile architecture and delivery model means that when a lower latency route becomes available,KVH is one of the first to employ it.* KVH plans to offer connectivity to HKMEx, SSE, BSE, NSE, TAIFEX, and ICE over the next 12 months.8
  10. 10. Our Customers:Trusted by the Financial CommunityKVH is trusted by many financial institutions, service providers and ISVs to store, process, protect and deliver theirvital information. Brokers/Dealers Buy-Side Service ProvidersPlease note that the clients listed above have given explicit permission for us to use their logo.Consequently some key customers, particularly buy-side clients, are not included. KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  11. 11. What Our Customers Say Sungard Global Trading “ Bruno Abrioux, Asia Pacific Director of Client Relationship Management Whether it concerns service management, 24 hour support, best IT practices, availability management, or continuity management, KVH offers us enough flexibility in terms of capability planning to expand our business while staying in a very resilient and redundant architecture. CQG “ Mike Glista, Director of Order Routing We believe that KVH’s services ensure our customers the benefits of fast direct market access and low-latency trade executions in a secure environment with close proximity to major Japanese exchanges. Osaka Securities Exchange “ Kotaro Yamazawa, Managing Director OSE highly evaluates KVH’s deep experience in connecting with exchanges, ultra-low latency network, highly secure data centers, and flexible bilingual support. By using the high quality services of KVH, we expect that our trading members including overseas investors, will enjoy increased convenience. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ “ Takehiko Nemoto, Managing Director The strengths of KVH are stability, speed, price and its simple network configuration. KVH has a business model which meets financial institutions’ requirements. Bloomberg L.P. “ Siyen Ma, Asia Pacific Operation Manager Through various discussions, KVH grasps our requests accurately and proposes the most reasonable solutions to address our demands promptly.10
  12. 12. KVH in the NewsDot Commodity to Enhance Low LatencyAccess to TOCOM on X_TRADER® Platform JUL KVH to Launch First Service Model ofAddressing the Needs of Professional Traders 23 High Precision Latency Measurement forGlobally with KVH Proximity Services JUN Trading Systems in Asia 12 Optimizing HFT Environments with Real-Time Nanosecond Latency AnalysisHKEx Selects KVH as a Hosting ServicesFounding Member MAROffering Low-latency Infrastructure Services for the 29Hosting Ecosystem at HKEx’s New Data Center KVH and Koscom to Launch ProximityMarket Prizm Works with KVH to Offer Low FEB Services for KRX’s Derivatives Trading FEB 27 Addressing High Frequency Trading Needs of GlobalLatency Algorithm Trading Platform at 6Asian Exchanges 13 Traders 2012CME Group Approves KVH as a Provider ofLow-latency Connectivity Services DECAccelerating Network Speed Trading Performance 19 KVH IaaS Selected for TSE’s New MarketBetween Tokyo and Chicago DEC Information Delivery Service 13 Providing a Flexible and Reliable Platform to SupportKVH to Expand Ultra Low Latency Network Business Growthto ASX’s New Data Center Enabling High DECFrequency Trading between Tokyo and 8Sydney KVH to Offer Tokyo Stock Exchange NOV Co-location Service 24 Supporting Overseas Investors’ Needs to Expand High Frequency Trading MarketFFastFill Expands Global SaaS Platformwith KVH Proximity Solutions OCTOffering New Low-latency Connection Service to 7Japanese Exchanges PhillipCapital Group Offers High Frequency SEP Platform for OSE to Singapore Traders with KVH 20 Facilitating Growth in Overseas Market Participants in Japan’s Evolving HFT Market 2011 KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  13. 13. KVH Global OfficesJapan Singapore(Headquarters) KVH (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Soho 2 @ The Central Tokyo 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #08-170 Sumitomo Fudosan Tamachi Ekimae Building, 059819 Singapore 3-1-35 Shibaura, Minato-Ku, Tokyo Phone: +65 6590-9008 108-0023 Phone: +81 (0)3-4560-7100 Hong Kong KVH Co., Ltd. Branch Office Tokyo Room 2604, 26/F., Akasaka DS Building, C.C. Wu Building, 8-5-26 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 3020308 Hennessy Road, 107-0052 Wanchai, Hong Kong Phone: +852 9220-0105 Yokohama 12F Queens Tower A, Shanghai, China 2-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama KVH Information System (China) Co., Ltd. 220-6012 606 of 6F, Bund Center, Phone: +81 (0)45-670-4411 222 Yan An Road East, Shanghai 200002, China Osaka Phone: +86 21-6335-1212 7F Epson Osaka Bldg. 3-5-1 Bakurou-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka Chicago, U.S.A. 541-0059 KVH Services LLC Phone: +81 (0)6-6258-7070 141 W. Jackson Boulevard Suite 3810 Chicago, Illinois 60604 U.S.A.KVH General Enquiries Phone: +1 312-465-2485 +81 (0)3-4560-4800 Seoul, Korea KVH Korea Ltd. 10Fl., Jaram building, 566 Dohwa-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea Phone: +82 2-1661-480112 KVH Co., Ltd. Copyright KVH Co., Ltd. 2012
  14. 14. KVH Co., Ltd.TokyoYokohamaOsakaShanghaiSingaporeHong KongSeoulChicago Twitter: @kvh_jp Blog: LinkedIn: company/kvh Youtube: kvhdigitalmarketing Website: